Sunday, 27 October 2013

241 days left...

... and two weeks ago I was sick. I did 37 miles and felt a little tired. Guess it's about my sickness. Well, I only have a little cold now so I'll take it easy for a while.

I did run Tuesday to Friday and only felt a little pain in one of my Gluteus Maximus. It happens sometimes and probably it depends on a pinched nerve... Had it before so I'm not worried about it. Normally it goes away in a couple of days. It's just hard to run downhill but up is ok. With sauna (heat), stretching and a great Aloe Vera cream Aloe Vera which increases blood circulation.

Yesterday I was out running with a friend, a great marathoner, and we did about 14,8 miles with a great hill at the end where I got a little tired. Not so much in my legs but more in my lungs because of the little cold I think. Well, that was yesterday. It's in the past now and nothing I can do anything about :-)

Me on a run up in the mountains this summer.
Ingrid, my oldest daughter took the pict.
 Sometimes I remember those fabulous days when running in the mountains. It's sunny, warm and just adorable. Think it's almost the closest to nirvana, heaven or what ever... The feeling's just great!

You can drink almost all water you're passing by.
I just check for water that's pouring...
 Now and then I meet a funny and nice guy while out running. He always come forward to me and want to say hello. Well, he doesn't smile but surely he think like: Crazy man, what are you running for? He's cute and I call him Ferdinand.
Ferdinand the cutie!
I'm on quite well with my running again and I feel great about it. I'm a happy man that can use both my legs to run with...

Never forget to say Hello! and give that little Smile to the ones you met out there :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

248 days left and...

... here I adds a cool thing that I usually run past on one of my rounds in the mountains :-)
Tried to put it out on Twitter but the picture was to big so here it is instead.
A swedish moose dressed for X-mas!
Alright folks, here we go! I have not been running for 6 days (not 10 as I wrote on Twitter...) depending on sickness. I had to stay home from work Tuesday to Thursday. I'm still having a little cold left but no pain in my body or when swallow and no fever. I'm writing about my sickness a little (yeah it's not fun but just wait) just to tell you all how dangerous it could be to train when ill.

It really can be bad running when sick because you might get much more sick or even get a cardiovascular inflammation. Please beware of that! When sick I always have this motto:

If you are sick so sit back, take it easy and relax until your healthy again!

For now I'm looking for good sponsors the relay this summer. The fee is a bit high but I think it will come through one way or another... Money aren't a problem if you really want to run!

Think I miss it...
My mental coach and me on The Run
Sometimes I wonder about... 137,88 miles!
Well, friends! Bedtime here now and there WILL be a wonderful day tomorrow.. too!
Take care and never forget to say Hello and Smile to people... and dogs :-)

Easy, Light and Smooooth or #ELS!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

251 days left to the relay...

... and for now I'm sick! Well, I felt awful yesterday and slept about 20 hours. Bad stomach or with a medical word, gastroenteritis! Well, whatever it was no fun for about 1,5 days. Today I felt much better and no pain in leads etc.
When sick like that I use to think; Ok, hard to relax, lay back and take it easy. At least it can't get worse which mean it only can be better!

Last weekend me and my brother was celebrating my fathers 80th birthday. We had a great dinner in a nice hotel at Tällberg, about 215 miles down south from where I live. Hotel is located right on the shore of Lake Siljan. The 7th greatest lake in Sweden... ;-)
Well, no I was there to celebrate not run around the lake!
A great fall at Lake Siljan Oct 12th

Well, the day after I went back north and passed by one of my cottages in the mountains and fixed it a bit for winter. Filled the sauna with wood, coupled out the water so it wouldn't freeze etc. Still it was a great weather and a joy to drive thru the landscape. One gets happy when the sun is shining I think :-)
Our cottage in the county of Härjedalen.

When start to drive the last 93 miles home I just had to stop to take a picture of a great view just about a mile from our lodge. The mountain you see in the horizon is called Sonfjället. There are quite a lot of brown-bears in this area... You almost always see traces of them.
Sonfjället (The Son Mountain)

A couple of weeks ago my daughter Ingrid called me up to tell me she wanted to run Stockholm Marathon again. I said: I said, Of course! I'm up! Fun! It was so fun last time and now she's willing to do it again. She even wondering about 10 Stockholm Marathons cause then she'll get a Gold Medal! And she wants it! :-)
Ingrid in her new T-shirt
"I'm training for Stockholm Marathon 2014"
Still not healthy... But it's getting better. Thought I could go back to work today but... No! I did correct some science tests for my pupils though. Will continue tomorrow... Nice with Friday and a long weekend. One more week then it's a so called Fall-vacation here in Sweden. One week of an I will run a lot again :-)
I do have some runs next year to look forward to

  1. Stockholm Marathon with Ingrid
  2. St. Olafs relay (330K or 205 miles) with a friend
  3. Hopefully a 48h run again in my old hometown down south
  4. Perhaps Stockholm Ultra Festival (100K)...

Really longing for the summer but today this seasons first snow came down from the sky...

Remember to say Hello and do a nice Smile out there when running friends! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth