Friday, 1 August 2014

June and July 2014...

... will be remembered as two amazing months. June in terms of running and July for the nice weather's sake.
St.Olavsloppet I have already written about and feelings before the project was similar to the prior races around the Great Lake.
Staffan and me after 205 miles (330 km) in 4 days.
Some have asked what the next project will be, and honestly .. I really do not know. Right now I'm pretty happy with just running, without any major plans. Well, I actually have a bit to think about. The group of runners on Saturday at 9 am. Great fun and inspiring!

Meeting other evokes emotion, sow the seeds and ideas. Maybe for future projects..
This is how people mostly see me :-)
Well, this summer has been pretty much warm and that's ok with me. I've got no problem running in the heat. I just drink water and put some energy in while running :-)

People often say to me that I'm always happy. Yes, that's right enough of the time I think. I do not know why but it just feels better that way.
I'm trying to find the "small" things in life, which of course is really great miracle. An ant, a flower or a bird is actually as unique as any other thing whatsoever. Just take Your time to see it!
#ELS :-)
To just be able to sit and watch is a great gift.
Take care of others the way you want to be taken care of and many wonderful encounters in your life will occur. A simple hello and a smile is a start!

Easy, Light and Smooth!