Sunday, 16 October 2016

A little coldness..

.. this going week but that will not stop me. Not after the experience I had the last 9 months! I run again even if it does not quite go as easy as it used to.
After travel to town for som shopping my wife took the car home and I ran.
So wonderful and it went so Easy, Light and Smooth #ELS
No words.. Just so beautiful!
 I have started to run fairly regularly now. More on weekends and sometimes double passes. Also, I do 5x25 push-ups, sit-ups and my back.

This is to get a better posture while running, and have the stamina to run a really long time without getting hurt in my back.

Slowly but surely I will increase the length of sessions and I run the hill once a week to train the heart and lungs a little more.
I do not care about how fast I run, but just how easy it is. I'm banging on a little longer each week and the aim is that it should go easy. Then, after some time, I can increase the speed, if I want.
Running again
I try to run where there are beautiful views so you can let your body work and brain get rest. I kind of fooling myself when having my runs. ;-)
Just beautiful!

I have no doubt about coming back to my usual runnings again! I have a goal of +100 miles again and I just know it will be done summer of 2017.

I don´t know exactly when but I know I will do it my way!

No money, no medal and no nothing!

Elton and me out for a walk in the fog one lunch this week.
The "light in the tunnel"? No, did not find no tunnel...
Perhaps the "road  to heaven" or maybe te "road of truth" :-)

A moose-scull! Almost look lik a crocodile ;-)
 Ok, as usual I´d like to tell You all to smile more and say Hello! to strangers You meet out there.
Take care and dare to LIVE!

Easy, Light and Smooth, #ELS

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Week 39, 2016 - Slowly but forward!

I have no great intentions to write in the blog every day yet. Suffice it so far with every Sunday I think. Later, however, it may well be a little more often.

It becomes a little more to write about instead which of course can be fun. In addition, I have time to digest what I have been through, how races gone and how it feels.

So let's start writing about the week 39th!

Outside the gym this Saturday.
 As said before I feel pretty alright again. I do not run my usual 60 km (37 miles) every week but I do run about 30 km though. I also do a lot of strength and stretching which makes my body feel good!

Every Saturday I try to run from a gym where I live. Sometimes we are a couple running together which is so fun. Kind of social-running for 1-1,5 hour.

The Bulls in Ede :-)
Usually I pass these bulls and they always look like they want to follow me on my run. I also see a lot of sheep and horses by the way.
To see things when out running gives me strength to just keep on running. I do not feel fatigue when the brain will be able to be fed with different types of impressions

Heritage Conservation.
An old pine which I´m passing by sometimes

The great pine!
This Sunday I did run some X-trail. I often run on asphalt and gravel roads and some forest roads. Well, sometimes i do run without any kind of tracks. It´s good for the ankles. It´s also very good for the muscles and your heart.

A broken fir could emblematize how I felt 8 month ago...
Now I´m on again friends!
An old scull from a moose. Sometimes one see different kind of things in the forrest.
Probably a meeting with a bear...

Normally there is water here but this time it was almost empty.
There use to be fishes like bass here. Implanted once.
From todays run up in the forrest. Almost no tracks at all here.
It´s a good thing knowing where to run ;-)
One of my favorite places when out running.
So beautiful!
The road to heaven...perhaps.
At least for me!
Today it really was har to run! It did not go Easy, Light and Smooth those 11,7 km I ran. I had to fight for every step and I tried not to walk. Even if it was a tough run I know some day it will go Easy, Light and Smooth again.

Never give up when it´s hard. Just struggle on until You feel good again.

Take care, never give up, smile and dare to say Hello! to other passengers on this planet!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
/Flexirun :-)

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Eight months of a world that was completely upside down!

Hello friends out there!
What can I say? I´m back! I´m back running and writing again after eight horrible month of sickness.

Me at the hospital in January 2016 with kiddneystones and bloodinfection.
Well, I still could smile!
It all started with a dull ache in the peritoneum, about one and a half month before Christmas in 2015, which continued with a pain like a knife in my left side Friday, January 8, 2016 at nine o'clock in the evening.

It proved to be a renal stone stuck in the mouth of the urethra. Urine had a longer leaked directly into the bloodstream, causing a blood infection. 13 days in the emergency room and then 10 days' sick leave.
When I got home, I took a walk with my dog Elton. 400 meters and a heart rate of 160 beats! I was completely exhausted and had not really understood how bad the infection was.

My daughters would run Stockholm Marathon June 4, 2016, and Julia her first race. We were notified, and I think that was a big part of my recovery to have this goal. I would just stand on the start line but I had absolutely no pressure on me, which was quite important for me.

 Me running Stockholm Marathon With both my daughters. Julia for the first time together with her boyfriend Gustav. Ingrid did her 4th time in Stockholm.

Here we are at the Olympic Stadium from 1912 in Stockholm.
Everyone proud and smiling like the sunshine :-)
At the starting line Julia asked me if it was possible to run below 4h and 20 min. I said: Let´s try!

We did it in 4:19:38

What doctors, and most of all other, said: "Is it wise? Will You make it?". Well, with a good feeling of my body and a lot of wise exercise (25 runnings in May!) I just can say:

I did it! and It was worth it!

About eight months later I´m running again.
Life is GOOD!
Just after this picture was taken I saw a big moose that seemed to be a bit nervous.
The day after I saw why. A bear was around this area..
A view from the river Ljusnan.
Sometime there use to be bears around here trying to catch some fish ;-)
My lovely dog that has been with me on a lot of runs.
Another nice view from the mountains.
A perfect place for recreation.
My paradise up in the mountains where I do some of my runs..
Dare to live the life! Dare to smile! Dare to say Hi! to a stranger!

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

14/25 May 21

The day is on the so-called "finish" for this time. Perhaps the best day since January 8 kl.21 back in the day so they got one more patient at Östersund Hospital.
It's a distant memory now, but has been frighteningly close in any way. Kidney stones with blood infection you should beware of!
Dag, Peja and me on our 23K-run.
However, the fact is that it is apparently not impossible to "get back" again. Have never doubted it but with MOVEMENT, GREAT FOOD, SLEEP and a SOCIAL NETWORK with amazing friends (both electronic and real), there is only one exit. Upwards and onwards!

Today was a special day. A little nervous because I accepted a run with two passionate runners full of inspiration and humility that can only be positive and inspiring.
There were apparently 23 km and some parts we were at a speed approx 40-90 seconds faster than I managed to do in a long time (around 5:15 min / km). It was tough at times but it's just to grab, bite the bullet and stick together. The body feels good and that feels really good.

Last Saturday, I ran 14.5 kilometers and told myself that it was only two such revolutions to as a marathon would be over. Today it was 23 km so now it was "only" a little less than one turn left.
Only 14 Running workout and I'm 100% sure that the Stockholm Marathon will be a positive experience.

If it is so that I managed to inspire anyone to anything any ONE SINGLE time I see it as something really big. Now I know even exactly how it feels. Thank Dag and Peja!
It is said that Dag was singing today. Probably due to my "beatbox spirit" (panting) at Spring Meet (cars and MC show. Spring means run in swedish) here today

Do not care if you think I'm nagging because I will continue to smile and say Hello! to those I meet anyway! I hope that everyone try sometime!

Take care and enjoy now in the evening. Self I rest for tomorrow even though it was meant two workouts today. Can be tomorrow instead. Instead, I chose a "massage machine" on my muscles.
My "massage machine" after some of my runnings ;-)
Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

7-8/25 (run 7 and 8 out of 25 before Stockholm Marathon, June 4)

Today I ran actually two running workout. A mountainside while I was there and fixed with some small things and when I came home with my wife and my dog Elton.
After 2,5 mi downhill and then 2,5 mi uphill!

The one up in the mountain was a 2,5 mile downhill and then 2,5 mile uphill! Really hard when not been running for about 4 months. My body rehabs in the right way but it will take time to be back in the shape just before the injury.

Well, I keep my faith to my body and myself. I WILL BE BACK with full strength one day. I just know it!
I live in a beautiful place and I love it! :-)

Please take care and always smile and dare to say Hello! to strangers! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth #ELS

Monday, 2 May 2016

What can You think..

..or do, when you can not run as usual? Well, really nothing more than what you can. Easy walks, drinking plenty of water and.. well simply wait.
I have been running but very slow and only about 5 times in 4 month...
Patience is tested in a similar way. to It´s like when running many miles where it is about the ups and downs all the time. Even when I haven´t been running I have been sending out and taken SMILES from all those refugees we hav here. Be cause I´m a human I also act with humanism!

Check this out if You want to se more of what I´m doing every Wednesday at 7pm "Känn dig som hemma!" (Feel like home!) I help an organisation called Hej främling (Hello stranger) with some running.

I have got a pipe between my kidney and my bladder for 6 weeks now. This was the second time in 4 month. Well, shortly I´ve been sick since January 8 until now.

But today the hospital called me and said: Ok, on Wednesday 1pm we will take the pipe out of You!
This was the words I've been waiting a long time for. The next step will be to test running workout and see if the organs, etc. work as they should.

I will write here every day. Until the Stockholm Marathon starts June 4!

Take care and remember to smile and say Hello! ALL You meet out there!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Slowly but surely... (before sickness)

Only a couple of hours with sun this time of the year.
... it goes a very positive way.

Just want to share som nice pics from my runnings before I was hit by a kidney stone and som blood-infection :-)

I have been asked: "Why do you run when you're injured?".
A very well-founded question! If you have an injury of any kind, running or not running-related, you can usually do other things. Cycling, strength mm.

And if I run, I do it with the motto #ELS (Easy, Light and Smooth). I keep constantly in pain threshold. Also, I use an ointment based Aloe Vera which increases blood circulation.

Elton, now 11.5 years, has always been an incredibly good and positive friend
on my running routes but also during walks.
Daring to peek around a corner can be rewarding!
An old barn now used as a shelter for cows in summer.
Old and fine crafts!
A lookout tower that was passed during one of my running routes
The Light in the tunnel ;-)
A great track from one of my runnings.

Always try a little smile and a Hello! Although you may not get as much out of it. Perhaps you may "make someone's day" with just your smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
Just passing by a birdhouse :-)
As You can see there is not much snow this winter, even if cold.