Monday, 23 December 2013

...183 days left and it's X-mas holiday :-)

Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year

I have to thank everyone who followed and inspired me throughout 2013 and helped me out in training, whatever the weather. When I then ran around the Great Lake with a huge support that I never thought possible so happened that I shed a tear. And not because I had so much pain in my legs. Thank you!

I have to thank everyone who followed and inspired me throughout 2013 and helped me out in training, whatever the weather. When I then ran around the Great Lake with a huge support that I never thought possible so happened that I shed a tear. And that's not because I had so much pain in my legs. Thank you!

Here in Sweden we have Christmas holiday or a "winter break" now. Well, as you might understand now, there will be a lot of time with my family and with my running-shoes ;-)

First day of, Saturday Dec 20th, I ran 13,55 miles (21,81 km) and it really felt great! I choose to run in a way so I have to "compete" 4 great hills. It was not so hard but the slopes were a bit tough. Good workout! :-)
Otherwise the day was perfect for running with great views. Even if I've seen those views almost every day I'm still fascinated by them!
Well, this is one great morning when I have been running almost 2h and the sun is coming up.
This is ONE of many reasons I'm a runner :-)
Me after about 2h of running ;-)
December 21 I did a run on my own. I ran 9,13 miles and felt a little stiffness in my legs from yesterdays hard hills. Well, a little rest and I will be alright again! Tomorrow I will run with my daughter Ingrid. Going to be fun!

December 22 and me and Ingrid went for a little run. About 4,5 miles in small roads. A bit icy but just fine. I used my Asics Arctic with spikes. Great shoes I think. Felt rather ok but still some stiffness in my legs though.
Ingrid and me after the run. It just turned to dark at 16:00.
December 23 and I took Elton with me for a 5-miler. First we ran on roads and the small roads up in the forrest and finally in small paths. Very nice run with one great hill between 2-3,5 miles. Perfect weather for running I'll say.
ME and Elton after about 4 miles up in the great forrest.
As you can see some snowmobiles normally use this track wintertime and the advantage is I easily can run on the spot wintertime. :-)
Snowmobile trails facilitates my running in the woods in wintertime.
Life is full of decisions but when running all of them are fun!

When you're out there running try to say Hello! and smile a little. Who knows, you may do so to someone's day will be their best! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 16 December 2013

191 days left to the St.Olavs relay and a little about how to deliver on dreams

Well, I'm still waiting for information from St.Olavs Board. I can tell you all their decision doesn't mean to much if I will run or not. It's pretty expensive to do the run (little more than $900). Remember if you really have a dream that you want to do. Never check your checking account at the first! If you do there will never be that dream you really was dreaming of.

Some of you may know about my #ELS (Easy, Light and Smooth) when running. When implement my dreams into reality I use three other words: Case Method Resource.  Perhaps crazy and nothing new but it works. So, first check out what you really want to do. Then figure out how to implement your dream. Remember not to look at the salary account! That's the last thing to do or else just a small dream will come true! ;-)

To look at the pile of money only do just so you define you´re self instead of thinking free!

Östersund city has a Christmas tree that rock this year!
Adam and Elton waiting for their master to take a run.
Well, Elton run and Adam walk :-)
Elton "won" and got the run with me!
He is happy as me :-)
Well, last week I did not have that time to run as much as I wanted. Well, the running I did was going very well indeed. I felt great in my body and legs so a little rest was just fine I guess. When running a lot never be anxious about some rest. It's ok and the body´s going to like it.
One evening last week I was running hills and a horse-rider.
Yes, I beat the horse! :-)
Well, always try to say Hello and Smile when out running. Perhaps another runner will be happy!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

200 days left to relay... is two weeks since the last blog post but it has it's reasons. I run regularly, working full time and studying genetic evenings and weekends. Should be fun when it's over so I can focus more on the family... and the run ;-)

I have received several new running friends lately and especially last Saturday. We were about 70 Santas, snowmen and Lucias who ran a kind of social marathon. Ten of us ran for the very first time a marathon! Congratulations to them!

First of all I did run to the start (8,7 mi) in about 1:08 h. Then, 30 min later, we took of for The Run of The Day! I have been writing about the feelings when give inspiration to others. This day was full of inspiration in all directions. One of my best marathon ever. See, it's not about speed all the time. It's a lot of all those great meetings and chats along the way. I sometime say: The goal is nothing, the road is everything! and this time it was: AWESOME!

All images except the first one are taken by amazing photographers who attended this great day!
Hey! Santas on the run 8am and still dark!
All did just GREAT! And it was so fun!
Running together is a new dimension. Try it!

My friend Dag Wasdahl and  me.
When it's more than running!

Can't find any words for it... just FUN and INSPIRATION!
Struggling, pep-talking and never giving up!
When reached the goal! 
The GREAT runners just reached the goal!
I think You all are just so AWESOME!
More happy people!
I am so privileged to have met so many new friends! I know there's a lot more pics with more amazing people but I count You all in as great runners and friends.

Take care out there and live every day with passion! Always say Hello and Smile to the one You meet!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

216 days left to the St.Olav´s relay...

... and yesterday I was with my wife and dogs (Adam and Elton) to our lodge up in the mountains. On the news they said last Friday that it was storm coming up in the mountains. Well, we had to go anyway to fix for the winter. Firewood, water, etc. must be done anyway. It was a bit cloudy Saturday morning but the sun was coming more and more along the trip.
Elton to the left and Adam to the right :-)
Normally we have snow right now but instead there is about 50F (10°C)!? Well, world is upside down I think. It is also likely that this is why we have some extreme storms, hurricanes and typhoons around the world... Wind is partly due to pressure and temperature changes, and to some extent are humans the cause of it. Well, we didn't have that extreme winds around our place. More problems up north and in the mountains (we live down in a valley). One can get feelings one is very little in universe, or on earth, when Mother Nature is a little bad :-)
Some reindeers on the road :-)
We have a lot of reindeer in the area and the problem is that they like to be on the roads. Accident happens but not very often fortunately. I like them because of their properties to survive in very hard conditions. Like Flexirun... ;-)
Well, wasn't sure if I should publish this.
Frozen moose-shit!
Couple of hour old just behind the lodge...
When up in the mountains, after my runnings, I love to take a great sauna. I heat it up on wood which is so great and almost like yoga for the soul. Down below you can see the nice view I got when take a bath. Yes, I'm a lucky guy! :-)
The sauna that me and some friend helped me to build.
The great backyard of the lodge. Just forrest and wilderness. Sometimes you'll see a moose or some deers sneaking around.
The backyard.
Elton and me did a so called Moon-run because the sunset was already done... Well, at least we did one turn up on the mountain behind the lodge. About 1,5 miles straight up ;-) Magic in the moon-light I'll say! No, Elton did not begin to howl! There is moose, reindeer, deer, bear, wolf and lynx around... Well, no I'm not afraid when out there but instead I have a great respect for nature and what's in there. The most scary is... humans! Never forget that, but at the same time humans are awesome :-)

Well, friends! Don't forget to take the chance to say Hello and Smile a little when out running. Make someones day! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

223 days left to the St.Olavs race...

... and I will write a little about last weekends running.

Saturday, November 9
Today I was thinking of a great run. About 20 miles. Well, a lot of things happened that disturbed me. Nothing that I could do anything about but the time just flow away from me. I woke up at 10 am and half the day was gone and so where my 20-miler... Did some other things instead that also was important. Don´t think I didn't run this day! Oh, no! I did some great hills instead :-) I was absolutely mad out there. Up and down, up and down. I did 5 hills and a total of about 6 miles. Exhausted but satisfied!
After 3 hills and 2 more to go...
The old tower from 1172 - The Castella -

Sunday, November 10
My children celebrated me on Father´s Day today. And the gave me a very nice cup and some chocolate for present. Thank You so much children! :-)
I did a great run for 11 miles and it felt great in my whole body. Perhaps just a little tired because of some hard runs earlier in the week but that's ok. I'm a kind of guy that always take a harder way before the easy one.
If it's windy, it's better to run against the wind at the end when you're tired than at the beginning when you are refreshed!
First snow and the forrest is white and green. 

Tracks from the very seldom... Flexirun!

There was great views along the run.
Over there you can see the town Östersund and my friend.... The Great Lake!

Remember to say Hello and Smile to everyone you might meet out there friends! Perhaps you will make someones day really positive!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 4 November 2013

233 days left to the relay...

... and all of last week, I was free and could run pretty much. It was 55.55 miles and a lot tougher workouts at higher speeds than usual. Think it starts to come off properly now :-)

Well, as said before I did a lot of so called quality-pass when I run faster, hills etc.  Don't worry! I also did some nice #ELS-runs (Easy, Light and Smooth) when running much slower than usual. The endurance will be great with those runnings.

It's autumn here, almost winter, so I'll give you some pictures from yesterday's run.. A great run at 11,58 miles :-)
Me after just about a mile... Feeling good!
Sometimes I listen to music when running and American Native music is great!
I passed a stone quarry on the road.
One meter of the mountain is the same as a million years!
Almost only black and white outside now...
Just beautiful!
You may not see it but it is one mile uphill.

Perfect place for moose...

Just so great!
Ice on the creeks...
Sometimes on my run, when higher up, there was snow on the road.
It is an old firing range that I run at sometimes. Here's a scrapped tank...
Couple of miles straight road...
Good for your mental training!
Another great view on the run.
It's dark at about 15:40 now so better to run back home.
Just a few miles from home, I met both humans and horses. It was extremely nice people who visited refugees and let the kids enjoy riding. A credit to people who care about others!
Well, never say it's impossible! Try to say Hello and Smile to the ones You meet out there!

Easy, Light and Smooth also makes You Fast!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

241 days left...

... and two weeks ago I was sick. I did 37 miles and felt a little tired. Guess it's about my sickness. Well, I only have a little cold now so I'll take it easy for a while.

I did run Tuesday to Friday and only felt a little pain in one of my Gluteus Maximus. It happens sometimes and probably it depends on a pinched nerve... Had it before so I'm not worried about it. Normally it goes away in a couple of days. It's just hard to run downhill but up is ok. With sauna (heat), stretching and a great Aloe Vera cream Aloe Vera which increases blood circulation.

Yesterday I was out running with a friend, a great marathoner, and we did about 14,8 miles with a great hill at the end where I got a little tired. Not so much in my legs but more in my lungs because of the little cold I think. Well, that was yesterday. It's in the past now and nothing I can do anything about :-)

Me on a run up in the mountains this summer.
Ingrid, my oldest daughter took the pict.
 Sometimes I remember those fabulous days when running in the mountains. It's sunny, warm and just adorable. Think it's almost the closest to nirvana, heaven or what ever... The feeling's just great!

You can drink almost all water you're passing by.
I just check for water that's pouring...
 Now and then I meet a funny and nice guy while out running. He always come forward to me and want to say hello. Well, he doesn't smile but surely he think like: Crazy man, what are you running for? He's cute and I call him Ferdinand.
Ferdinand the cutie!
I'm on quite well with my running again and I feel great about it. I'm a happy man that can use both my legs to run with...

Never forget to say Hello! and give that little Smile to the ones you met out there :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!