Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas done and..

..waiting for New Year to come.

Well, there´s nothing we can do about it. The time it goes no matter what we think and try to do about it. Only thing we can do is to fill it in the very best way we can!

Trying to be happy and make everyone else happy. People like animals! Being able to greet everyone and smile and inspire can be some of the greatest gifts you can have. And the easiest!

Most of you will be aware that I compete very little nowadays. I find more satisfaction in just running and sometimes help other runners to reach their specific goals. Or just giving a bit of inspiration and joy. I shudder when I see the happiness of those who reach their goals. It gives me, also, the same euphoria. Perhaps I have found a whole new level of running. To constantly find myself in the so-called "runners high" :-)

Yesterday, I went and my two daughters, Ingrid and Juliet, at the health club. Ingrid got to be the PT and Julia took care of pep talk. We started by warming up with running on the treadmill for 15 minutes.
After that we drove five strength exercises that would be repeated three times. Actually, it was now time for stretching but instead I gave myself a challenge to the gym had. 100 "burpies"! Among the hardest thing to do and you get tired after about 20 pieces. I fixed them on 6 min 31 sec. Totally sick hassle!

Julia on the treadmill warming up.
She has a nice stride!
Me doing those burpies...

Well, not THAT bad for a 53 old runner ;-

Me, Julia and Ingrid at the gym MÅVA.

Some nice winer-pictures from where I live.

Well, today there was a lot of people out there when I was running. I think they all waved, smiled and said hello to me. Yes, I did smile back! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Second Sunday of Advent..

.. and  I've been running both Saturday and Sunday. It felt rather ok I'll say! Little cold left but ok.
Of course, I'm sad sometimes but rarely!
This Friday there came a package to me. I will try a new brand of shoes. Ultrafriends told me to try Hoka. They really was great I must say. First time I ran in them it felt good but after 6 mile I felt something in my left foot.  A tendon seams! Well, full of experience I just change the insole to one fit my feet and it was just perfect ;-)

As you all probably noticed, I am quite positive and full of expectation and longing for the fall of 2014. That's when I should run, not only in 42h, but in 6 more hours!
It is an ultra festival in my hometown where I was eight years old and started running :-)

I'll let You all now about it! Endurance, strength, rest, and energy intake are the four cornerstones of my strategy. The hardest is to take in energy I think.
Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2.
A very nice shoe which I got in LOVE with after 5 min.

Elton and me in town.
To much people so we went down to the lake
watch the birds instead..
Well, at MÅVA, I lift weights twice a week from now on, to build more muscle volume. Some wonder then if I do not "get more lag on" then. The reason is primarily to increase the ability to store the amount of glycogen in the muscles and thus increasing energy stores more.

So I'm sure it will be a fantastic, exciting and a little mixed emotions this coming year of 2015 ;-)

Ok, friends. A snail!
Guess what's the meaning of that is?

Easy, Light and Smooth!
Never forget to say Hello! and smile. It's much easier than you could ever believe:-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Not running...

...doesn't mean I'm not a runner! I'm only got a bad cold which force me to take it a little easy.
Not a very big trouble either! My body just want to rest for a while and it's fine with me.

See, You still can "exercise" even if You can't run. I'll exercise my patience with chocolate, coffee and writing in the blog.

Well, I also trains to keep my endorphins in check!

Elton and me out for a walk.
Instead of running I just rest, walk with Elton and work a little. There's not much to do about it but wait. When not sick anymore I will run again. I will start running towards my big goal in 2015.
A 48-hour race in the very track I started my running when 8 years old!

It will be so exciting to run with service every 400 meters! Not normal for me when out running. I wear or buy what I need for the road. If I'm in the woods or in the mountains basically what I need in nature, which is handy. Here you can drink the water when you're outside. It's good water!

Old running shoes can be given away to those more needy instead of just throwing them away!
I have given away seven pairs of shoes to refugees around here.
Here where I live, we have a refugee camp (Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, etc.) and I run a turn with them every Wednesday evening. It's so fun to be able to help in this very simple way because I'll be running anyway.
They are extremely excited and they see absolutely no obstacles. Keep in mind that they ran in sandals in the snow at the beginning.
Well, now I've given away almost all my running shoes and it feels so good!

Elton waiting to taste.
"Just a little master! Please.."
Some people tend to ask me what type of food I eat because I run so much, or burn a lot of energy if you like.
Well, I probably eat most things, but maybe it's a little overweight ate vegetables, but protein is needed of course and then meat perhaps is the simplest way. However, I eat less meat than before and not solely for my own sake but also for the environment.

My wife and I celebrated the so-called Silver Wedding December 1st.
25 years of marriage! :-)

Our Christmas tree seen through an icy car windows. Cool!
Well, take it easy my friends and try a Hello! and a smile out there! You will be surprised what can happen!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Autumn and soon snow..

.. here in Sweden. But still it's a little warmer than usual I think.

Sometimes I think about climate change .. Yes, you do not really know what to believe. Sure there are natural changes but I suspect that even humans are involved any way.
Today's running between 15: 45-16: 20 ;-)

Well, I've been running as usual even if I've got a little cold. Running without a pulse has been the trick ;-)

Just saw I've been running 1232 miles (1983 km) this year.. so far. The length of Sweden 977 miles (1572 km). Normally I run back and forth in a season ;-)

The great tower where I live!
It's called "The Castella" which is latin
and means "defence-tower".
From 1172..
 The area/county where I live is called Brunflo (follow link) and there has been people here from at least 450 A.C. Probably longer..
There are plenty of roads and forest to run in if You like. Which I do :-)

Well, me and some runners on one of our Saturday-runs.
It's fun to run together!
Every Saturday at 9 AM those who can are running together. We do run in a pace so that everyone can follow. We both give and receive inspiration from each other and it's so fun.
Try it!

I will keep on running and increase very slow. For now I run at least 37 miles every week. Just rolling on. Once a week I do run back and forth to my job which gives me about 17 of those miles. In March I will increase from one to two runs like that. So 34 miles in two days means I've got 5 days left for exercise/runs. Well, guess I need 2 days rest so 3 more days of running perhaps.

Take care, say Hello! and smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

"Running away"..

.. is a great song by Bob Marley ( Yes, I do like listen to music while running. Well, sometimes I like to run in silence to. Especially when I'm up in the mountains.
A place that is close to my heart.
Are in Jamtland, Sweden :-)
 Have a little cold right now but it is ok to run. Hold down the heart rate as much as I can so it feels ok. But remember that if you have a fever and/or sore throat so do not run!
Elton and me on a run.
As I said in other posts, I will run a 48h race in the fall of 2015. It is with mixed emotions I crave.
A pretty big reason that I want to run this race is that it was on this particular path, when I was eight years old, started my career.
I obviously can not stop running but somehow it feels like a circle closes.
My very good friend, Patrik Norberg, will run for 24 hours
and then try to help me on my 48h run.
Going to be so fun!
Ok, friends! Never, I say never stop say Hello! and smile to the one You meet when out there.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

48 hours..

I've done it before so it's nothing new to me. I know what it's about and just like a crocodile with his reptilian brain, I begin, slowly but surely, to set me in the fall 2015.

How are you actually tossing if you think that this kind of running is fun. Well, funny one can discuss. Actually, the question of something you just have to do.
There are some strange driving force, long in there, in which almost forces me to conduct races. Short and long.

The really strange thing is that for me is about positive feelings, which is very important! One can almost equate this to life spiral DNA. An upward spiral as well.

Just a few days before the snow arrived..
A kiss from Elton :-)
The second lodge up in the mountains.
A great place for recreation and running.

Well, I've been having a cold for about a month. But no worries! I still can run but not with a very high pulse though. It feels much better every day so..

In the picture above You can see me and a very good friend. It's Thursday and my running-day. I run 9 miles to my work in the morning and the 9 more miles home again. This is on my way home and it snowed 0,5 feet during the day. Well, almost nothing stop me from running I think ;-)

Me and some happy runners one Saturday-morning.
Mostly we run about 1 hour.
Me doing hills!
Quite fun.. after about 3 times..
I did 7 this time :-)
Ok, it feels GREAT having a project again and a 48-hour run again will be nice.. or?
As BB King sings: "The Thrill Is Gone" really doesn't fit me I think. The thrill is not gone, it's on!

Remember to say Hello! and do smile to the one You meet my friends! ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS
Flexirun in his right element.
In the mountains!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


..the Swedish summer really is great!

Can't say how sorry I am for not writing since Friday, 1st August 2014..
Well, some things you can control others not. Those you can't control just forget! I will now write a bit about the incredibly joyful summer that was with bathing, traveling, and not least RUNNING!
Ok friends! Enjoy some nice pics . :-)

I haven't been running all the time this summer of 2014. There have been quite a lot of biking to. Wacky shoes those bike shoes. Hard and fits so perfectly on your feet so you can not even move your toes. The worst is probably still to attach them on the pedals, so sometimes it can feel a little insecure, I think. No, thanks, I know running shoes. ;-)

Ingrid, my oldest daughter, and I ran the Stockholm Marathon in early June again and once again we ran together. Fun! My second daughter, Julia, probably will run to one day. I'll be there! Then perhaps my son, Magnus, will run to. Course I'll be there right on the start line!

If you ever get the opportunity to do something fun with your kids. Take it and make it !!

There have been a lot of swims in the normally very cold Big Lake this summer with Elton. Yes, it's the very same lake I've been running around summer of 2013. 137,87 miles... Loved it!
Don Elton
The Mafioso ;-)
This summer, July was really good. Very hot and very sunny! Sometimes almost too hot but you should not complain. It's perfect for running I think!
Here's "Flexirun" on the run!
"After run" in the mountains ;-)
My first change with Staffan at Hommelvik, Norway.
I ran 58 km this day ;-)
Well, me Staffan and Elton reach the finishline
in Ostersund 330 km and four days later.

Happy but a bit tired.
Staffan was pretty fresh though! :-)

This summer of 2014 probably will go to the history. It has been hot and sunny which isn't so normal up here in the north where I live. Well, I just can say: Thank's!
As many of You understand there has been a lot of running this summer. I have been healthy and strong.
Normally it's like this. You run a lot and it feels good. You increase the training and... catch a cold or worse, get ill. If one increases the exercise one also must eat more and sleep more. I use to say 1/3 of each. Running/energy/sleep! If following these easy tips you almost never get sick :-)

View from one of my trails up in the mountains.
Hard but also very calm..

Summer of 2014 really was hot. No, not me just the weather ;-)
Funny! Rain but not cold.
After rain there's more oxygen in the air I think..
At least it feels better when running
After run...

Just another day in Paradise.
Here I'm in the middle of  the bear-densest part of Sweden.
Tracks but no bear.. far as I saw ;-)

Me and my best running-buddy.

Me (blue) and Staffan, my very good running-friend when running District Championship in marathon.
We did compete in the very same class. I had to get off after 28 km because of pain in the left hip and leg..
Well, Staffan did 3:19 something so our pace was ok and I'm proud of him :-)

Me and my second daughter Julia after a run in the mountains.

Me and Elton on the "mornnig-walk".
Remember it was quite a beautiful morning.

Here's me and my son, Magnus, on our way up for a "walkabout" :-)

Quite a landscape..

One day I was helping a friend with his dog Atlas.
Funny day!

Autumn, or fall, is here.
Nice, lovely colours!
Well, a lot of pictures but also quite nice memories. The running-season  has been great. I do not compete that much but still I can say it has been great. One marathon in Stockholm with my daughter Ingrid, one great run called St.Olavs relay and then a half marathon between Brunflo (where I live) to Ostersund (the city).

The strange part is that Stockholm marathon and Ostersund half-marathon, when helping others on their goal/run, are the best runs because I think it's more inspiring to see their happiness than my own.
Well, sure I like to run and reach goals but I've already done that once upon a time ;-) Now my running has reached another dimension I think. Happiness!

From now on I will write more often. Especially because of my new projekt. Well, first thing will be Stockholm Marathon but then it will be the 48h-run at Skövde Ultra Festival 2015.

Take care out there runners! Please say Hello! and smile a bit to the one You meet.

Easy, Light and Smooth! (#ELS)