Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm running and running...

Some wonder when I will stop running. Sometimes I wonder myself about it but mostly because I shall have something to think about while I'm running ;-)
Me a runner!
What distinguishes a runner anyway? Well, it is in a way a pretty easy question to answer. It is simply someone running! Almost anyone can run. One doesn't have to run fast to be a runner.

The definition seems to regularly have two feet above the ground!
Many believe they have the right to tell others how to run. The "right" technology, so to speak. There is a basic technique to save as much energy as possible of course, but ultimately it is very personal how to run.

It can be very difficult to describe in words how to run. It's best to experiment with a little help of runner you know. I often see runners who take little too long strides when running. Take off your shoes and run barefoot on a hard surface. Then I promise you that you will not take too long strides or insert your heel first.. ;-)

No, I shall not tell you how to do. Let sense control!
From my run around The Great Lake.
137,88 miles (221,9 km) in 42 hours.
I didn't get any medal, no money, no nothing! Well, but a lot of new friends though! Worth more than all medals and money in the world I think. Yes, I might be crazy but I'm healthy and happy instead :-)

Wintertime it could be about -30°C (-22F) here.
Well, just take it Easy, Light and Smooth and bring some clothes on ;-)
The Big Lake Run (137,88 miles)
 Running for me is the feeling of being a part of nature, and all the wonderful meetings with different people. To get and give inspiration is perhaps among the best you can be a part of.

Well, I'm not only meet people out there :-D
 Do you know that moose have a giant soft mule! No animals are by nature evil. On the contrary, they are very affectionate and follows very simple but strict rules. Humans have much to learn from animals and nature ..
On the run a beautiful day once.
 You can not be happy all day.. or? Humor is a pleasant companion through life! Never forget that when hard out there. :-)
Just kidding!
Take care now and please inspire as much people out there as You can. Try a smile and a Hello! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Running for me..

.. so much more than "right, left, right ..".

There is so much more that is much more important than pressing times and lengths. Lot of people forget all the wonderful encounters one can experience with animals, nature and other people out there.

Being able to give a smile or/and a Hello! and get the same in return is worth more than all records, gold and money available.

Being able to run on a mountain in the midnight sun and see the views of the countryside is absolutely priceless.

Being able to run a cold, frozen, sparkling and wonderful winter evening and see, and hear, the amazing northern lights can not be described but must be experienced.

Really! It is those smiles, Hellos! and questions I got from those encountered when I'm out running. They all give me inspiration to keep on running and never stop. I mean, I´ve been running for 46 years now. Why should I stop?

Yes, sometimes when I run longer distances I sooner or later come into the really tough periods.
But even then you have to come to terms with the pain. Not only the physical feeling in your legs, but also the mental in the head.

It always turns and suddenly it's good again, and you can run almost as usual agin. Strange but probably a proof that if you run Easy, Light and Smooth the charge it is not the same on either body or soul.

Yes, it comes to finding the method that works. It is usually an individual so therefore I try never convince or argue against those who think differently :-)

Well, the movement is on and 2 years ago I ran 137,88 miles in 42h and last summer me and a friend of mine ran a 4-day relay of 205 miles. This summer I will do another race. This time it's a competition but I don't mind about that. I will run my 48h just for fun.

Think it's cool to run without any medal, no money and.. no nothing! ;-)

Please take care out there. Try a smile and a Hello! and You will be surprised!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Skövde Ultrafestival 2015

Well, I've already decided to run this ultra race (please check link) in my hometown of Skövde. On the sports ground where it all began 46 years ago.
Skövde IP
(the running track in my hometown Skövde)

It feels good in my body and I feel fine mentally. No major problems then at all.

I come not to be completely alone as a runner this time which feels great. When I ran around the Great Lake, the lake which is right next to where I live, I was the only one who ran and all the others who were cheering.

When I ran around a lake there was those new views all the time. This time I will run a lap-race at a track. Round and round and round.. ;-)

If you disconnect the thoughts that have been with that one becomes sick to do so, there are of course lots of positive things to run on this way. You get the energy in the form of sports drinks and other energy each lap (400m) eg.

Once again. Why? Why am I doing this crazy runnings? Well, I can't tell why. Not in words! It's a feeling I do not understand. I just do it to be "whole" I guess. I just can say I LOVE to run! That's it! It's not important why!

So therefore my friends, I will not discuss why I'm running anymore. I can't tell anyway :-)

A climbing runner :-)
Don't forget to have fun when out there running!

Back from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
A wonderful city but I think I like the mountains a bit more ;-)

All meetings with people, animals and nature is clearly one reason why I run. Perhaps everything.

Please take care and remember to say Hello! and smile to the one You meet out there!

Easy, Light and Smooth (ELS)