Thursday, 31 January 2013

168 days left...

... and Elton and I went 5 miles this evening. Absolutely adorable with a clear starry sky. Little stiff legs but else ok. Have been working hard with grades this week so I have not run as much as I use to... but the week isn't over yet :-) Today we didn't meet anyone on our run.

Well it's a short blog this day but there will come more. Feel great though!

Elton send greetings to all other running dogs out there!

After run you can play Elton says...

Don't forget to smile! Even if you don't meet no one...

Easy, Light & Smooth!

PS Longer run and longer blog tomorrow! ;-)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

169 days left...

... and I have been working at home all day with gradings math from 07:00 to 15:00! Well, it's done now and I was thinking of a nice running this evening. My son came home from work and asked if we should go down to the XC-trail after dinner... I said, with my evening run in my head: Course we can!

We went XC-Skiing and decided to ski two times together each week. It's fun to do the training together and it's also a very good complement to my running. It's also a kind of motivating for my running to do something else but... just running. Really inspiring I must say :-)

The bad weather has not come yet so today it was very nice, just about 28°F and a clear sky. It's nice skiing in the dark with just the XC-trail lamps on! Will take a picture tomorrow so you'll see what I mean :-)

I feel very good in my legs and the cold is gone to 99%. Just a little cough left and not so much to think of if I'm not do very hard exercise, which I don't do yet. I think that after my 35 mile weeks for about 20 weeks now my body and legs feels very good. I'm not surprised if my body will respond positive to more training in perhaps 4-6 weeks. The ground-exercise has gone very good this far and I'm more then excited to begin a little longer runnings. About 3-4 hour runnings will do a lot to both my physic and perhaps even more to my psyche. A lot of long distance movement (running, skiing, rowing etc) is not just about the physic. I think your mind, if positive when your tired, can do a lot! Don't know scientifically in percent but... it's a lot!

Soon, when do my training for The Run, I will write a little more about my training and how I think about it and perhaps why I do my exercise in the particular way I do it. Perhaps interesting for runners who are interested in: Training for a 140 mile run! How..?

The late morning walk!
A proud Elton to the left and Adam to the right!

 When coming home with dogs the weather was really nice at our backyard!

 The road  where I use to start my runnings.
Today 4'' of snow after the night... :-)

Smile and run is like a runners high. Try it! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

170 days left...

This evening me and Elton went out for a 6,50 mile run. A little stiff in my legs but that was released in a couple of miles though.
Todays (evening) was a nice run. Inspiring in the way we met som people who said hello because they recognized me and Elton on our run. They've heard about us and have checked this blog out. Asked a little about The Run and what was driven me. Well, they took about 10 min of our run but that didn't do so much. It was a nice chat!

Mine and Eltons run today was allright in the snow. A little warmer now but there's a storm on the way. Better be careful in a couple of days from now... Could be dangerous out on the roads or in the woods!

Spring... I'm ready whenever You are!
A little bored of snow and ice now... :-)

Try a hello and a smile...

Easy Light & Smooth friends!

Monday, 28 January 2013

171 days left...

... and no run today. Last week was great though so a little rest might be ok. Well, I'm sitting here grading  physics and some math. Kind of relaxing and I can listen to music. Nice!

Ok, I fixed 2/3 of all grades in 3 hours. Quite fast really! As I said before I didn't run today because of gradings and my body needed some rest to. Last week I ran 37,55 miles and XC-skiied about 6,4 miles. A little tired then. People also got sick at work so one have to work harder even there... Well, nothing to do about it but struggle on.

Hope you have had a great day full of "Hello runner!" and some big smiles too!

Yes, Elton also did hav a day of... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

172 days left...

... and what a day!
First me and my son went out and did about 6,4 miles XC-Skiing. Very nice weather and only about 23°F. We tested som new equipment and had a great time in the tracks. Skiing is fun and very good exercise and complement to running. Summertime I run and do bicycling as complement. When a runner I don't use my arms so much and thats why XC-Skiing is so good I think.

Me and my son Magnus

Magnus ahead of me skating!
It was great tracks and perfect snow and temperature. 

Well... NICE!

Me XC-Skiing :-)

After a late lunch and som relaxing in front of TV, more XC-Skiing, mem and Elton went for a run. Nice running even if some muscles where stiff from the skiing :-) Well, Elton was excellent, as always, on our run. When a couple of miles left it started to blow and snow which didn't mean a thing to us. If you love what you're doing nothing will stop you.

There where a lot of people out today and some said hello and wonder if I'm not only a runner when meeting me and my son. Nice people dare to ask things and not only past by and you can see they wonder and want to ask something. Well, it really was a nice day... :-)

Dare to smile and say hello to someone you never seen before!

Easy, Light & Smooth!
/Flexirun (Flexiskii..)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

174 and 173 days left...

174 days left
I'm sorry! Yesterday I went to a AW (after Work) and when coming home the house was full of youths listening on music and watching film. That means my Mac was occupied :-) Once again, that's alright with me because I can write two days instead. They can only have their meeting at the time... :-)

A beer and i big plate of pasta with meat and a nice sauce. Yes, I admit I was thinking of my longrun the coming day (Saturday)... You probably understand there was "no time" for run this friday. I was thinking a bit of #FF on Twitter during the day. Nice thing that... Well, I rather would #FF all!

173 days left
Dogs wake me up at 7am which was one hour "late" than usual. Thank's Adam and Elton! We ate breakfast and start a fire. Dogs are now sleeping I'm writing on the blog. Quite fun now... :-) After the shopping I will run and guess it will be something around 15-20 miles today. Perhaps marathon will do!

Adam and Elton are great dogs who love to play around.
Elton (right) also loves to run with me!

Ok, I thought I would run about 15-20 miles today but the sun was on the way down after the shopping in town :-( Well, we walked our dogs about 3 miles and then I went for my "longrun". I ran about 13 miles though. I was running slow and didn't look att the watch any time. After 8,7 miles the battery in my iPhone ended... Felt like a rookie :-) It didn't matter so much cause I have run this round perfectly well anyway. The first 8,7 miles I ran in a pace of 8,32 min. Much to fast for ultra but it felt so good so I just ran and ran... Why think when it goes well!
Todays total was then 13 miles and I'm happy with that! :-)

Tomorrow I will go XC-Skiing with my son and then run home I guess (10-11 miles). We'll see :-)

Today I ran with a guy who started to run just a month ago. He was fascinated about my steps after my 13 miles. I said I'm fascinated to of him, starting to run, and welcome him to the club.

Well, you see! I both said hello and smiled today... even after 13 miles!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

175 days left...

... and todays run, once again, was in clear sky and a almost full moon and 5°F. Where I live it's quite a dark time wintertime and then opposite when summertime when the sun never goes down. All the four seasons we have here on Mother Earth is everyone great. Spring with it's coming warmness and more and more green ground and trees, summer with all the flowers and long sunny days, the autumn with all it's colors and blue crystal clear sky and then the winter full of darkness, coldness and lot of snow also got some charm.

Run with a friend like Elton who never turn me down, pushing me when tired, make me happy when sad (not often sad...) is perhaps the most inspiring existens there is. He really is a good friend! Like all my friends around me, both in real life and out in cyberspace :-)

I must say this friends. Afte my decision to do a run for 140 miles in a row last summer I have lived in a great runners high. Perhaps have I never felt like this since 1969. Well, perhaps a couple of times, but I think with all of my experience of running, that I didn't have when younger,  this must be the greatest!

I belief the faith really can move a mountain. Everything is possible and one can do much more than one ever can think of. Sounds I'm religious but, no not in that regular way. I follow the simple rule to be kind, smile and say hello to people I meet. How hard can it be?!

Well, today I did smile and said hello to a passing by when running with Elton. I got a hello back and a question: - Hey! Isn't that You who's gonna run around our lake? Of course I stopped and answered her. She thought it was amazing me take from my time and just talked to her. -Well, that's one thing running and life is about! I inspired her and she inspired me. Simple as that! She also thought Elton was a nice dog :-)

Moonlight in Tärendö. 
Not from where I live but perhaps you can understand the moonlight I try to explain in the text.
(The pic is just for informative matter from):

Don't forget to smile and say hello to people!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

176 days left...

... and dinner is finished since an hour and a half ago. Time to go chance to the running outfit :-)

Well, I ran 5,54 miles in 15°F. It was absolutely magic with that crystal-clear sky and great moonshine. Tried to picture it but unfortunately the iPhone camera was not good enough. This evening will stay in my own memory and I only can write about it.

This was the seventh (7) run in five (5) days and I fell great. Really nice to be out on the roads again!

Humor and irony...
One of my daughters went to New York and this was the gift she brought to me.

Well, time to go to bed... Oh, have you smiled to a runner today? Ok, great! :-)

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

177 days left...

... and I was grading my pupils after the first term. About 20:30 I asked Elton if he wanted to run. He did! It was a clear starry sky with a nice half moon. The moon light was so strong I think the lamps at the road wasn't needed. Cool! :-)
First I ran with Elton a little harder run and the a very slow, shorter, run with the older dog, Adam. I don't feel anything from my sickness for 11 days. Great! I'm back again and it's even more fun to run now than before the flu.

Well, it's going to be quite cold here until saturday when the temp will raise again. Perhaps up to about 28-29F. Acouple of mont more and it will be much warmer and one can see spring around the corner. Going to be nice :-)
Elton checking the view at our house in the mountains.
Sun just went down...

Hope you met someone to smile to when running today!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Monday, 21 January 2013

178 days left...

... and today was the third day in a row I ran. Feels very good in my body and legs. Perhaps a little stiff in my legs but, hey it was -2,2F out there today! While running my nearly 6 miles today I was thinking of a funny thing. It was colder than in the freezer at home! What I'm I doing... Well, the strange thing is I'm thinking more of such things as coldness instead of my goal: Run 140 miles around a lake!

One thing for sure is I will remember those cold days in h-l ;-) when running in my minimalist shoes or even better - Barefooted!

 Here I'm running about 1,5 mile up a hill. You can see the sun up there!

Just reached the top and the sun was on the way down 15:34!!

Today I met some people who now have start to smile back when meeting me :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

179 days left...

... and I'm 99,9 % healthy again :-D

As I said before when sick: Just lay back, relax and cure yourself! Don't think of  the running you might miss. Instead think of the fabulous runs you will have when healthy again...

Well, I know, it's easy to say but harder to do. One leran with a long time of routine. There are no shortcuts when sick. In one way I sometimes transfer this thinking when I'm really tired and it works alright for me. I don't want to play a runners guru who got all the answers and know how/what to do. It's just my experience and conviction talking.

You got to have a faith in what your doing! That, my running friends, are the most important...

If I compare yesterday with today me  and Elton ran some minute faster per mile and it really felt good. I almost was surprised! After 11 days off running I thought I needed perhaps a week to come back to the same shape as before the flu. Well, it seems to be more like 2-3 days!
 Me on yesterdays run with Elton. I was really happy again!

I also been thinking more and more of The Run. The very reason why I'm running more than I've done for some years. I'm not a blogger I'm a runner I use to think but I must say I've got a lot of nice friends "out there" which is very inspiring. Because I decide to write every evening about my day as a runner that also kind of is inspiring :-) One more thing is I'm training my english a little which is a good thing.

The Run!
My 140 mile run around the lake called Storsjön (Biglake).

The map of my run around the lake here is a picture I've put out here before and perhaps not the last time either. I sometimes use to sit and just watch the map and I almost got the feeling how it's going to feel when I run. Kind of running in my mind. I will do those runnings i my mind several times and I also will found myself wake up from the thought. It's a kind of mental running... I think, for me, it's needed for success.

I really hope to inspire some out there to find a dream and implement it to reality. Even if only ONE human is doing just that I will be a happy man! Hope the one write and tell me :-)

Well, Have you tried to smile or say: Hello! to someone when running today? :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

181/180 days left...

When coming home from work yesterday the house was full of youths and they have plans to watch a Coldplay concert. That's the reason why I have to write a two-day blog this time. Well, this is life and I'm a nice guy :-)

181 days left...
Yesterday, when 181 days left, I felt quite good in my body after the flu. Did take a sauna in my spa (and a beer...). I had great thoughts about start my running tomorrow again. I was a little thrilled...
Watched som TV, ate popcorn with a little olive oil (try that!) and just chilled with my family. Nice evening I must say. I also did my first #FF (follow friday) on Twitter. People went happy and I got inspired :-)
Oh, god how I wanna run tomorrow!

180 days left...
Weird writing about yesterday but what can I do. Coldplay goes before The Run... Crazy but true ;-)
Well, today me and the dogs wake up at 07:00 which means we overslept by an hour. Almost never happened before. Well, we went up for breakfast and then: RUN!!

I planned for a very short run after my 11 days of sickness. After a mile it felt good but then for a couple of miles my legs felt like gelly. We continued anyway because we where running very slow. About 12,42 min/mile but that's ok for now. Amazingly the gelly-legs felt better and we ran totally 6,32 miles. Felt very good and was so happy to run again. Already look forward to mine and Eltons run tomorrow :-)

Sometimes I eat just half my breakfast before running and the rest afterwards.
Today some blueberry soup, dark bread and a glass of juice.
Blueberries are good because of their antioxidants and the dark bread is kind to your stomach.

 Here we are! Elton and me after about 4 miles running.
Yes, it's snowy but not so cold though. Only about 25°F
Just perfect on this, our first run in 11 days.

Have you smiled to someone you met when running today?

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

182 days left...

... and still not 100% healthy yet... Begin to be tired of this boring sentence now: "... and still not...". Well, I can take I'm sick but not writing something fun for you guys reading this blog. If you have the patience, like I must have, there will be a day worth waiting for. I'll promise you that!

Today there was an amazing day! I went home to my dogs earlier from my job as teacher and me, my wife and our dogs went for a walk. It was cold but a great sparkling sun. The trees full of ice and snow. The pictures below I took while walking from my job in the town to meet my wife. I let the pictures talk for themselves...

 The Great Church of Östersund

 On the nice walk to meet my wife. No, I didn't stop for some streetbasket...

 In the fog one might see the island Frösön

Ice and snowy trees (Birch)

Today it was easy to smile. Had a compete with the sun...

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

183 days left...

Still not accurate but on the way though :-) Well, it's really hard been sick and not do what I love most in the life. Run! Ok, there are some more important things out there but I mean things that are mine. Then it's my running which has been a part of my life, more or less, since 1969.

For now I just cough a little but not so much any longer. As I said when get sick: -I will be back in a week! Well, almost true because it's eight days now and I will rest a couple of more days. Let's see how me and Elton feels on Saturday. Hopefully we will take a very Easy, Light and Smooth run then. To begin with.

If you didn't read my prescription for oatmeal energy cookies yesterday (184 days left...) go there and take advantage of it. It's very cheap and very good. Almost like candy!

I must tell the story when my kids where young and I was going to run my first marathon. I bought a lot of smooth candies to eat the day before the race. In my family one eat candy at saturdays but I was going to run on a saturday so I had to eat my candies on thursday and friday :-) All three kids looked at me and told me they also want to run a marathon!! We laughed!

Well, 1st June 2013 me and my oldest daughter will run the Stockholm Marathon, appointed to worlds most beautiful race once :-) I really look forward to it!

One pair of my running shoes. Nike FreeRun 3.0
Very nice shoes. Almost like running barefoot!

It's more easy to smile when not sick... but you can do it!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

184 days left...

...and I'm unfortunately not well. Nothing I can do about it but drink water, rest and do some saunas :-) Well, my body really want to run again. That's a good sign :-)

Today I will give You a good prescription on a energy cookie! It's a prescription from a swedish, world famous, ultrarunner. His name is Rune Larsson and I copied everything from his homepage on Internet (
It costs about 20 Sek/kg (3 USd/Pund). Not much money at all...


  1. Oatmeal, 7-8 dimensions (let's say 21-24 dl)
  2. Syrup, 1 dimension (3 dl)
  3. Sugar, 1 dimension (3 dl)
  4. Cream, 1 dimension (3 dl)

Cook everything up on the stove, slowly, and be careful! It's hot! Drop som of it in cold water and if you got "bullets" its ready. Else cook some more...

Pour it up in a big oven tray with a little higher sides. Let it cool down and just square it up with a knife. Ready to eat!
The oatmeal is the food and the rest is some kind of glue and energy.

Me making dinner at Nordkapp, Norway 23:30 and sun still up!

Where the sun never goes down (summertime) :-)

Monday, 14 January 2013

185 days left...

... and still sick but MUCH better I must say. Well, I can't run yet and also just decided NOT to run until I'm absolutely fit for fight. Experience says it's good to wait a day or two more than you think. Today it was not so hard to move around and go out with my dogs. Felt really good in my legs but not in my lungs. I'm on the right way though. Look out roads! Soon I'll be out there again :-)

Today I had to run to the bus not to miss it. Well, I caught the bus and didn't feel anything bad in my legs at all which is positive. It has also been quite cold here again, about 2-3°F and perhaps my destiny is to be ill when it's hard to run anyway :-) Positive thinking!

 Yes, it's as cold as it looks like... 2-3°F

 Very nice evening when out walking the dogs (16:30)

 Little higher up is there a little more light...

The trees are all white!

I really feel inspired to run again! Almost like when top myself before a compete or a longrun. When the body get rest for a while it really wants to come back into normal. That feeling depends on the missing of endorphines not coming into your body. Like an addict...

Try to smile to someone and get a new friend!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

186 days left...

... and I'm still not well from the cold but soon I will run again. As I've said before it's extremely important not to start run to early when having an infection. Well, it could feel a little frustrating but wait and the coming runs will be even more nice.

It even was hard just to go out with my dogs. Amazing that so small viruses can hit so hard! They say you can't hav same cold twice and THAT must be the positive part. The not so positive is there is about 30 000 different kind of viruses out there... :-)

When sick I did not write so much but read some Tweets and it's wonderful to see how every singel one out there are fight on with there runnings. Some people a lot of miles and some a little less. Still you all inspire me to fight and I will com back on the roads. Thank you all!

The 140 mile run 18-20th July :-)

When it's hard to smile, try harder!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

187 days left...

... and I will take it easy for a while more. Still sick and cold but I think I'm on the right way though. When read all the nice Tweets on Twitter. How you run, reaching goals, having fun I really going to love being healthy again :-)

Ok, I will run 140 miles this summer but still I think there are a lot of heroes out there. Sometimes it's really nice to read about someone who just did their very firs walk or run. That's things meaning a lot to me and to read about :-)

Well, have to curate me with sauna and water...

Oh, how I long...

Hope you still smiling runners!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 11 January 2013

188 days left...

...and still sick but much better though :-) Well, infections is nothing to play around with. Remember to face the fact your sick and just lay back, relax and take it a easy as you can. Going to stay away from running whole weekend and then see how I feel next week. Probably I will start run at wednesday but very slow... Important to be careful.

This evening I took a sauna and a beer. Put some eucalyptus essence in the heater and it was very good to inhale and also sweating some. Felt much better afterwards :-)

Sauna is good when sick and after running :-)

Keep smiling friends!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

189 days left...

... and I'm sick! Worked today but it was hard. Going to bed now... Good night runners!

To the left is how I feel right now when sick and to the right how I'm going to feel when healthy! :-)

PS Hope to be back on track again next week :-)

Smile to someone today and You surely get a smile back!

Easy, Light and Smooth mean something new when sick! :-)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

190 days left...

... and I'm totally like a wreck! Ill! Hurting throat, coughing, headache, pain in joints...
No running this week. Lot of runners get mad about that but I just say: Lay back, relax and let the time go. Enjoy the time instead! See forward to the day when you're healthy again.

Well, the roads are waiting for me even if sick... :-)

Yes, I'm ill but still smiling. Good night friends!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

191 days left...

Today I had a little cold and coughed a bit. Well, as you all understand I didn't run. Instead me and the dogs went out for a walk and then we shoveled snow that came this night. About three inches I guess. As I said before it's nothing to worry about. A little rest is just good for you. It's when running the body breaks down and it's when you rest the body is building it self up again.

Should have been talking to my mental coach a couple of days a go but had to postpone it. Well, it was not a problem. We talk later on! Nice to have someone to talk to and brainstorm with.

Take it easy out on the roads when running and keep on smiling!

Me on one of my runs by the lakeside.
Part of the lake I'm going to run around. Now with ice on it...

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Monday, 7 January 2013

192 days left...

... and Monday! That usually means rest for me and Elton. Todays rest was a run for 6,37 miles... Great recovery! ;-)
Well, I'm going to write every day but perhaps not so long writings every day. Perhaps shorter writings monday to friday and a little longer at weekends instead.

I have now been running about 35 miles every week for about 20 weeks now. It doesn't feel bad in my body at all anymore. The body has get used to the  loading or weight. That means I soon can run just a little more every week. Perhaps up to 40 miles per week. To be a good long-distance runner it takes a long time to let the body get used to the exercise.  No shortcuts at all... Shortcuts usually means injuries! Remember that. Patience is the key!


Once again: Try to smile when it hurts...

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

193 days left..

Well, no running today! Watching TV all day instead ;-) First of all it was Tour de Ski, The Final Climb! Then it was biathlon. Worked for me today because it was my rest day!

Not much to write about today but I'm fixing for tomorrows work. Gonna teach math tomorrow! :-)

See you tomorrow which probably also will be a a day of rest from running...



Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

194 days left...

i feel... from now I will run almost 140 miles. Sounds crazy but  feel trilled about it. One could say I long for it. Must be  something positive I guess and my runnings really starts to feel good. No hurt, no negative vibes. I just run and like it. My legs just go on and on...

35 miles per week doesn't feel like a burden anymore. I will go on a couple of more weeks with this weekly distance and then extend it a little perhaps about 40 miles per week.
Best is to increase the running miles very slow otherwise you might get hurt and that's the last thing I want to be.

Well. my running is ok and just goes on and on so there's not much to say about it for now I think

Here's some nice pictures from when celebrating my 50th birthday up in the mountains. A nice place 150 km from where I live and we brought food and tents to sleep in. A little windy and rainy the first 5 hours and then there was hot and sunny!
Elton heading for some water. All water up here is drinkable!

 Me and Adam. We both carried our own food :-)

 Nice view over a massive called Syllarna. Just about a mile to basecamp.

 Second days morning. Hot and nice weather.
Adam and Elton posing before the massive Syllarna.

 On the way back we stopped for some dried meet of reindeer.
Taste salty and you might chew it for a while... ;-)

 No fun bridge for the dogs so we decided to wade over instead.

Society who attended and celebrated me. Thank You!

As usual don't forgot to smile at least before you get to sleep for the day!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Friday, 4 January 2013

195 days left...

Yesterday I both did XC-skiing and running. While using different muscles in skiing against running my legs where like "rubber" when my daughter and I ran... Well, all exercise is exercise!

So today after the XC-ski Tour de Ski on TV I cleaned up the kitchen and then went for a run. I didn't feel alright mentally today... Didn't know why but perhaps because of going back to work on monday which should  be good not bad ;-)

Well, I started to run and didn't expect anything of my run. Just a brain blow! As you can see on Endmondo link down below I ran quite in a evenly pace. One of my strength when running I guess.

You easily can see where I stopped to drink my blueberry soup I always bring with me on my long runs :-) As I ran I came closer and closer to town and sometimes I didn't remark how the miles appear behind. One thought today was: Don't focus on how many miles you've got ahead, instead count the one you've done! Don't think! Run!
One more thing that helped me out there was the Gregorians! Great music for longer runs :-)

The weather was just on 32F and it was not cold I think. The days also will be longer and lighter now and after over 13 miles I smiled happily again. The body hurts but my mind jumped up and down screaming more! God how I want it to be summer and 18th July...

I already have a great and crazy adventure in my mind... But it's only in my head and it will stay there for a while, like a baby... ;-)

 Summer night where I live...

These are the feet that will make it...

Thank you everyone out there! You really inspire me and make me SMILE!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

196 days left...

... and todays first exercise was XC-ski with my son. Nice but but when skiing you don't use same muscles as when running. The really complement each other but running after you have done skiing it can feel very strange in your legs though. Today my legs felt like rubber and I really have to focus and fight a lot when running with my daughter. Well, tomorrow it probably will feel good again and I will do my running first instead.

The temperature was about 28-20F so it was all right both for skiing and running. Well, as I said skiing is a good complement to running and you have to use all muscles in your body. Cycling, summertime, is then a nice complement to running. Kind of active rest.

Think I've mentioned it but I'm not sure. I work as a teacher in math and science therefor I sometimes have good time for my running. Like now during the X-mas time. About two weeks of from duty and I can run and ski a lot :-) It's even better when it's summer holiday and I can run for 10 weeks. Well, that's also why I will do  The 140 mile Run summertime.

My first marathon medal ever. I was 36 years old and I did 3:33:39.
(PR is 3:12:25)
Stockholm marathon was elected the most beautiful race in the world once!

I think I'm not to old for running sub 3h once in my life. If I continue with my about 35 miles per week I will have a nice endurance to fix it. Just put in some quality runnings. Well, the future got the answer... ;-)

As always hope you don't forgot how to smile!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

197 days left...

...and today some funny/nice things happened. Went to town (bad habit now) with my wife and daughter today. Well, after X-mas things use to be a lot more cheaper so that's ok I guess. While my wife and daughter went into some stores I went to... yeah, right! To a runner store! This store is one of the sponsor to the half marathon 20th July 2013 which I always use to run. So even this year, after The Run!
They are very interested in my crazy 140 mile run and asked me to write on their Facebook-site! :-) Perhaps once a week. Well, I said: -Yeah, why not! I also got three fancy running shirts with their name on so perhaps I'm sponsored now. At least in my mind... As I told before I'm running my race with no money, no medal and no diploma. But this felt good though :-)

I found this cool wall picture in a alley
just behind a shop where my wife and daughter went in
(Inside the alley there is a great jazz club...)

Today I also got three T-shirts from the runner store (47 miles/shirt)
which also working with the half marathon here in Östersund.

Well, todays run with both Elton and Adam made me reach another 6,47 miles. And in the evening I went out XC-skiing with my son. We did 3,10 miles together and it was a very nice exercise. Tomorrow I will run again and then go XC-skiing again. I kind of active rest you can say!
Here's some pics from todays run and the weather was quite remarkable I'll say. No colors!

Nice view a place a little bit up from the village I live in.

 Elton. Looks colder than it is... (just about 23F).

On the way down from the hill against the village again.

Today I smiled almost whole day! Did You... :-)

Easy, Light & Smooth!