Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The weeks before a marathon..

..I usually cut down on training. There is still nothing you can do to improve so short a time just around the run. Better to take it easy, jog easily and begin to focus mentally on that it will be fun!

To implement long runs is more in the head than in the legs.. Remember that!

I have run quite a lot for some time now. The body begins to slowly speak up. Two weeks ago, I had little sense of an Achilles tendon. No, I do not want to say that I immediately was damaged but the body simply wanted to take it easy. By listening to my body and really cut down on my running so will all the destructive practice now instead be converted to both physical- and mental energy.
You see, running is so much more than just using your legs. The run itself is just a tool to get the body at a certain load. It is then, when the body is recovered, as you shall live and enjoy!

Well, friends! Another part is probably the very best part. At least a very important one. That´s the social part. Never forget to give if you want to get something. It's so easy to smile and say Hello!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Four days of running and weight training in nature's own gym..

 ..was all that was needed to build both the mental and physical side of my body. I just LOVE this place on Mother Earth!

Below you can see pictures from my leave in the mountains with comments. This time I will focus on how important the mental part is in the running. Yes, the physical is also very important, but what shall I do with a fit body when I do not dare use it?

How to scientifically doing to get the chemical energy stored in the body in an optimal way to get the forces acting to move us in any direction. Ideally, as with as little energy loss as possible.

Elton on the front of the cottage in the mountains and to the left you can see where I collect my water from the source. Very good water!

Elton on his fur checking things out before our hill-running :-)

Picture taken from the Old Road on my running out in the wilderness.
One lucky runner in the right environment.
Yes, there are moose, reindeer, deer and bear in this area.. ;-)
Poop from bear.
Easy to see because of  last year berries in it.
Well, only thing You can do is to... RUN! :-D
Just after the meeting with a rather large moose
I took a break in the sun by the river and just enjoyed what nature had to offer.
As you can see, it's not exactly like running on a running track.
It's called the virgin forest!
When running in places like this You´re not ONLY exercise physically
but also MENTALLY.

This is just a couple of km from where I ran  the day before.
Mr Bear came to say Hello! ;-)
(zoom and You´ll see)
After my runnings I always light up the sauna and relax a bit.
Yes, it´s a little snow there on the ground

Some of the roughly 150 year old farm right
next to the little cottage I live in when I'm in the mountains and runs :-)
A great view from the local area.
Left: Timber Tongs is the only tool in nature's own gym.
Right: Well, profit after having played a little bit with my chainsaw ;-)

Flexirun happy in the gym!
 I´ve said it before and I will keep on saying it. Try a smile and a Hello! to the one You meet!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The road towards the race..

..goes sometimes early in the morning.

Here, where I live pretty far north on earth is it that winter sun can be up just a few hours. Summertime is the reverse applies and the sun can be up almost 24 hours :-)

This fact makes it a little less tiring to run in the morning in summer compared to winter. You often see deer, birds and other animals. The sun is shining and you do not have to dress so hot anymore.
Well, not many people was here in the morning.
A couple of kilometer warmup and then some great hills ;-)
Last Wednesday (6th May) I was running a race (5K) together with the refugees and about 350-400 others for Childhood Cancer. The called it "Fuck Cancer". Ok with me and Elton who also ran ;-)

One of the refugees from Eritrea (Africa) did run into 2nd place just under 18 min. GREAT done!!
Some of them are not runners but still the got a great technique! Wonderful to look at :-)
One of the refugees.
Happy as usual and having fun :-)
Warm-up before run!
Me (right) with a great friend of mine out running hills!
Deadly... ;-)
Flexirun in action!
The day after with other great runners.
Pict from the turn and still happy!
16,3 km when done.
Hey Master!
When are we gonna run?
Never ever forget to smile and sy Hello! to people You meet! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Signed up for a 48h run..

Some say: That it is not wise! Some ask: Why? Others just shakes their heads.

I can understand the reactions I get from people. They certainly have the right to their thoughts and questions. That it is not wise physically, I can very well agree to all that.

A body is possibly built to move me 30 km a day. Not more! How to move five times as much every day for 48 hours is probably insanity.

My conviction is this. I run because I can and because I want to! Physically I break down my body, but not so that it breaks. Mentally something amazing  happens. The more I break down the body the more you strengthen the mental in you. Like Yin and Yang perhaps..

No, I don't have any bad or negative feelings about my upcoming running. I do not think in that way. I love running and.. Well, that's just it! I focus in having fun and not in all those things might happen.

Elton and me on one of our evening-runs.
He's more than 10 years now but still give me a lot of inspiration :-)
Blue Anemone
One of the spring-flowers here :-)
Well, You know how to do friends! A smile and a Hello! is the right way to go :-)

Take care and go Easy, Light and Smooth!