Sunday, 22 February 2015

Snow and ice..

.. doesn't stop me from running!

I run despite cold, snow and ice. Some wonder if it can really be good to run so far in the cold, which can sometimes prevail here where I live.

It can always be debated, but my opinion is that it is perfectly possible just to dress in several layers and to keep the speed down a bit. One should also cover the nose and mouth with a scarf or a so-called heat exchangers.

Yes, now is the decision rooted in my brain. This is the 48-hour ultra race I will give to me on August 31, 2015, starting 12 am.
It's the very same track where all started 1969. I was 8 years old and really loved the time running there 2-3 times a week.

I just have to say that I got the feeling that the circle begins to close. No, I will not stop running after the race but emotionally, I will reach a new dimension I think. Feels strange, exciting and fun!

Elton! My little running friend.
Some days up here are really nice!

Well, more ice than snow this strange winter.
Well, from now on there will be more ELS-running. The plan is to run two times a week to work. That will do about 58-59 km (36 miles) in just two days. Then there is 3-4 more days to run so I might rest 1-2 days. It's important not to forget the rest.

Take care, smile and try to say Hello! out there my friends!

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The movement is started!

Well, the movement has been going on 45, soon 46 years. But I have a goal again, which feels really good! Normally I do not compete to motivate me to run. I have already passed my time targets.

Nowadays it's mainly inspiration as well as push the limits without the need to bring the world record or first places. A smile from someone can make me motivated :-)
My favorite mug!
The wolf symbolize both physical and mental strength for me.
In addition, the tactical specialists and highly social individuals.
I guess a lot of friends out there knows I normally run with my dog Elton. When he was younger he use to run up to 12 miles with me. Now he is ten years and runs only with me when I heat up or jogs down. Besides my family, Elton is a great motivator and because he has to do some walk a lot I do take the opportunity to run a bit ;-)
Me and my dog Elton.
A great friend!
Mohammad from Syria.
Great guy with ambitions :-)
Mohammad is from Syria. He is a refugee from the war and usually run with me every Wednesday when I'm at the refugee camp and, yes, running with the refugees from different countries like Syria, Irak, Ukraine, Eritrea etc.

Julia, Shahin and her friends offered us refreshments after a Wednesday running.
Once again, thank you! :-)

To see the joy in their eyes when we run is absolutely unbeatable. We've fixed running clothes, shoes, etc. and then we run for about an hour.

The running is pretty much a side issue. The thing is simply humanitarian! To sit and wait for a decision to be allowed to stay in Sweden or not can probably make anyone feel bad, I think. Instead, they now meet a number of Swedes, work out in our language and talk to him. As said. To smile a little and dare to say hello! usually make someone's day;-)

On one of my evening runs, I met a little cute pony.
We took a Selfie so he/she certainly had something to tell the the others in the stables later.
The beautiful Castella (defence tower from about 1172 a.c.)
I see it almost everyday on my runnings.
Flexirun (me) on the run.
Remember it was a perfect day with sun and sparkling snow!
Elton rests in shape :-D 
From todays run.
Windy, snowy, ice, -8°C, 12 km alone out there.
It was a kind of wonderful day :-)
Ok, take care of you, be nice, smile and say hello! to those you meet!

Easy, Light and Smoot! (ELS)