Sunday, 26 April 2015

Running - A way of living!

Yes, I run very regularly. Maybe one could even say often. However, it is important not to get out of hand so that it becomes a compulsion. It must be fun, otherwise it could set off.

With 46 years of running the inspiration is the most important thing for me. By acting or being in a way that inspires other people becomes even I inspired.
A great evening-run with my son Magnus :-)
There currently are 94 days left until the day "D". The day when I will start on my home ground once again.  Difference now the time is that instead of 1000 m (0.62 mi) and 2.5 laps on the track and I will run anywhere from 250-300 km (155-186 mi). Instead of 3 minutes, I will run in 2880 minutes or 48 hours. ;-)
No fake! I am that happy every Wednesday at 7pm.
Love running with my Syrian, Eritrean and others friends!!
Every Wednesday at 7pm I use to run with refugees where I live. It's fun, educational and exciting all at once! So many destinies, cultures and religions gathered in one place. And it works!

All shows respect, help and care for each other in a wonderful way. Just what we all can do. If we only want! :-)
My best friend when it comes to running. Elton!
Here, after a great run up in the woods

Me and Elton at Åre checking out some downhill skiing.
Today I signed up for my 48h-run between July 31st thru August 2nd. Going to be so fun meeting other "crazy" runners. :-)
From one of my runnings.
Behind me lays the Big Lake I ran around 2013 :-)

Windy, rainy and cold..
But I did run!

During a run with a good friend!
This time in a sunny weather!
Try to say hello! and smile, and things will happen!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

6h-run April 18th 2015

Yesterday I did something quite unusual for me nowadays. I ran a contest!
It was a so-called ultra race and I would run a course at 2553 m for 6 hours around a lake.
Me (left) and a very good friend soon hitting the 60K mark :-)
May not sound as exciting for the uninitiated but then I can say that the run, the purely physical side, is a side issue in this context. Seeing the joy and pepping between runners/spectators and runners/runners can not be described. It just needs to be experienced.

That some run 4 laps and 27 plays like no larger role. Everyone is happy with just his performance. It's something that really could / should be applied in real life. To be satisfied with what you are doing. The important thing is to try and do their best!
Me and Elton on the day after the 6h-run.
Felt fine so we did a slow 6 km ELS-run together :-)
I did 61048 meters in 6 hours and I'm happy about that. But what I'm most happy about right now is that the muscles in my legs feel quite ok!
Therefore, I went out with Elton for a ride in the forest. It was 6 km #ELS and no bears though they apparently should have woken up after winter sleep now;-)

Elton who loves the Life!
And snow.. :-)
Checking out the quarry in the forest!
Elk and deer usually found here. Once I saw even a heron springtime!
 As most may know, I  never run intervals. Possibly a little "fartlek" and long slopes occasionally to raise my lactate threshold. There are a number of reasons why I am running after the motto "Easy, Light and Smooth." The most important are listed below:

  1. I'm never injured.
  2. I achieved a great stamina and high lactate threshold.
  3. I have time to talk and cheer on others when I'm out running. Thus a social piece which is a cornerstone of the genus Homo sapiens.

Yeah, right! There is another word besides "Easy, Light and Smooth". A fourth word actually arises from the other. Namely "Fast"! With a high stamina you can also run relatively quickly.

However, it should be added that wants to be really fast so you are forced to Abade train in race speed and run intervals!
But then, at the risk of injuries because many runners increase their workouts faster than the joints, ligaments and tendons can adapt.

Well, here we go again! Please try a little smile and a Hello to the ones out there! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 9 April 2015


… is here and the weather turn between snow, wind and sun. For me it doesn’t matter that much. I just put my running-cloths on.
On the run :-)
Instead to focus on negative thoughts I always find something positive makes me happy. Normally I don´t think at all. I just do! ;-)

When not care about speed when running instead I focus on the things happening on the way. My legs have been moving for 46 years and now they can run without me thinking. What I mean is I can focus on positive things instead. Well, it is positive to run but the inspire that I store in my cells comes from people I meet, animals I see and views I´ll be a part of.
It’s like I´m running in another dimension. Crazy but true!
I like different! J
All are unique, all can smile and say Hello!

113 days from now (July 31st – Aug 2nd) I will be standing on the start-line to run my 48h at my home-arena.
I´m still not nervous, just filled with happiness and expectations. It’s going to be fun! I will meet a lot of people. Friends I haven´t met and old friends coming just to follow my run and cheer me up.

Feels I´m still that 8-year old boy running because he loves it so much!

Guess I’m lucky because I can run like I do. It´s a kind of a gift and I want to take care of it. Who else but me can do it?

I like to run in the forrest. The silence, the views and all the animals you usually see out there gives me a huge inspiration and love for my running.

Quite recently, even the bears awakened from their hibernation, which means you have to be a little mindful of tracks, claw marks on trees, excavated anthills, etc. when you are out running ;-)

Some days are great when out running :-)
One great hill!
About 5,5 km straight up in the sky and then some great trails!
I do not differentiate anyone. I believe that everyone has the right to be who they are and believe what they want. My only hope and as a mantra is to smile to you and say Hello!

Me on a Wednesday evening when out running with refugees from Eritrea and Syria.
You really get filled with inspiration when You can GIVE!
Yes, Elton's behind me and I guess he's most loved of us all :-)
I think I did a tweet mention something about my happiness and love that I can run. Well, it's not a lie. No money in the world could hold me from my running. I'm not a whole man if I can't run!

I've seen so many places, met a lot of people and experienced the peace out in the forrest or in the mountains. I think I'm the most happy when out there running.. We're build for movement!

Just.. HAPPY!
Well, take care, smile and dare to say Hello! to all living things out there :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS