Saturday, 26 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, it was a few weeks ago I wrote. Christmas has just passed and the New Year is upon us.
I have been a little low in the run for almost two months now. Yes, I run but still have some problems with some abs. However, it is going in the the right direction and I do not go for the maximum of my capacity. It is #ELS all the time for me.

I still do run with my refugee-friends every Wednesday and wishes them all the best!
Friends mostly from Syria but also some Swedish friends.
One of those Wednesdays when we do run with our refugee-friends.
A great and happy hour once a week :-)
The image is blurred but the message is good;-)
I also have a new project with a good friend. We shall run from Östersund to my cabin in the mountains. There is a distance of over 100 miles, and we will pass over three mountain peaks. A day may well be sufficient.
Going to be a nice run I think and once again: No medal, no money, no... nothing!
Elton at  the cabin up in the  mountains,
the goal a 100 miles from where I live.
Ok, friends! Try to smile and say Hello! to everyone You may meet out there. What can happen? The chance something bad will come is much less than something good. Just... mathematics!

Always be happy and go Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

18 days to X-mas.

Hello friends!

Still a bit injured but it´s on the right way so I´m happy anyway. I did about 15,5 miles (25km) with a great friend and it felt pretty good. The snow has arrived but it´s not that cold so running is still alright.

This week has been pretty cool I must say. I´ve got a great job teaching math and science. I have been running and done other nice things. Guess I´m privileged!

Me with some great friends.
A life without friends probably isn´t a life!
Me on that 15,5 mile-run (25,5km).
I´m going for next project. About 100 miles and as always:
No medal, No money no nothing but the adventure!
I have a lot of things but if I close my eyes it's not the things I see. There are experiences that I see.
If I were free to wish what I wanted, it's probably that all should feel that feeling of being free, have friends and be happy would be among desires.

My wish would be...

To be free,
to be wild
and just like a child.

And if I get lost,
I really don´t mind
cos I´m me
doing just fine.

Resting after my run in front of the fire. So cozy!
I made food today. Broccoli Gratin with chicken breasts. Yummy! In addition I have added the Christmas-herring today! 5 min and then it was done. Will be great on our Christmas-table.
So nice!
Well, as always friends. Take care, smile and dare to say Hello! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I really think I'm back out there running again. I have had some kind of infection for month probably. All I could do was to rest.
Well, that's ok. What else can I do than lay back and relax. ;-)

Yesterday I was out running with my wife and our dog Elton. Ok, just 1,5 km but with NO PAIN!
I was so happy I almost cried.

It´s winter here now and it´s getting colder. About 0°C (32F) and soon perhaps colder than that. I have been running in about -32°C (0F) once. Ok, perhaps You have to put some more layers on and run slow but it´s not really a big problem though ;-)

I´m also pleased, or blessed perhaps, with a new projekt. I´ll soon going to tell You all more about it.

I love to run but also snow!
Just outside my house.
The tower is called Kastalen from the latin Castella which is a defencetower.
It´s from 1172 a.d.
It´s nice to lit up a fire after a run in the winter :-

Elton and me on one of our runs. It was pretty cold ;-)

Great light!
Always take care, smile and dare to say Hello to the one You meet out there! The world needs it!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Not running...


Well, There´s still some kind of "injure" in the the muscles around the hip flexors. I do not get younger, of course, but the "damage" has nothing to do with my running. Probably an inflammation. 

In any case, it's much better than a couple of weeks ago. I have patience and trust! Soon I'll be out there running normally again.

At least I now have a great plan again. It´s about running of course. It´s also about 50-60 miles and 24 hours or so! Probably this summer with a great friend :-)
Me, after a run, a couple of winters ago.
Soon this years Christmas arrives. Going to be nice and I hope as many as possible will have a great Christmas. All over the world! 
Soon time for Christmas and a New Year.
Just can hope for PEACE!
Elton is more than 11 years old now.
We don´t run anymore but walk instead. Love him so much!
When you are a little down and can not run as usual, I usually inspire myself by watching some photos of some projects. As my solo running around the Great Lake (137,88 miles), two-man team on St.Olavs relay (205 miles), or something else fun.
Big Lake run (137,88 miles)
My great solo run!
I also use to watch Indian motorcycles which I love!
Well, as always! Take care, smile and dare to say Hello! Try to make someone smile today!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Life goes on!

Although infinitely sad things happening in the world, though, there is no turning back time, but one can think of, show sympathy and give a little humanity to those who need it.

Don´t be only a human but try even to be a little human to the ones You meet out there.
Light always triumphs over darkness.
Alright friends out there. Today a little "project" fell down from a clear sky. I have thought a bit about it some times before but never really taken it seriously.

Me and a friend to me shall, as soon as we are ready (summer of 2016-17), run from my home in Brunflo to my little cabin in the mountains.

We will be run on asphalt, gravel roads, logging roads and trackless terrain the last part. It involves about 100 miles (160 km) and we must do it in 24 hours. Or so... ;-)

Just running givs me a lot. Much more than a lot of people perhaps can imagine. I just love it!

When a new project is started, it is something that happens within me. I am filled with energy, longing and indescribable joy. Some people think I'm a little "crazy" but at the same time they say that they are inspired which then also inspires me a lot.

12 years old and still running :-)
Whatever happens, so be sure to bring a smile and possibly a hello! to those you meet out there!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A week filled with reflections.

So I have no major project going on right now. Oh yes, one other marathon I will run in 2016. Surely any half-marathon also.

It is not the events themselves that give me inspiration. No, it is rather that my running inspires others to run, smile and say hello!

Unfortunately, I had a cold for a while. As if that was not enough, I have probably had an inflammation of the hip flexor muscle-attachment of the hip/stomach. Sad but I lubricates with a inflamations inhibiting ointment. Much better but not quite good. Well, just have to rest until I´m ok again.
From a beautiful eveningrun!
Always try to smile and say Hello!
Elton ready for a run :-)
When not running I always can walk.
The weather does not matter for me and Elton!
Well, no large moose or bears today.
By the way, is the bear hibernating now ;-)
Have a great life out there, smile and try a little Hello! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

One more week in my Paradise.

Hello friends!

Well I have not been able to run that much this week. I have been sick! Just a cold so it hasn't been that bad. There are people out there having much bigger problems I think.

I have been running during the week though. Really Easy, Light and Smooth! Well, I soon will be back on track :-)

Here I will give You some pictures from the week. Running with refugees and up in the mountains.

Some great quotes... :-)
One super-evening with refugee-friends!
Just before the funny relay with did together.
Me and a great friend!
Yes, it was dark and cold but a great human warmth!

Winter is on the way I guess.
I'm so privileged!
Me and my lovely dog, ELTON!
It's so beautiful up in the mountains.
Sun was shining, no wind and just... ADORABLE!
When are we going to take a break with those sandwiches?
Alright friends! Take as much care as you can. Smile to everyone and try a little hello to the one you meet out there.

Be the reason someone smile today!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
/Flexirun :-)

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Another Sunday in paradise...

Which means it's time for this week's update of the blog. It happens more things in a week than you might first think of.

Working as a teacher of mathematics, science and technology is just part of everything you need to keep track of. It can be anything from getting students iPads to work to keep the discussions.

The important issue is probably to just be there for the students! Being positive, inspireing and allow the students to feel that they can actually be much more than they might initially think.

To see the happiness and the smile all the students show up when they know something is absolutely priceless!
This weeks weather was quite alright even if I had a little cold
and it didn't go that easy when running. Still it was nice to be out there :-)

An old sign from 1857.
"1 mil" is 10 km or 6,2 mile.
When out running almost always there is something nice happens. This day I stopped to feed som horses with grass. intelligent animals! It also felt pretty good to run today. Much easier than the than the previous week :-)

This Saturday me, my wife and Elton went for a run in the terrain groove. A cute little puppy dog suddenly appeared and followed my wife in her turn while I jogged with Elton.

Elton and the dog really got along well and played with each other. I did som calls on my cellphone and just after about half an hour the owner appeared. Happy end! :-)
Elton is waiting for his mistress (my wife) and was really happy to see her with the little puppy.
Me with Elton and the cute puppy waiting for his master.
Well, I have been doing more things than working, running and taking care of little dogs. Normally my wife do the dinner but this Saturday I did some cabbage pudding for dinner. Really good if I do say so myself ;-)
The Cabbage Pudding
Today I took a nice walk in great autumn weather. Sunny and very fresh air! Elton always enjoy coming out. He is a runner but also 11 years old so nowadays I mostly walk on his condition. However, sometimes we jog a little.
Elton and me on todays Sunday-walk.
Hope it is not too boring but to smile and dare to say hello to those you meet is a humanistic behavior.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Another week in history and I feel good!

... No major projects underway and I can run as much as I want.

I have nothing to prove no more. When come to that I have probably entered the goal already. This does not mean that one day I will make some runs a few more times because I love to run.

Lägg till bildtext
I live on one of the places on Mother Earth that could be called Paradise. At least if I myself think. Still it's peaceful, quiet, clean air and water that is safe to drink directly out of the streams.

Every Wednesday I do run with refugees from places on earth where they do not have all those things mentioned above. Think I´m a really happy guy!
Peaceful Waters
From one of my evening runs.
Last Wednesday I should have been running with some refugees but ended up in a event contributing money for those coming to Sweden. Thera was a lot of music, people in fancy clothes and... us. The runners in tights :-D
Me and Esam, a friend from Syria :-)
Blues was played at the event for the refugees coming to us.
Well, there has been some running this week, as always. Elton and I went to a 6 hour-race. Unfortunately not running this time but at least me and Elton did walk one lap to spread a little joy to the heroes running.
Elton at the finish.
He really wanted to run this day but had to walk instead.
He´s name really is "I Want It All"!
As always, take it easy, smile and dare to say Hello!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Not having any project that is waiting...

...might get some people to have "anxiety" or, as they say, ants in the body.

For me it's probably the opposite. Not having a major project is clearly reassuring and so nice that I do not think it's true. Just running without any particular destination is perhaps the most amazing thing to do.

To really fine autumn days, get changed and put on your running shoes for a running workout in which direction or time do not matter is absolutely wonderful!

Believe now, by all means, not that I have stopped to think about other projects. No, it grinds on pretty well in my brain for something new fun I can find on. However, I will not talk about what I'm thinking because I do not like to exercise/run under more pressure than required.

Even when it comes to mentally recharge for a project to work my motto Easy, Light and Smooth (ELS) is very good.

Today it was a wonderful autumn.
Clear sky, fresh air and colourful. Just love it!
Down there is the Big Lake (137,88 miles around) 

Well, take it Easy, Light and Smooth and never forget to smile and say Hello!