Monday, 28 September 2015

Many wonderful things have happened in the summer 2015 :-)

I am so sorry that I simply have not taken the time to write for a while. Forgive me, so much for that!
Instead, I summarize the whole summer in a single blog post I think :-)

So, here we go!
The weather was not the best this summer.
Even so came Ostersund four in Sweden in terms of the number of sunny days since midsummer :-)

One day I ran with a few good friends who wanted to have a little talk about technique and inspiration. Obviously, I put up!
I got them to spring up along the old, very steep road up to Frösö tower without going one step. You were so cruel!

See, that's what it's all about! Get inspire and give inspiration! All in the Easy, Light and Smooth way.
My awesome friends Matts, Angelica and me after our little hilly run!
Think we could do another lap ;-)

24 to 27 July, I was having and led a team of St.Olavsloppet. The same race as me and a friend ran 330 km in a two-person teams in 2014. This time the team consisted of refugees from including Syria and Eritrea and that we could only run from the Norwegian border and in Sweden. This is because they did not have a visa to be in Norway, which is not in the EU.

It was probably the most enjoyable races I have ever participated in. Not only because they were incredibly talented.

They were integrated with the Swedes. They got to see a very beautiful part, the Swedish mountains of Sweden. They received huge accolades when we reached the goal in Östersund then they all ran together into the goal. Media interest was huge! I am so proud and happy for them!

Even believe that I shed a tear when they said it was the two happiest days for them since they came to Sweden :-)
Nigus and Esam waiting for their run at the borderline to Norway.
A great guy from Eritrea running for the team. I think even he won his stretch! :-)
Our camp at Ristafallet. There´s a great waterfall just beside it.
In the evening we did food, listen to music and played soccer.
Me and Elton has just arrived to Ostersund with all of the others in the team
"Hej Främling - Inlöparna" (Hello Stranger - In-runners).

A cake? Well, I also did celebrate my 54th birthday this summer of 2015. It also means 46 years of running. I do not celebrate that much but it was so great because my wife, three kids and Elton was home to share the cake made of strawberry and cream :-)
The great, homemade, cake!
Of course I gave  myself as many km of running as I wanted!

Well, I look like a bear but the real one has been scratching just before me.
Out on one of my runs in the wilderness ;-)
It's a wonderful world out there
and I really LOVE to be out there :-)
My place..
I´m not only a runner friends. I do love motorbikes as well. For me Indian is the greatest. Driving my bike is like running. Same kind of freedom but perhaps much more dangerous I guess.
My Indian Scout 2015 to the left and my friends Big Chief 1946 to the right.
Well, the mountains in the back..
Think this was the last warm day of summer 2015.

If running for a very long time you have to eat and drink all the way. Up north in Sweden the roads are pretty straight. No frills here! I´ve got some pretty straight loops to run I´ll guess.

This year I was the hare at 2h-runners in the half marathon here in Ostersund.
It was one of the greatest days this summer.

Here I am!
Where it all begun. It was here I started to run 46 years ago.
I was so thrilled about this! A lot of great friends and a lot of memories :-)
48 hours..
Because of a painful hip, Achilles tendon and calf muscle I had to stop after "only" 24 hours ;-)
Which now are fixed. I ran hills after just four days and felt almost nothing in my legs. Strange?!
A happy "Flexirun" on "his" track! 
Hillrunning in Stockholm just 4 days after 24 hours of running ;-)
It's so beautiful around where I live. I just love to be out there in the wilderness to see all the animals, views and other stuff. Just being out and running is like yoga for me I think.

Doesn't matter what kind of weather it is. Beautiful anyway!

Sometimes the sun is shining and so am I.
Always :-)

Well, since I always have delivered a special message. Then I will not let you down this time either: Never pass by anyone without a smile and a Hello! Perhaps it's going to be a special day for both you and the one you meet. Please try some kindness!

Easy, Light and Smooth!