Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas done and..

..waiting for New Year to come.

Well, there´s nothing we can do about it. The time it goes no matter what we think and try to do about it. Only thing we can do is to fill it in the very best way we can!

Trying to be happy and make everyone else happy. People like animals! Being able to greet everyone and smile and inspire can be some of the greatest gifts you can have. And the easiest!

Most of you will be aware that I compete very little nowadays. I find more satisfaction in just running and sometimes help other runners to reach their specific goals. Or just giving a bit of inspiration and joy. I shudder when I see the happiness of those who reach their goals. It gives me, also, the same euphoria. Perhaps I have found a whole new level of running. To constantly find myself in the so-called "runners high" :-)

Yesterday, I went and my two daughters, Ingrid and Juliet, at the health club. Ingrid got to be the PT and Julia took care of pep talk. We started by warming up with running on the treadmill for 15 minutes.
After that we drove five strength exercises that would be repeated three times. Actually, it was now time for stretching but instead I gave myself a challenge to the gym had. 100 "burpies"! Among the hardest thing to do and you get tired after about 20 pieces. I fixed them on 6 min 31 sec. Totally sick hassle!

Julia on the treadmill warming up.
She has a nice stride!
Me doing those burpies...

Well, not THAT bad for a 53 old runner ;-

Me, Julia and Ingrid at the gym MÅVA.

Some nice winer-pictures from where I live.

Well, today there was a lot of people out there when I was running. I think they all waved, smiled and said hello to me. Yes, I did smile back! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Second Sunday of Advent..

.. and  I've been running both Saturday and Sunday. It felt rather ok I'll say! Little cold left but ok.
Of course, I'm sad sometimes but rarely!
This Friday there came a package to me. I will try a new brand of shoes. Ultrafriends told me to try Hoka. They really was great I must say. First time I ran in them it felt good but after 6 mile I felt something in my left foot.  A tendon seams! Well, full of experience I just change the insole to one fit my feet and it was just perfect ;-)

As you all probably noticed, I am quite positive and full of expectation and longing for the fall of 2014. That's when I should run, not only in 42h, but in 6 more hours!
It is an ultra festival in my hometown where I was eight years old and started running :-)

I'll let You all now about it! Endurance, strength, rest, and energy intake are the four cornerstones of my strategy. The hardest is to take in energy I think.
Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2.
A very nice shoe which I got in LOVE with after 5 min.

Elton and me in town.
To much people so we went down to the lake
watch the birds instead..
Well, at MÅVA, I lift weights twice a week from now on, to build more muscle volume. Some wonder then if I do not "get more lag on" then. The reason is primarily to increase the ability to store the amount of glycogen in the muscles and thus increasing energy stores more.

So I'm sure it will be a fantastic, exciting and a little mixed emotions this coming year of 2015 ;-)

Ok, friends. A snail!
Guess what's the meaning of that is?

Easy, Light and Smooth!
Never forget to say Hello! and smile. It's much easier than you could ever believe:-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Not running...

...doesn't mean I'm not a runner! I'm only got a bad cold which force me to take it a little easy.
Not a very big trouble either! My body just want to rest for a while and it's fine with me.

See, You still can "exercise" even if You can't run. I'll exercise my patience with chocolate, coffee and writing in the blog.

Well, I also trains to keep my endorphins in check!

Elton and me out for a walk.
Instead of running I just rest, walk with Elton and work a little. There's not much to do about it but wait. When not sick anymore I will run again. I will start running towards my big goal in 2015.
A 48-hour race in the very track I started my running when 8 years old!

It will be so exciting to run with service every 400 meters! Not normal for me when out running. I wear or buy what I need for the road. If I'm in the woods or in the mountains basically what I need in nature, which is handy. Here you can drink the water when you're outside. It's good water!

Old running shoes can be given away to those more needy instead of just throwing them away!
I have given away seven pairs of shoes to refugees around here.
Here where I live, we have a refugee camp (Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, etc.) and I run a turn with them every Wednesday evening. It's so fun to be able to help in this very simple way because I'll be running anyway.
They are extremely excited and they see absolutely no obstacles. Keep in mind that they ran in sandals in the snow at the beginning.
Well, now I've given away almost all my running shoes and it feels so good!

Elton waiting to taste.
"Just a little master! Please.."
Some people tend to ask me what type of food I eat because I run so much, or burn a lot of energy if you like.
Well, I probably eat most things, but maybe it's a little overweight ate vegetables, but protein is needed of course and then meat perhaps is the simplest way. However, I eat less meat than before and not solely for my own sake but also for the environment.

My wife and I celebrated the so-called Silver Wedding December 1st.
25 years of marriage! :-)

Our Christmas tree seen through an icy car windows. Cool!
Well, take it easy my friends and try a Hello! and a smile out there! You will be surprised what can happen!

Easy, Light and Smooth!