Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Autumn and soon snow..

.. here in Sweden. But still it's a little warmer than usual I think.

Sometimes I think about climate change .. Yes, you do not really know what to believe. Sure there are natural changes but I suspect that even humans are involved any way.
Today's running between 15: 45-16: 20 ;-)

Well, I've been running as usual even if I've got a little cold. Running without a pulse has been the trick ;-)

Just saw I've been running 1232 miles (1983 km) this year.. so far. The length of Sweden 977 miles (1572 km). Normally I run back and forth in a season ;-)

The great tower where I live!
It's called "The Castella" which is latin
and means "defence-tower".
From 1172..
 The area/county where I live is called Brunflo (follow link) and there has been people here from at least 450 A.C. Probably longer..
There are plenty of roads and forest to run in if You like. Which I do :-)

Well, me and some runners on one of our Saturday-runs.
It's fun to run together!
Every Saturday at 9 AM those who can are running together. We do run in a pace so that everyone can follow. We both give and receive inspiration from each other and it's so fun.
Try it!

I will keep on running and increase very slow. For now I run at least 37 miles every week. Just rolling on. Once a week I do run back and forth to my job which gives me about 17 of those miles. In March I will increase from one to two runs like that. So 34 miles in two days means I've got 5 days left for exercise/runs. Well, guess I need 2 days rest so 3 more days of running perhaps.

Take care, say Hello! and smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

"Running away"..

.. is a great song by Bob Marley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUfoPA1Esr4). Yes, I do like listen to music while running. Well, sometimes I like to run in silence to. Especially when I'm up in the mountains.
A place that is close to my heart.
Are in Jamtland, Sweden :-)
 Have a little cold right now but it is ok to run. Hold down the heart rate as much as I can so it feels ok. But remember that if you have a fever and/or sore throat so do not run!
Elton and me on a run.
As I said in other posts, I will run a 48h race in the fall of 2015. It is with mixed emotions I crave.
A pretty big reason that I want to run this race is that it was on this particular path, when I was eight years old, started my career.
I obviously can not stop running but somehow it feels like a circle closes.
My very good friend, Patrik Norberg, will run for 24 hours
and then try to help me on my 48h run.
Going to be so fun!
Ok, friends! Never, I say never stop say Hello! and smile to the one You meet when out there.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

48 hours..

I've done it before so it's nothing new to me. I know what it's about and just like a crocodile with his reptilian brain, I begin, slowly but surely, to set me in the fall 2015.

How are you actually tossing if you think that this kind of running is fun. Well, funny one can discuss. Actually, the question of something you just have to do.
There are some strange driving force, long in there, in which almost forces me to conduct races. Short and long.

The really strange thing is that for me is about positive feelings, which is very important! One can almost equate this to life spiral DNA. An upward spiral as well.

Just a few days before the snow arrived..
A kiss from Elton :-)
The second lodge up in the mountains.
A great place for recreation and running.

Well, I've been having a cold for about a month. But no worries! I still can run but not with a very high pulse though. It feels much better every day so..

In the picture above You can see me and a very good friend. It's Thursday and my running-day. I run 9 miles to my work in the morning and the 9 more miles home again. This is on my way home and it snowed 0,5 feet during the day. Well, almost nothing stop me from running I think ;-)

Me and some happy runners one Saturday-morning.
Mostly we run about 1 hour.
Me doing hills!
Quite fun.. after about 3 times..
I did 7 this time :-)
Ok, it feels GREAT having a project again and a 48-hour run again will be nice.. or?
As BB King sings: "The Thrill Is Gone" really doesn't fit me I think. The thrill is not gone, it's on!

Remember to say Hello! and do smile to the one You meet my friends! ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS
Flexirun in his right element.
In the mountains!