Saturday, 26 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, it was a few weeks ago I wrote. Christmas has just passed and the New Year is upon us.
I have been a little low in the run for almost two months now. Yes, I run but still have some problems with some abs. However, it is going in the the right direction and I do not go for the maximum of my capacity. It is #ELS all the time for me.

I still do run with my refugee-friends every Wednesday and wishes them all the best!
Friends mostly from Syria but also some Swedish friends.
One of those Wednesdays when we do run with our refugee-friends.
A great and happy hour once a week :-)
The image is blurred but the message is good;-)
I also have a new project with a good friend. We shall run from Östersund to my cabin in the mountains. There is a distance of over 100 miles, and we will pass over three mountain peaks. A day may well be sufficient.
Going to be a nice run I think and once again: No medal, no money, no... nothing!
Elton at  the cabin up in the  mountains,
the goal a 100 miles from where I live.
Ok, friends! Try to smile and say Hello! to everyone You may meet out there. What can happen? The chance something bad will come is much less than something good. Just... mathematics!

Always be happy and go Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

18 days to X-mas.

Hello friends!

Still a bit injured but it´s on the right way so I´m happy anyway. I did about 15,5 miles (25km) with a great friend and it felt pretty good. The snow has arrived but it´s not that cold so running is still alright.

This week has been pretty cool I must say. I´ve got a great job teaching math and science. I have been running and done other nice things. Guess I´m privileged!

Me with some great friends.
A life without friends probably isn´t a life!
Me on that 15,5 mile-run (25,5km).
I´m going for next project. About 100 miles and as always:
No medal, No money no nothing but the adventure!
I have a lot of things but if I close my eyes it's not the things I see. There are experiences that I see.
If I were free to wish what I wanted, it's probably that all should feel that feeling of being free, have friends and be happy would be among desires.

My wish would be...

To be free,
to be wild
and just like a child.

And if I get lost,
I really don´t mind
cos I´m me
doing just fine.

Resting after my run in front of the fire. So cozy!
I made food today. Broccoli Gratin with chicken breasts. Yummy! In addition I have added the Christmas-herring today! 5 min and then it was done. Will be great on our Christmas-table.
So nice!
Well, as always friends. Take care, smile and dare to say Hello! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I really think I'm back out there running again. I have had some kind of infection for month probably. All I could do was to rest.
Well, that's ok. What else can I do than lay back and relax. ;-)

Yesterday I was out running with my wife and our dog Elton. Ok, just 1,5 km but with NO PAIN!
I was so happy I almost cried.

It´s winter here now and it´s getting colder. About 0°C (32F) and soon perhaps colder than that. I have been running in about -32°C (0F) once. Ok, perhaps You have to put some more layers on and run slow but it´s not really a big problem though ;-)

I´m also pleased, or blessed perhaps, with a new projekt. I´ll soon going to tell You all more about it.

I love to run but also snow!
Just outside my house.
The tower is called Kastalen from the latin Castella which is a defencetower.
It´s from 1172 a.d.
It´s nice to lit up a fire after a run in the winter :-

Elton and me on one of our runs. It was pretty cold ;-)

Great light!
Always take care, smile and dare to say Hello to the one You meet out there! The world needs it!

Easy, Light and Smooth!