Tuesday, 22 July 2014

After all those projects...

... it feels great but a little empty in my mind.
Big Lake Run last summer.
137,88 miles
After 45 fantastic years with running and especially the last two ones I might have come to another dimension. No, I don't mean running faster but longer instead.
Me, Elton and Staffan reaching the finish after 4 days and 205 miles of running :-)
My running technique, there has never been a major problem with the terms to run energy saving and easy. However, it becomes man's not younger, more than the mind, for every year that passes.
Over the years, I have had very few injuries, which I am extremely grateful for.
#ELS :-)
I've managed to maintain my running technique over the years, running almost never harsh intervals but then more so-called "fartlek" or hill training. In short, I put more than 90 percent on slow running. I call it the ELS running (Easy, Light and Smooth) and draws on the long slow workouts when I build up my stamina. Both physically and mentally!
Hills the natural way :-)
Yes, this is partly read in Christopher McDougall's bestseller "Born To Run". Someone has pointed this out and it's nothing I can do about. Also, I don´t do any claims either. On the contrary, I have read the book and was inspired, like many others in the world. It´s a rather good book I think.

The only thing is that when I started running about 45 years ago, my mentor mentioned just those three (four) words to me: Easy, Light and Smoth (Fast)! There is nothing I can do about it but it's just so, and I see nothing wrong in "spread" the message.
One place I like the most.
Up in the mountains :-)
Running is not only running!
Don't forget to use your eyes sometimes too.

I have no big plans for now but still I'm running of course. Well, I would have run in the woods with some friends on Saturday but they were going to run a half marathon instead. Yes, I was persuaded to set up.
As always, nowadays, you bet I am not on any time but can imagine to enjoy and help those who need a boost :-)
Me after yesterdays pretty hot run.
There came rain and thunder at home but I was saved ;-)

Always say Hello! and give a smile while out there! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 11 July 2014

St.Olavs relay between Trondheim and Ostersund..

.. is over!
I'm sorry for not writing earlier but there has been so much things to do. Well, I have a vacation but also a family, property to take care of and Elton the dog ;-)
But here it comes! The summary of the four day long run between Trondheim in Norway
Staffan and me in Ostersund after 4 days of running.
About one marathon each every day :-)
A dream is likely to start growing in your head because of your heritage and your environment. It can also have your innate desire to do. Whatever it is, it's so fun to plan, implement and evaluate it all. Well, it might be a little sad that it's over. But, that's how it is!

It all started while running around The Big Lake last summer. When running 137,88 miles my brain started to think of others than The Run just to keep focus on The Run. Like I was running but thinking of other things instead. Well, it happens to be about.. RUNNING!

I was thinking of running this St.Olavs relay by my own, like Mikael Andersson who is a very talented Swedish ultra runner and decided to run for a great cause. He ran for a friends daughter who got cancer. He's mission was called Ella's Resa (Ella's Trip). It is through the Children's Cancer Fund. in Sweden. Please do as me and donate some money to fight cancer!
Great done Mikael! :-)

Day 1:
June 24th, we went by car from Östersund Levanger in Norway. For it was where we would go in goal first leg and also start the second phase. We don't have to move the tent first two days. Logistic! ;-)
A pretty dramatic road to Levanger, Norway :-)
Me and Staffan on the way to Levanger and a great adventure! :-)
Goooood Moooooooorning!
St.Olav here we come :-)
Phase one, June 25th, was 100,4 km or 62,38 miles. Pretty hilly in Norway as you can see in profiles here.

The bell rang 5:15 and we went up to eat breakfast. Today's stage was 100.4 km, or 62.38 miles. We chose to divide the stage into four pieces which means one ran part 1 and part 3 or 2 and 4. In that way we then got a little rest at 2.5-3 h between races, which was needed.

Staffan, my friend, did part 1 (27,6 km/17,15 mi) and part 3 (19,9 km/12,37 mi). I did part 2 (37,7 km/23,43 mi) and part 4 (15,3 km/9,51 mi).
One part of my run the first day.
Pretty nice weather with no wind and just a little rain. Good for running and todays result was 191 out of 200 teams. So we actually was not the last team! I'm not count in Mikael Andersson because he was alone! One more thing is we had a pace between 5:00-6:03 min/km (about 5:30 min/km).
Me after 53 km or 32,93 miles.
End of phase one :-)
Two happy guys after a great day of running.
Staffan did a fantastic day and ran fast and also in a steady pace!
Day 2:
June 26th, the second phase, we felt ok but a little stiff in our legs though. No problem cause the thing is we're running faster than we perhaps should. But, what the heck, we LOVE running so why not!

This second day we were already at the starting location. Only 100 m from the start actually. The start would be 09:00 and the weather was fantastic! Staffan started the first day in Trondheim, so now it was my turn to start in Levanger on my luck against fluctuation in Stiklestad. A short stretch of 18.4 km (11.43 mi) ;-)

Today we should split 65 km (40,39 mi) in four. I ran phase 1 and 3. Staffan ran 2 and 4 (the hilly part). Do check out todays profiles here. We beat 10 teams this day and ended up totally with 5 teams behind us ;-) We still keep up the running with times between 5:08-5:38 min/km which is pretty fast.

After this day it didn't feel that stiff in our legs anymore! :-)
Just before start day two.
Staffan did a GREAT running today! He had quite hard hills on his two runnings today. Afterwards he said: "Nice views but where are the hills?!" Well, that's our spirit when it's a hard running coming up! Always be positive.

"Up the slopes is just downhill with bad attitude!"

A great reminder when it's tough hills and you are a bit tired. I've learned it from Dag Wassdahl a great runner and a friend of mine.

Staffan did
Staffan in our "tent" for the night 3 and 4 :-D
Day 3:
This day it was Staffan who started. Perfect weather and only 63,4 km (39,39 mi) to split into four. More than 5 km uphill for Staffan but then it was downhill and flat. Check profile here. It felt great today and we ran pretty fast. The fastest day of all I think.
I finished today's race in the square in Åre.
The result of the day was 22 teams behind us and 6 teams behind totally. Crazy cause we're just two runners.. :-)
The legs feel great and it's not that hard as we thought but we'll remember there's one more day left. The tiredness will come as a sledgehammer so we better be cool and not rush away. We talked a lot about this! ;-)

Day 4:
The very last day and I had a little problem to eat up all my breakfast this morning. Little nervous perhaps ;-) Well, I was not that nervous about it. I always can eat bananas and energy-drinks by the way. This day had som hills (profile here) but more important was the 111.8 km that would be felled..

I started this morning and it felt quite great. My run was between Åre and Järpen (28,1 km/17,46mi) and then Staffan ran from Järpen to Slåtte (27,3km/19,96mi).
I exchanged with Staffan in Slåtte to run the 29,9 km (18,58mi) to Västerkälen. The last 10 km (6,21mi) I almost ran out of energy. Luckily I've got a banana and only 10 minutes after I was running again. All I got in my head was to reach Staffan and the goal. Left, right, left, right...
Staffan after his great run!
Only about 500 m left :-)
I was so happy when see Staffan waiting for me and we did that exchange. He really was strong and did his best run, this last run down to Östersund City (26,5 km/16,47mi). Staffan was running between 4:31-5:22 min/km) which is GREAT DONE! I'm so proud Staffan wanted to run in my team, Team Flexirunners.
Me, Staffan and Elton :-) 
Just after the finish.
Thank's for a GREAT RUN!
Two happy runners!
4 days and about 103 miles each.
Staffan to the left and me on the right.
Me, my mental coach Anders Stävhag and Staffan.
So many km / miles, new friends, experiences and .. just SO FUN!
SMS from my daughter Julia.
(Two-man team on St.Olavs relay)
We did run together the very las kilometer to the goal. People were yelling at us, the sun was shining and the last 50 m even Elton was barking when we showed up. Yes, he ran with us the last bit :-)
Flexirun up in the mountains where he goes #ELS :-)
Well, that's it! No next project right now but I will never stop running or writing though. I hope this run perhaps can show how FUN it might be if one just smile and dare to say hello to people out there. We ran far before the clock was invented. Maybe not before time began, but still before the clock .. ;-) What I'm saying is dare to see all the mighty things when out there running. Take care and be happy!

Once again, dare to smile and say Hello! to all You meet out there!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
/Flexirun :-)