Sunday, 9 February 2014

136 days left to relay...

... and I feel terrific! I have been studying Medical Genetics for one term. Autumn just flew away! It really was interesting but I'm happy it's over.

I am so sorry for everyone who waited quite some time to a post on the blog now. But those who wait for something good never waits too long, it is said. So here, all friends out there, now a bit longer post than usual :-)

Maybe as many of You already now about me. I'm not just a runner. I'm a runner who almost always goes on emotions when I run. I have been running for all my life and still love it. Think it's the best way of loading myself both physically and mentally.
I do follow three words when running and has done so since the start when just a little kid. Those three little words my mentor told me when rush to fast and got tired in just a short time.

Easy, Light and Smooth

Ever since I was about 8-10 years old those words got stuck into my mind and I'll never got them out of there... Well, sure I do som hard runs sometimes. Once a week I do run hills in about 90-100% of what I can do. Once a week I do run "fartlek" in approximately 80-85% of my max (meaning I vary the pace during the run). The rest of my runs are so called ELS-runs in a quite low pace. Those runs are building up my endurance to high levels.

The amount of training the last few weeks has been lower than usual due to a sore foot. Well, instead I have been doing some XC-skiing and cross-training instead. Perhaps the body wanted to rest :-)
When injured remember to relax and don't stress to start running to fast. Be sure to be healthy first!

A lot of things happened lately. Finishing my studies in Med. Genetics, lot to do at work, some running and follow my oldest dog, Adam, to his last sleep...

Yes, sad but life is made up of different parts, and death is one of them. Perhaps a prerequisite for new life...

Adam... R.I.P. (Run In Peace)

Adam The Great
Elton and Adam play around up in the mountains 3 years ago.

Full of life!
Adam and Elton in the lodge up in the mountains.
Well, what will happen during the year in terms of my running then? I have three events in front of me. To begin with, I will, once again, run a marathon with my daughter Ingrid. So this is the Stockholm Marathon on May 30, becoming the first chaser event. I will probably not run for a time. Instead I will run with my daughter all the way. Going to be so fun!
The Great Medal

1st half in 2:12:27 and 2nd half in 2:14:41.

On June 25 to 28, I will run a relay race between the two cities of Trondheim in Norway and Östersund in Sweden called St.Olavsloppet. Normally, to be a team with 20-30 runners. Often mixed with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. A proper running event!
The spectacular is that on my team, FlexiRunners, we are only two runners!? The distance to be accomplished in four days is about 330K (205 miles) Spread over 51 routes. Should be fun! :-)
We are going to run from Trondheim in Norway to Östersund in Sweden.
Check out the altitude! ;-)
The biggest challenge, after all, is eprobably Skövde Ultrafestival on August 1-3. It did take 43:57:04 h tu run 137,88 miles so hopefully I can do about 10-15 more miles. Anything can happen so... One really must be open minded and never rush to fast first 24 hours. The sports ground is where I once started to run in the beginning. Going to be so fun to come back and run there again! :-)

Heroes at Sövde Ultrafestival 2013.

Well, as always, remember to say hello and smile to the one You meet out there... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!