Monday, 19 May 2014

36 days left...

... and I really feel great again! My left foot is ok but I do not run for the full load yet. Today with Elton down at the X-trail it really felt good in my legs. Both up- and downhill. I felt something in my foot but no pain at all. Well, it's now it's very important to listen carefully to what your body signaling to you.

After a great 3,5 mile hillrun this Friday.
The body was absolutely finished and empty afterwards...
I try to see every day as an adventure.
Sometime it's a small one, sometime it's a little bigger.
All days are really still adventure in itself I think :-)

This very day I told my wife and son I'll be up in the forest for a run. Just for about an hour or so! There are a great wildlife up there and a bit exciting too. Black Grouse, Beaver MooseRoe Deer, Lynx and BEAR.
After 3-4 miles I stopped to take a 'selfie and saw that there was someone before me. A moose that ate up the willow buds. Less than a minute after the picture of myself I had the privilege to meet him just behind me. Just a couple of 100 yards away :-)
A couple of 100 yards behind me I saw that moose walking around.
Respect because they can be nasty!
The moose just ate his lunch!
I continued to run on a forest road, which was a bad forest road, which became a path and after that a bad path and eventually nothing at all.After a while, I came to a nice little creek and saw how the beavers had tried to dam it up and I heard one smashing his tail in the water. Here I took my last picture before the battery ran out!

Oh, crap! That means the GPS died too! Well, I'm a pretty familiar with the area but still hav a great respect to the nature. I've got some things to do when lost to get "not lost" so I just continued to run. About 50-100 yards at a time in a straight line so I wouldn't go in circles. It was cloudy and almost rain so.. no sun!

Well, after a while I came to a hunting lodge in the middle of the forest. Great! Must be a road somewhere then. I looked around and found a very small road that I decided to follow. One mile later, or so, I came out on a road. Looked right and couldn't see the end of it. No option! It also "felt" wrong in a way... Looked left and the road disappeared over a crest. Interesting! I wonder whats on the other side. I just have to check!

After a couple of miles I saw a great bird. A Black Grouse! Nice bird and good flesh too! :-)
The very last pict in the forest where the beavers live ;-)

Well, below you can see a picture of the group of runners who came to the first meeting on Saturday, May 10. A little gray and overcast but quite ok weather for running. Some of them had never run as far as 10 km, or 6.21 miles. All did their running well and both they and I were really proud!

The intention is that everyone can meet at the gym in Brunflo then run together but also in different groups if necessary. Most important is to meet others and have a lot of fun! :-)
Great runners and great friends!
King and Queens!
Me and my good friend Håkan!
A good and positive runner with a great heart and patience.

This particular day, below, so I set out in the spring with a bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine.
Spirits were high and it felt fine in the body. I jogged on for about 2 miles, became warm and increased his speed a little bit. The legs respond well and hardly any stiffness in my left ankle. Lovely!

ELS (Easy, Light and Smooth) take me with ease forward and I feel the energy just flows from Nature to my body all cells. Today's race was 16 km (10 miles), and display portions of the run went on for 4 mi/km (6:25 min/mi). I'm a very lucky guy! :-)

In a stream where ice and snow melted and spring flow started.
I almost always smile! Some people might say I'm crazy.
Well, then I smile for myself.
Most important is: I'm happy. Then, perhaps, others might get happy as well!
Hepaticas are nice little blue flowers!
Makes me smile and realize: EVERYTHING's AMAZING!

Oh, crap! Someone's cracked the sign!
600 m must be 600 miles! :-D
Well, friends! Take care, smile and say hello!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
/Flexirun with Love!