Wednesday, 24 September 2014


..the Swedish summer really is great!

Can't say how sorry I am for not writing since Friday, 1st August 2014..
Well, some things you can control others not. Those you can't control just forget! I will now write a bit about the incredibly joyful summer that was with bathing, traveling, and not least RUNNING!
Ok friends! Enjoy some nice pics . :-)

I haven't been running all the time this summer of 2014. There have been quite a lot of biking to. Wacky shoes those bike shoes. Hard and fits so perfectly on your feet so you can not even move your toes. The worst is probably still to attach them on the pedals, so sometimes it can feel a little insecure, I think. No, thanks, I know running shoes. ;-)

Ingrid, my oldest daughter, and I ran the Stockholm Marathon in early June again and once again we ran together. Fun! My second daughter, Julia, probably will run to one day. I'll be there! Then perhaps my son, Magnus, will run to. Course I'll be there right on the start line!

If you ever get the opportunity to do something fun with your kids. Take it and make it !!

There have been a lot of swims in the normally very cold Big Lake this summer with Elton. Yes, it's the very same lake I've been running around summer of 2013. 137,87 miles... Loved it!
Don Elton
The Mafioso ;-)
This summer, July was really good. Very hot and very sunny! Sometimes almost too hot but you should not complain. It's perfect for running I think!
Here's "Flexirun" on the run!
"After run" in the mountains ;-)
My first change with Staffan at Hommelvik, Norway.
I ran 58 km this day ;-)
Well, me Staffan and Elton reach the finishline
in Ostersund 330 km and four days later.

Happy but a bit tired.
Staffan was pretty fresh though! :-)

This summer of 2014 probably will go to the history. It has been hot and sunny which isn't so normal up here in the north where I live. Well, I just can say: Thank's!
As many of You understand there has been a lot of running this summer. I have been healthy and strong.
Normally it's like this. You run a lot and it feels good. You increase the training and... catch a cold or worse, get ill. If one increases the exercise one also must eat more and sleep more. I use to say 1/3 of each. Running/energy/sleep! If following these easy tips you almost never get sick :-)

View from one of my trails up in the mountains.
Hard but also very calm..

Summer of 2014 really was hot. No, not me just the weather ;-)
Funny! Rain but not cold.
After rain there's more oxygen in the air I think..
At least it feels better when running
After run...

Just another day in Paradise.
Here I'm in the middle of  the bear-densest part of Sweden.
Tracks but no bear.. far as I saw ;-)

Me and my best running-buddy.

Me (blue) and Staffan, my very good running-friend when running District Championship in marathon.
We did compete in the very same class. I had to get off after 28 km because of pain in the left hip and leg..
Well, Staffan did 3:19 something so our pace was ok and I'm proud of him :-)

Me and my second daughter Julia after a run in the mountains.

Me and Elton on the "mornnig-walk".
Remember it was quite a beautiful morning.

Here's me and my son, Magnus, on our way up for a "walkabout" :-)

Quite a landscape..

One day I was helping a friend with his dog Atlas.
Funny day!

Autumn, or fall, is here.
Nice, lovely colours!
Well, a lot of pictures but also quite nice memories. The running-season  has been great. I do not compete that much but still I can say it has been great. One marathon in Stockholm with my daughter Ingrid, one great run called St.Olavs relay and then a half marathon between Brunflo (where I live) to Ostersund (the city).

The strange part is that Stockholm marathon and Ostersund half-marathon, when helping others on their goal/run, are the best runs because I think it's more inspiring to see their happiness than my own.
Well, sure I like to run and reach goals but I've already done that once upon a time ;-) Now my running has reached another dimension I think. Happiness!

From now on I will write more often. Especially because of my new projekt. Well, first thing will be Stockholm Marathon but then it will be the 48h-run at Skövde Ultra Festival 2015.

Take care out there runners! Please say Hello! and smile a bit to the one You meet.

Easy, Light and Smooth! (#ELS)