Thursday, 13 June 2019


After a fairly physical leave, I am back in the home's safe corner. Feel good!
On my Big Lake Run 2013
One way try to try out Conscious Presence in the real life.
I've written a bit about different words and it will continue for a while. Until I finish so to say ..

Last week's words, wisdom, was nice, and before that there was perseverance that applied. This week I will use a word (or rather two) a little in the time that I will try to live up to as best I can.

The word is "Conscious Presence" or as it is usually written and pronounced: MINDFULNESS
On my own.
This means that I should try to live with consciousness and reflection in thoughts, words and actions. Waking up to the world around us, we experience feelings and moods fully and are extra aware of the needs of others.
Refuse to hurry myself. Living attentively can make life a little easier by helping me get distance to feelings.
Anger must turn into justice!
I will seek joy instead of desire and develop my interior and pay attention to the homework Life teaches me.
Presence provides peace of mind.
Just do it!
Daodejing (Tao Te Ching) is the oldest and most famous record of the daoism, and you can read the following:

"Can you cleanse your inner vision so that you see nothing but the light? Can you take a step back from yourself and thereby understand everything?"

I am grateful for the gift of conscious presence. It constantly makes me present.
Great Lake Run was my run around the lake
where I come from (222,5 km or 138,256 miles)

Well, you choose for yourself what you want to do but never forget:

Dare to laugh!
Dare to say hello! to a stranger!
Dare peek around the corner!
Dare to be present!


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