Monday, 31 March 2014

85 days left to relay..

..between Trondheim (Norway) to Ostersund (Sweden) and I feel better and better after my cold.

I've started to go to a gym! Well, I'm not a bodybuilder but just want to improve my running with strength and mobility. It's really fun and also nice to meet more great people!
Summertime I normally alternating between running and cycling. From now on, I will also go to the gym.
Majsans honey is best for colds!
Honey is great when cold. Honey is actually really good both when you have a cold and purely preventive. I normally use it directly on bread and sometimes in a cup of hot water. There is a poison in the honey that keeps insects away. In this way builds my immune up against this poison and the chance for cold reduces. Just start to put a spoon of honey in the hot water (which incidentally destroys the "poison" and the effect) and then one spoon in your mouth ;-)

View from Saturdays run. Sunny and nice!
A happy #ELS-runner!
A early Saturday morning.
Saturdays run was great and I felt alright. Just som stiffness from the gym.. ;-) I did 8,87 miles in about 80 min. 08:00 I went into the gym to do some exercise for my legs. I was not the first guy on the gym. It was fun and some nice chats :-)

I do not often buy a lot of stuff but today I went to the running store.
Well, a new jacket, singlet and a pair of  tights:-)
We did have a large hurricane here this fall and a lot of trees went down.
Unfortunately it's the trees just behind a school who used for education.
Well, there will be a new forrest but in about 70 years.

Now Team Flexirunners notified St.Olavsloppet! The relay between the city of Trondheim in Norway to the city of Östersund in Sweden. In four days I and a friend, two runners, to traverse 210.64 miles / 339 km!

Perhaps we will use at least the cap ;-)
I once read a book by a North American Indian by the name of Bear Heart. He was a very wise man both were trained medicine man and also a psychologist. He managed to unite these two cultures in a fantastic way. He has said many wise things. Here is a statement:

If we should fail, it is better to fail while trying rather than just giving up. 

Take care and live every day! Say Hello and Smile to the one You meet out there.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

90 days left to relay...

...and the past 1,5 months (since mid-January) has been a disaster in terms of my running. I've been sick in a great cold, light injured in my left foot etc, much work etc etc. Well, nothing to say about that. Not very big problems in a world like this. I'm still happy though :-)

Here a great day up in the mountains.
My son and I did som XC-skiing :-)
So nice :-)
My sons back! He's a good skier!
When taking a break.
Yes that's the Swedish Flag!
A happy me!

Katrien, a running friend, said she's been running here 1000 of times
and never seen the moose before. Well, this time they showed up!
3 calves, a cow and a bull moose :-)

This beauty got a kiss!

Well, as said before, I've been sick for about 4 weeks and not much running. Instead I did some alternative training. in terms of strength and mobility. I have this left foot that's not 100% right. Have to run less and take it a little easy. Sometimes it's not that bad not running for a while. I hope to be back soon though.

Last week I visited Winter Sports Centre at Mid Sweden University as a "customer" for the students studying to personal trainer. It really was hard but also very fun! All tests went very well and I'm satisfied with my values :-)

Lactate test... Hard maxtest on the treadmill.
Another maxtest. I'll never gonna be a bodybuilder ;-)
Elton and me running in tracks from snowmobiles.
Quite hard but very good exercise for my  ankles.
After the run with Elton I went for a longer and harder run myself.
No, I'm not angry, just tired!
Well, I'm on again blogging :-) Feels nice! Take care out there and try to say Hello! and smile a little to people You meet. It's magic!

Oops, I forgot to mention that I go to the gym every Wednesday and Saturday for my running session

Easy, Light and Smooth my friends!