Tuesday, 22 April 2014

63 days left..

.. and some funny stuff happened since last time I wrote.

My cold is over and my left foot seems to be okay even if I can feel a very small pain when warming up. Well, I’m 53 years old but my last tests at MIUN:s dept. of physically science (the university here) said I was like a 20 year old youth J

I’ve been running more and more every week for a while now and have some great plans doing a lot of miles this Easter-holiday. There are great running up here in the mountains even when snow (if not to much snow). The views are great and so are the friends! My running just keep on giving me new friends all the time which makes me to a very happy person J

Once again I must say Thank You to all that people, animals and nature that inspires me to inspire others. It almost turned out to be a cause..

Following pictures are from my visit up in the mountains this Easter.

Great Friday with Sarah B and Tobias J in the ski lift up on Mullfjället.

Katrien. v. C and Henrik T in eager anticipation for the run!
Flexirun himself.
Always with a smile!

Just a cool picture in the lift up.

Here vi struggle up, up, up...
Well, just about 6 miles! Then we ran in tracks from snowmobiles ;-)
Mullfjället, 2014
(Compare the similarities to the right)
Iwo Jima, 1945..

Great friends on the run.
Ok, time to move. You can't stand still to long.
You're cooled very rapidly!
The light this very day was absolutely magic!

Here we are on our way down the mountain.
Total milage of the run was about 13 miles.
The day after the great "snow-run" I was planning a recovery-run.
A friend, Mari R, invited me to a "recovery-coffee" ;-)
Mari's a swimmer and plan to swim really far along a river in a couple of month..
Cool I think! :-)
Well, time for the next long-run (Sunday) with my friends Katrien, Tobias and Henrik.
We where transported by car about 15-16 miles away.
Alright, here we are in a hard uphill struggling.
All very positive even if full of lactic acid.
This my feeling of the day!
This is my feelings for the day. Feels like I would want to hug the whole world!
Me, Katrien, Tobias, Henrik and Hedda in the back.
Just after we arrived to the hotel Fjällporten.

If you ever come to Sweden contact Fjällporten! Then you will have an incredible run with great guides in an extraordinary nature with good accommodation and good food.
The Monday Morning and Elton and me are out for a walk.
The sun is about to rise.
18 Nike FreeRun 5.0
Pretty nice minimalist-shoes to run in.
Mondays run after about 5 miles.
The church's from the twelfth century!
Link to the old church in Åre.
Well, after so much running, it is important to release your feet
and let them feel the sun's life-giving rays!
As always, friends out there, never forget to say Hello! and Smile when meet people!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

73 days left...

... to the relay and here's the St.Olavsloppet the movie!

Well, hi there again! I'm so proud that people really read my little crazy blog. Thank You all! Guess You're the big stars of this blog. Without You.. no blog. From mid January until about two weeks ago I've been sick (cold) and also a crazy injure in my left foot. Some kind of pain that was hard to get rid of. I did a lot of alternative training and used a cream made of Aloe Vera. An ointment that increases blood circulation. I'm alright almost 100% I think :-)

I have also started going to the gym to increase my leg muscles a little. This is to simply increase the amount of glycogen to be stored. After about 2-2:10 hours this energy ends and your body  begins to burn different types of fats instead.

I´m not a bodybuilder but it's fun ending up my running-journeys at the gym. Hard but after just about 6 times I already can see some positive results. There are also some great people down there to chat around with :-)
Me in the beginning of a 3,4 mile long hill...
The day gave me 13,1 more great miles to my legs. I went out slowly but increased gradually and then pushed what I had in 3.67 miles with 642 feet elevation difference... It was hard but went incredibly well :-)
"Flexirun "at the the top of the hill!
Still smiling as usual! ;-)
The race on Saturday was absolutely lovely but quite tough so I took it much calmer on Sunday. Also took the opportunity to do a little longer walk with Elton to check out the surroundings a bit. I've heard swans so perhaps we'll might see them. Although it looks like winter is spring after all on the way.
"Down by the river"
Well, brought Elton out for a nice walk in Åre.
The beavers have had their party-time I guess!
These animals have great teeth..
Elton is pissed that he missed the party with the beavers! ;-)
Well, I think the great feelings from The Great Big Lake Run (138,88 miles in 43:57:04 h) now are coming back to me. Only 73, soon 72, days left now to the next big thing.
Hope that The Great Relay (205 miles), June 25-28, will be fun. Me and a friend named Staffan Westberg will run it together. Normally there's about 20-30 people running in a team but we are.. TWO! It's in four days so I think it will be ok.

Ok, I'm running about 30-35 miles per week right now but increasing a little every wee. Going to the gym is, for an example, one kind of increase.

Take care if You run on roads with crazy cars and please say Hello and Smile when you meat a person!

Easy, Light and Smoth! #ELS