Monday, 23 June 2014

2 days left...

... and Team Flexirunners wil take of to Trondheim for the event of this summer. The race between the two cities Trondheim and Östersund.

Going to be so fun! I don't feel the same thrill about this if compare to The Big Lake Run last summer. Much more people around here and therefor no loneliness. I won't run at night either! :-)

Well, today I pick up all the material to be included on St.Olavsloppet. Tent, sleeping bag, trangia (gas stove), workout clothes, running shoes, sunglasses, fluid replacement to be used before, during and after the run, regular clothes, etc.. Food we buy during the day and complements tomorrow.
Minimalist running! Well, don't think so... ;-)
Tent, gas-stove, food for four days etc.

It really feels good and I'm going to LOVE it! :-)

Yesterday me and one of my daughters went visiting David "Kingen" Jonsson's farm . So fun! We checked out all the animals like cattles, calves, pigs, sheeps, ducks, rabbits, turkeys and rainbow trout.

My daughter Julia and some cattle.
Beautiful pond full of rainbow trouts and the sauna.
David, who owns the farm, and Julia.
We did feed som rainbow trouts. Fun :-)
A cool canine that escaped.
Guess he wanted to run free.. Like Flexirun! :-D
More canines!
So sweet little animals.
 Well, time for bed. Tomorrow I'll go to Trondheim, Norway. Say one Hello! and give a Smile every day!

Easy, Light and Smooth!
Flexirun :-)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

4 days left...

... to the D-day! Well, perhaps I should say three days instead because the fourth day I will run.


Here's a great film of the relay as well! Pleas do check out! :-)

I'm talking about the relay between Trondheim in Norway to Östersund in Sweden. Normally the team includes about 20-30 runners running the 205 miles in four days.

It's a marvelous nature over the mountains from Norway to Sweden! The thing is I should have been running this all alone but instead I invited a very good friend of mine, Staffan Westberg, to run together with me.
My lodge up in the mountains.
One great place to do my uploads...
I have been a little bothered by a sore tendon for 3-4 months, but today it was finally good again. People have wondered if I'm worried about being injured so close to a long-running but I answered: "The start has not gone yet!"

By that I mean that the focus has not been on the injury, but how I would put up the workout instead.

I've been running a lot but not that much I normally do. Instead I did some X-trails, biking and workout at the gym instead. I also used a lot of Aloe Vera cream (Hot and Cold) and targeted stretching. Seemed to work! :-)

I have rested from all kind of exercise for four days now and this Thursday-evening I went for a great run. It was time for The Run, one could say. The run when I hope not to feel any pain at all...
I'm so pleased I didn't feel any pain!

Happy again and I believe my ELS-running helped me a lot with rehabilitation!
A normal day for Flexirun is when out running ;-)
Here in Sweden we celebrate Midsummer a lot. Well, I'm not teetotaler but I do not drink that much alcohol though. Instead, I'm probably an exercise addict! :-D
Non-alcoholic beer with a nice name!
Well, I'm full of confidence now and I really look forward to The Relay between June 25 to 28.
205 marvelous miles!

Take care and don't get stressed over some injuries. Focus on the right things instead and dare to rest!
Well, also don't forget to Smile and say Hello! Even if to Yourself ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

12 days left..

.. and it starts to feel a little like last summer when I ran around the Great Lake. A little exciting but also a bit scary! What I've really gotten myself into now..

I feel like a river.
I've got the power but also the smoothness when going forward.
After some runs I use to take of my shoes and run barefooted. Well, i'm not a fanatic! Just like that feeling to let my feet be free! Just like Elton up in the great woods without a leash I guess :-)

Most of my runs is on roads and paths but sometimes great XC right out in the middle of nowhere. It's on those runs I can see natures wild life which give me a kind of mental training.

Running fast isn't a major thing for me anymore. Social-runnings are more fun! Or alone with Elton up in the mountains. I do not run for money or for my living. Only because I love it, since 1969!

This is a great place running into!
Up in the mountains where I use to be a lot summertime.
Soft but hilly ;-)

A week ago me and a friend did about 12,3 miles X-trail. Fun and sometimes wet, muddy and hilly. Well, we ran almost all the way. Except when taking some nice pics.
Great hills. Rope was needed! :-)
Two runners who look tough standing on an old place of execution ...
We did a great run north of Östersund city. It was a hot and sunny day so we had to bring water with us. Well, I did drink from some streams as usual. But thanks for the water anyway Dag, my friend!

Just after a run last weekend. Sunny and very hot.
It was the calm before a great discharge with thunder!
Well, take care out there friends. Always be friendly and smile a little :-)

Try to go Easy, Light and Smooth!