Monday, 12 January 2015

At last came the snow and cold!

Well, there has been some snow and a bit chilly for a while, but not as it use to be. Sometimes I wonder if there are so-called climate change, which is why we have a little worse winters up here than usual..
2 dm of snow just over night :-)

One fine running up here in north!
I am now completely healthy! No pain and the cold has settled. I really hope for a nice winter, a fine spring and a great summer! I do hope I will feel good so my 48h run will go right in August.

Amazing how one can exercise the body to fix races like that! The body and soul are awesome! What other words can else be used?

Never forget that the will can move mountains! The choice is yours!
My new winter shoes.
Asics Fuji Setsu
"Setsu" means "snow" in japanese by the way ;-)

I have not been able to run as usual because of some infection in the body, and not able to go full speed. This does not bother me as much as it is about all the time listening to your body, do not worry and instead train at the right level and regularly. If you have a dog the problem normally is solved because he/she must come out lot of times everyday ;-)
My running-group at Saturdays.
Yes, it's mostly #ELS :-)
Even if sick one have a choice to say Hello! and smile to the one you meet out there! Being happy is not a crime and not yet coated with taxes. remember that!

Ok, then we are well and clenched and ensures that the path to the target will be a really fun ride. The goal is nothing the road is all!
A happy Flexirun when out there running!
Take care and care about others!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New year and new races... now on!

I really do love to run. I can not deny that! Well, it is not only the run, in itself, but also everything around it I guess. The nature, all those social meetings, new people and beautiful places you might see.
As you might imagine is running for me so much more than just the left, right, left..
From one of my runs.
See, the sunset is almost there.. 14:36!
Where I live, the sun is almost never up there in winter. Just a few hours then it goes down and everything gets dark.
As you may now understand it's the inverse relationship in the summer. When the sun almost never goes down! :-)
Well, I'm not a fan but their snowmobile trails are great to run in!
 I have a lot of woods to run in around here and I just.. LOVE IT! It is so peaceful. Almost like balm for the soul. Sometimes I see moose, deer, reindeer, foxes, eagles. And, if your lucky, lynx or bear.
Guess they have seen me more often than I have seen them ;-)
The great forrest. Well, some places have no trees though but it's nice views.
Below a clip from the gym where I use to do some exercises. I rather run outside but warmup is ok.
Never forget to do warmup before do running or exercise. Otherwise you might get hurt. Easy, Light and Smooth even here!
Also remember elite distance runners do warm up. I just read the kenyans do about 90% of the running in a very slow pace.. #ELS ;-)

Ok, friends! That's all from me and Sweden. Always say Hello! and smile! Try it, like it!

Easy, Light and Smooth!