Sunday, 29 January 2017

In The Great Wide Open.. Tom Petty sings in a song are real where I come from! Just check out my views when running.

Apologies for not having signed almost one month. It has gone up for the body but sometimes it has become a small dip, but, as I said, on the whole, it is an upward, positive trend which I am very happy and grateful.

When I train strength and my running workout I have started to cheer me with music by the group Two Steps From Hell. Ironically, a pretty good name for a group after what I went through last year. Not to mention the songs with names like: Victory, Never Back Down, Stronger Faster Braver and Ultra Ground
A favorite is the Flight of the Silverbird". Just click the link and enjoy!

Abuout "Two steps from hell"...
This is the tower called "Kastalen" from the latin word of "defense".
It´s  from about 1170 and I almost can see it from my house.
A great run in about -15°C with some refugees.
Running full of joy and lactic!

I run nowadays Wednesday-Sunday and rests Monday and Tuesday. Strength training 4 times per week and then only with my body-weight. It begins not only be marked on the body in the form of muscles, but also when running.

I do not have the same condition as before yet but the strength is there I think.
For the moment, I have a small soreness in the ankle of the left foot but it´s becoming better and better. After a mile I feel nothing, but I'm careful not to run too hard and "listening" to what the body conveys to me :-)
A beautiful Saturday morning when the sun is about to rise.
Love it!
Me and the nice horses I saw in my Saturday morning.
So great animals I think!
I also saw a dozen mighty bulls who always use to mooing when passing by.
Love You friends!
Another great view where I come from.
When passing by the place where the last decapitation in Brunflo was performed I never smile.
It was September 7, 1835 and his name was Per Engvall...

Sunday, January 29 and it felt really good in the body so I decided to run j an hour and a half on the snowmobile trails in the forest. So peaceful and quiet up there even if I met a guy on a snowmobile who stopped for a small chat. Thank´s for that friend :-)
From todays lovely trail-run and it felt pretty good. 
Almost always I see marks from all kind of animals when out running.
Today some tracks from moose :-)
On the part of the trail, there are quite old storage house. What if they could talk and tell what they have seen and experienced through the years..
A run is so much more than just a run!
The Great Wide Open!
Once again, never forget to smile! Dare to say Hello! to both strangers and those who are not. Try to "peek around a few corners" when you are out and it will be a great day for everyone!

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS

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