Monday, 30 September 2013

268 days left to the St. Olav´s race...

... and everything's alright. I work full time as a teacher at a secondary school, studying medical genetics in the evening and between that... I run.
On one of my runs up in the mountains :-)
 When running I normally have Elton, my dog, with me but when do my long-runs he is a little to old now. He's 9,5 years old now but still go strong I think. My body really is recovered for a while now but I haven't been running any extreme long-runs. Well, about 15K up to 28K (9,3-17,4mi) is ok but not Monday to Friday when I normally do about 3-7 miles. Usually I do my longer runs Saturday and Sunday mornings, when no job the day after.
My running-pal Elton
Couple of days ago my oldest daughter Ingrid called me on the phone to ask me if I wanted to run another marathon in Stockholm next year. She read that if one do 10 marathons one gets a gold medal.
Course I said -Yes! So fun to run with her again :-) Last time we did 4:27:08h and this time she wants to try out 4:00:00h. Well, time is nothing but the experience is everything!

I think it's more fun to help other with their goals. More than do really fast runs of my own... I have already reached my goals once and I'm satisfied with that. Still I will never stop running though! It's to fun... :-)
My daughter Ingrid a couple of  minutes after reaching the finish-line
I'm not only running in the mountains... :-)
 The mornings here gets colder and colder now. The winter will come this year too I think. Well, it doesn't matter as long as there is clothes in several layers and You'll stay warm.
Last winter and about -20°C (-4°F)...
When out running I always say Hello! and smile to the one I meet. It's really nice and you get a little warmer inside :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth my friends!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

274 days left and I got wings on my feet!

Well, once again sorry for not been writing for a while (15 days). I'm working as a teacher daytime and studying some medical genetics at evenings. But anywhere between I do... run! Alone or with my dog Elton which is a great friend.
Remember this little fellow?
Here he's about 12 and 40 years later he ran 137,88 mi in 43:57:04 h.
Until today I had two projects planted in my mind. First of all run the 208 mile relay between Trondheim (Norway) and then a 48 hour run down south in Sweden. More exactly in my old hometown: Skövde (Skoevde).

What drives a runner to run more after a 137 mile run all alone for about 44 hours. Why more? Well, don't ask me. It's something in my mind just want to do it. I have no problem mentally. I just run and enjoy every step... Think that's what #ELS is about! Enjoy and just float...
Today one of my daughters, Ingrid, called me on the phone. I had a class and couldn't answer right away. Called her up when there was a break and she was at the gym. 3,5 month ago we ran Stockholm Marathon together. Her very first marathon and I was so proud of her. I asked her what she wanted and then she told me there was a great medal after ten (!) times. Then she asked if I wanted to follow her again next year. I said: Course I will!

Then she asked if I rather would running fast, alone, this time. I said: No! It's more fun to run with You! And project number three is on! Beginning of June it will be Stockholm Marathon, June 25-28 I will run the 208 mile relay and at the end of August I will run the 48 hour ultra down in Skoevde (my hometown where I did start my "career" as a runner.

Today there was snow up in the mountain. That's ok but I think I'm longing for the next coming summer already. Depending on the nice projects that I have scheduled myself for :-)
A sweet cloud-berry up in the mountains.
Where I use to run when summer :-)
About a week after The Run.
Smiling even more then ever :-)
Left, right, left, right... On and on and on...

Me and my mental coach Anders Stävhag.
Well, still smiling! :-)

Alone but so happy!
Thank's all that people who did follow me live and through Internet.
Saturday two days ago some really good friends from my hometown came visiting me and wanted to go out in the mountains with me as there guide. Of course, I put up and showed them this part of Sweden. The days before it was rainy and also the day after! Crazy luck with the weather I must say :-)

Here, and perhaps all over the world, it's very popular to run up in the mountains. Guess it's not only about the hard physics that it takes. It's also about the mental part. It's very beautiful up there...
Great landscape! Nice runnings!
Well, when running in my yellow shirt and black tights people identify me from The Run and want to talk about it, say hello and smile to me. Sometimes even people in cars honking at me and waving.
So fun and perhaps also what I wanted all the time. Friendly people! The running really has helped me with that I think.

Never forget to say hello and smile when out running! It really can do miracles :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! #ELS

Sunday, 8 September 2013

290 days left and: "I'm Back!"...

... Terminator once said. Well, I'm no terminator just an ordinary runner. Well, ok! I did run around The Great Lake here. 137,88 miles in 44h, 57min, 4sec. Well, not a super-great time but the cause was to come around the lake... and I did it!

When running I didn't use my cellphone that much. Instead I got information from my family and friends by the way. It was unimaginably to understand how many people out there who was following me on the app Endomondo and in the local newspaper Östersunds Posten. Still can't believe how I could inspire that many...

Well, I just did my run and I want to thank You all who inspired me out there when running and I got a lot inspiration back from You all!

Me doing The Run of 137,88 miles...

Yesterday I did a run for 17 miles and felt just great before, under and after. Think my little overworked tendon in back of my right knee is healed to 100%. Still I must be careful and listen to the body before I do a little harder runnings but that's ok :-)

The St. Olavs relay goes from Trondheim to Ostersund.
In 4 days I will run about 208 miles with a friend!

As I wrote here 12 August 2013 I do have a new project "running" with a great friend. First I was going to do a 4-day relay of 208 miles called St.Olavs race all by myself but decided to do it with a friend. We will have a meeting where we decide how to implement the relay. It's a bit logistics that must be fixed with. Like car, food, where to do the shifts etc. Going to be SO FUN!

On todays 6,27 + 1 mile run I met some people and: All of them smiled and said a friendly Hello! When running yesterday to the city and back a friend in a car hooted at me :-) Fun!

Well, 290 days left to the 4-day relay and I can not wait... ;-)

As usual: Say Hello and Smile and everything will be much more fun!

Me on a mountain-run...

Easy, Light and Smooth!