Sunday, 27 November 2016

It goes up...

...and it goes down! But a couple of weeks ago it has been going quite well now and slowly my running has turned positive again.

Ok, It has been going better and better since I came home from the hospital end of January 2016. Small kidney-stones are nothing to play around with. All my friends around me, here in Sweden but also around the world, really has pepped me.
About 100 km done and 120 km to go.
Big Lake Run 2013.
Yes, physically I´m pretty alright now. When running I run very Easy, Light  and Smooth. It really goes well now but but there is one thing that saddens me a bit.
When I exert myself so changed my urine ... too dark (red). Already after 40 min type. Well, I´m not the kind of man who worries to much but still I do wonder why?! I´ll promise to check it out though!
Last week I speak to a doctor about the red urine. No problem! I was told. Just small and sharp stones on their way out. Nothing that hurts or gives me fever is a problem they say. So, just to keep on running then! :-)
On my own..
Well, have been a little sick for a week but much better now though. Took it easy this weekend and just did some walks with Elton and watched TV :-)

Skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing, social-running and WC in 100 km running was the offer this weekend and in many of these "happenings" it is time to decide if you achieved..
It has actually achieved something even if it is not the fastest and come first. What about the number of smiles and Hello! one can accumulate during a run. Does that count?

Would it be just to reach the finish when everything is not quite as it should in the body? All credit to all those who try and do their best using just their individual circumstances of the moment.
No, I do not belittle the fastest in any way. On the contrary! Often, they are just fantastic people and inspires me, and surely many others, very much.

It's just that the wheel of life has started to spin so fast that the time for reflection and admiration of the "small" will completely overshadowed. Too bad, I think...

Dig in, take and hold! Fight on the right way to fulfill your dreams. They are waiting for you! Just like mine!

Happy first Advent!
Never forget to smile and dare to say Hello! to strangers out there!

Always go Easy, Light and Smooth.

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