Sunday, 4 December 2016

Another week in history...

...You can say, I think. It's actually true!

A film about "Heroes"...
It shows some of my volunteer work I do every Wednesday with refugees :-)

Since I work as a teacher it has been a lot of work during the week because of correcting sample and adding scores. Well, it's almost Christmas holiday and I soon can take bit easy.
From one of my runnings.
Quite uphill but the view is great and I can see my village down there.
I've been a little under the weather in the body for a few weeks and could not run as planned but it does not matter. The body in general becomes more and more restored after kidney stones and blood infection that I got almost exactly a year ago.
I´m not fully restored but I think it goes in the right direction one day at a time. At tougher effort, like hill training, or easy, light and smooth running for an hour the urine may be red. However, doctors say that if there is no pain and I do not have a fever I can practice on.
Easy, Light and Smooth!
What I do know is that I can not run as much as the last 47 years... However, it is quite ok. I will never stop running, but it can happen that I have to cut down on the number of km/week. I may not be able to run for several days again but sometimes I still feel that light feeling when I run.
It does not mean that there is anything negative about it. No, it just means that I'm running in another dimension, one can say.
Down there You can see the light from Brunflo hockey arena where the legends
Vladimir Krutov and Igor Larionov has played a couple of times :-)
I can still spreading joy, inspire, and perhaps make others feel unique just because of my running. Can I have that, I'm happy!

Allways run Easy, Light and Smooth!

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