Sunday, 25 October 2015

Another Sunday in paradise...

Which means it's time for this week's update of the blog. It happens more things in a week than you might first think of.

Working as a teacher of mathematics, science and technology is just part of everything you need to keep track of. It can be anything from getting students iPads to work to keep the discussions.

The important issue is probably to just be there for the students! Being positive, inspireing and allow the students to feel that they can actually be much more than they might initially think.

To see the happiness and the smile all the students show up when they know something is absolutely priceless!
This weeks weather was quite alright even if I had a little cold
and it didn't go that easy when running. Still it was nice to be out there :-)

An old sign from 1857.
"1 mil" is 10 km or 6,2 mile.
When out running almost always there is something nice happens. This day I stopped to feed som horses with grass. intelligent animals! It also felt pretty good to run today. Much easier than the than the previous week :-)

This Saturday me, my wife and Elton went for a run in the terrain groove. A cute little puppy dog suddenly appeared and followed my wife in her turn while I jogged with Elton.

Elton and the dog really got along well and played with each other. I did som calls on my cellphone and just after about half an hour the owner appeared. Happy end! :-)
Elton is waiting for his mistress (my wife) and was really happy to see her with the little puppy.
Me with Elton and the cute puppy waiting for his master.
Well, I have been doing more things than working, running and taking care of little dogs. Normally my wife do the dinner but this Saturday I did some cabbage pudding for dinner. Really good if I do say so myself ;-)
The Cabbage Pudding
Today I took a nice walk in great autumn weather. Sunny and very fresh air! Elton always enjoy coming out. He is a runner but also 11 years old so nowadays I mostly walk on his condition. However, sometimes we jog a little.
Elton and me on todays Sunday-walk.
Hope it is not too boring but to smile and dare to say hello to those you meet is a humanistic behavior.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Another week in history and I feel good!

... No major projects underway and I can run as much as I want.

I have nothing to prove no more. When come to that I have probably entered the goal already. This does not mean that one day I will make some runs a few more times because I love to run.

Lägg till bildtext
I live on one of the places on Mother Earth that could be called Paradise. At least if I myself think. Still it's peaceful, quiet, clean air and water that is safe to drink directly out of the streams.

Every Wednesday I do run with refugees from places on earth where they do not have all those things mentioned above. Think I´m a really happy guy!
Peaceful Waters
From one of my evening runs.
Last Wednesday I should have been running with some refugees but ended up in a event contributing money for those coming to Sweden. Thera was a lot of music, people in fancy clothes and... us. The runners in tights :-D
Me and Esam, a friend from Syria :-)
Blues was played at the event for the refugees coming to us.
Well, there has been some running this week, as always. Elton and I went to a 6 hour-race. Unfortunately not running this time but at least me and Elton did walk one lap to spread a little joy to the heroes running.
Elton at the finish.
He really wanted to run this day but had to walk instead.
He´s name really is "I Want It All"!
As always, take it easy, smile and dare to say Hello!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Not having any project that is waiting...

...might get some people to have "anxiety" or, as they say, ants in the body.

For me it's probably the opposite. Not having a major project is clearly reassuring and so nice that I do not think it's true. Just running without any particular destination is perhaps the most amazing thing to do.

To really fine autumn days, get changed and put on your running shoes for a running workout in which direction or time do not matter is absolutely wonderful!

Believe now, by all means, not that I have stopped to think about other projects. No, it grinds on pretty well in my brain for something new fun I can find on. However, I will not talk about what I'm thinking because I do not like to exercise/run under more pressure than required.

Even when it comes to mentally recharge for a project to work my motto Easy, Light and Smooth (ELS) is very good.

Today it was a wonderful autumn.
Clear sky, fresh air and colourful. Just love it!
Down there is the Big Lake (137,88 miles around) 

Well, take it Easy, Light and Smooth and never forget to smile and say Hello!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hard times ALWAYS turn up in good times!

Well, another week to add to the history books!

I've had a pretty heavy month behind me now. It feels good that there is virtually over. Life is like this sometimes. Sometimes it will be easier and sometimes heavier. Nothing strange about that.

How hard it is, I have a remarkable ability to focus on the positive. Think of three negative things that you been through. Could you rank them? So it means that at least two of them are more positive than the most negative ;-)

Mme running in Hagaparken in Stockholm.
Well, it´s where the Princess and the Prins of Sweden lives.
Yes, I felt like a prince when running this day :-)
My daughters' boyfriends showed me a ruined castle.
It was here that the Crown Princess's castle actually should be built. But it was apparently never done.
Me, my wife, my daughters and their boyfriends on a lovely run in Stockholm :-)
In the evening there was a balloon passing by!
One morning I was out running in Stockholm.
Well, it seem that a woman is inside this old oak-tree. :-D
As always my friends out there: Try a little smile and a Hello! when out there running. It helps all!

Easy, Light and Smooth!