Friday, 30 November 2012

229 days left :-)

Hello friends!

Today the life is so fun to live! I really love to live it :-)
Only thing I can say is: Live every second of it! When it's hard just try to think of something nice and just smile. The sun will come up tomorrow again. What ever happens.

Today it was a little colder than yesterday I think. Minus 8°C (17,6 F) and a little snow in the air but neither Elton nor I was crying out loud cause we LOVE to run. We ran 4.35 miles (7,1 km) this evening and will do two long runs Saturday and Sunday. Weeks total will be my normal 31-33 miles (50-53 km).

After work today I went downtown to my running store to meet a friend and talk about The Run I will do this summer. He said he will help me to reach out with my "mission" to inspire other in their dreams.
My friend last summer who inspired my to do The Run together with all lovely friends on Twitter really inspired me. I now write in a blog everyday which help me to run. I now must run and it's so fun because of the blog :-)

How I wait for The Run...

Tank You all!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

230 days left...

... and today I run 3.56 miles. Short but it was snowy both in air and on the ground :-) As I said before I live about 15 km from Östersund, the city, and this week there are a WC in biathlon this week. When it's snow in the air the strong stadium lights really look like the Northern Light in the sky. Cool!

It still feels good in my body and legs... And in my head!

Well, I don't have much more to say this late hour. Work tomorrow then weekend :-)

Elton really love snow!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

231 days left...

... and I will rest today, even if it wasn't meant. Have some math tests to grade so no run today. Well, it's ok for me and Elton because we will run tomorrow instead :-)

I was helping one of my daughters with a move from an apartment. Some stuff that took my running time away. Well, family first! And before that we watched WC-biathlon on TV. It's in Östersund this week and that's only 15 km (9.32 miles) from where I live. Fun!

Part of the stadium

On the shooting wall

Carl-Johan Bergman from Sweden

It's very exciting to follow the competition on TV, or in reality, cause You got good information about time, hits etc. Nice sport! :-D

Well, today I did not run with Elton but I had some thoughts about my run next year. I will do some crazy things... That I have imagined! Look here!
  • First of all I will run Stockholm Marathon 1st June (did 6 already) with my oldest child, Ingrid, who decided to give it a try. I said: -Nice! I'll pay the entry fee. Link:
  • 27th June I will help the school team to run a 4 days relay from Östersund (my home city) to Trondheim (Norway) called St. Olafs race (Norwegian king 1000 years ago) which is about 330 km (205 miles). No, I will not run the whole relay on my own :-) It's about 80 km per day (50 miles/day) and normally there are about 20 runners sharing the route. Perhaps I must run 2-3 days or so (10-20 km = 6-12 miles). Very fun and a lot of people out cheering :-) Link:
  • 17th July I will start my 140 mile run around the lake Storsjön (Big lake) in about 1.5 days. No medal, no money perhaps some sponsorships with food, socks, shoes. I'm not sure about the sponsorship so I feel totally free from responsibility to any companies ;-)
  • Just 3 days, 20th July, after my Run I will do a half marathon called "Jämtland På Fötter" to finish and complete The Run around the lake in Östersund :-) Link:

It looks like I'm only thinking of myself with all this running... No, that's not really true because running is a part of my life and a ALWAYS let my family and friends come first. That is important to understand for people around me. I'm doing this for them as much as I do it for myself.

One more thing about not running today is the blog went so long... ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

232 days from now...

... I will go by car (!) 13,7 miles (22 km) to the place by the lake where I will start my 140 mile run. I don't have any bad feelings at all. Just positive ones.

I have some friends that will run for 24 hours at Bislett, Norway very soon. Think it's on Saturday... I wish them ALL luck :-)

I have mentioned it before and will mention it again. After almost a life of running I don't have so much to prove to myself anymore. I just want to run! I have different kind of things driven me to run now. Before I used to go for low times, win races etc. Now I have a whole different sight of running. It's much more fun to inspire others. That in fact, inspires me to run. A kind of "Cirel Of Life"...

Facebook, Twitter and this blog are things inspiring me to run. I still can't understand that there are so many runners who get involved in my running. Well, it is very fun though and a little of my new insight of running.

One of my trails up in the woods where I live.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 26 November 2012

233 days left to The Run...

... and I'm resting! Well, it´s when You´re resting the body is building it self up. Resting is a very important ingredient for runners. Try to relax and just take it easy friends.

For the second time this season the snow has come here and it´s good because it gets a little lighter in the mornings and in the evenings too. Well, some people ask me how I can run wintertime and it's no problem if you don't run to fast and have just enough clothes on. Down to -20°C (-4F) is normally no problem. The air is dry so it don´t feel that cold. If one is two runners you could keep watching each other so the coldness don´t go to far to your skin though.

Normal winter :-)

Former week I ran 33.18 miles (53.39 km) and I just followed my schedule. I will run about 33 miles per week a couple of months more and then go for 1-2 longer runs every second week I think.

It was very long since I was this excited over anything at all. Something is happening with me. Something really positive. In the beginning when I told my friends what I was going to do they just shake their heads and told me it was impossible. That trigged me even more to try.

I have been a runner since I was 8 years old and I have also been running barefooted almost all my life after every exercise I done when, so called, down jogged. Kind of nice foot massage I think :-)

Ok, friends out there. Keep running and NEVER quit. Better to sight against the stars and reach the top of the trees...

Elton this summer sitting by a grave from 400-500 AC.
Perhaps his guarding the bones...

Easy, light and smooth!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

234 days left :-)

Hi friends!

Today I should run a little longer but there was a XC-ski in WC today. The competition was up north in Sweden in a village called Gällivare. It was a very nice relay to follow on TV I must say :-)

After the XC-ski show me and my wife went for a long walk with Adam and Elton and it was about -2°C (28,4 F). It was a little slippery to walk so I decided to use my trail shoes with spikes.

Asics Gel Arctic

As I said before it was frozen today and very misty. With the light from the sun it was absolutely marvelous running today :-) I only did 7.14 mi in 57 min (4.57min/km). Well, not a VERY fast run but faster than I should run. The weeks total was at least over 30 miles (33.18 mi).

It feels just great in my body and especially in my head! Guess it's more important to feel good mentally than physically. I used my minimalist shoes (Nike Free Run 5.0) because I was going to run on gravel roads.
Nike Free Run 5.0

Easy, light and smooth!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

235 days left

Well, well, well!

Today I really was prepared for a little longer run. Felt inspired and happy about it so everything was just fine before lunch. I was also happy because the XC-skiiers WC has started for the season which I always follow (as a former skier... more then 30 years ago). Marcus Hellner, one of our great hope, end up on third place. Great done and also before the Norwegian great skier Petter Northug.
The day seems to be great!

Me and my wife went to the town to do some shopping. Both fun and... not fun. First it was fun cause I found new speakers to my old stereo. I can now play my old LP:s again :-)
Then we bought food to Adam and Elton (the dogs). We also bought some food to our selves.

It was a lot of people in town so I couldn't arrive into the running track in time... When it was time to run the day has passed from light to dark. I was a little frustrated about that but told to myself: It's OK! Think Flexi (be flexible). I did and went for a fast 5 mile (33 min). Felt much better after that :-)

Today's experience (Jimi Hendrix!) was: Don't plan to much, just do it!

Look carefully and You might see a squirrel in the middle ;-)

Like the squirrel: Easy, light and smooth!

Friday, 23 November 2012

236 days from now...

Hi there!

Now it´s only 236 days left to The Run. Feels like a very long time... For now! Today I shouldn't run. It's my day off on Fridays. BUT, It,s only me and the dogs home this evening and that means I can run anyway so Elton and I went for a run. 3,73 miles (about 6 km).

Today it was a clear sky, half moon and bright stars again. Well, frozen so no mud like yesterday. I REALLY feel GOOD in my body now. It's great! Wonder if endorphins are like drugs. At least that's what the docs say... Hm, better not to think that way.

Tomorrow I will go up early with the dogs eat breakfast and the run about 3 hours I guess. Time for a long run again. Maybe I'll bring some sandwiches and water. One CAN eat half the food out in the nature... I guess.

Will blog a little earlier tomorrow.

I'm not always running. Here I've been biking to Nordkapp, 71°N.

Easy, light and smooth!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

237 days left...

"Is there anybody out there?" That's a line from Pink Floyd's fabulous album The Wall. I was listening on that while running today with Elton. It helped a lot because it was all dark, rainy and a little windy. Not an optimal ran if You talk to a weather man/girl. But for me and Elton it was absolutely alright :-)

Oh, did a mention it was extremly muddy on the road too?. Well, it was. All this "bad" things when running make the time in the sauna and in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate very cozy indeed! I sometimes use to reply to wondering questioner who ask me WHY? Well, I say, it's so nice afterwards. This means it really must be something nice to see forward to after The Run 17th July 2013.

There are a combination of number I always will remember in the future: 20130717

One could say thats my number of thrill! Like the number "42" in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to  the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. The "Meaning of Life" should be "42" then. For me it's 20130717 which is a bit longer but probably also much more of "Meaning of Life".

Elton waiting for evenings run!

Easy, light and smooth!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

238 days left :-)

Yesterday I was reading in the news about the climate change and was thinking of what would happen if/when the heat raise up to 6 degrees of Celsius in only about 50 years! I took Elton for a run and it was -3 degrees, bright stars up in the sky. Very nice run but a lot of crazy thoughts about climate...

Today when I woke up it was +7 degrees!! Had the climate change already happened? Gave the dogs their breakfast and took them for a morning walk. Hot when it should be cold!

This evening me and Elton took an easy run down the XC-trail where we met some friends. Stayed and talked to them for a while about The Run :-)

Absolutely no negative feelings for the run. It only feels positive and I only look forward to it.

Adam and Elton
Easy, light and smooth!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

239 days left

Long day at work today. Working as a teacher in math and science every tuesday afternoon we have extra help to those who want/need it. It was dark when I come to work and it was dark when going home. Missed the bus... Well, I was focusing on me and Elton and our coming evening run.

After dinner I ran with Elton about 6 miles (9,6 km) and after that I walked Adam, the older dog.
It was absolutely amazing this evening with a half moon, Jupiter, bright stars, Elton and me... Ok, it's dark and cold but still it's a wonder. I use to take D-vitamine winter time because of no sun...

The run was very good and I already look forward to the next run tomorrow. No strange thought about what I'm about to do :-)

Easy, light and smooth!

Monday, 19 November 2012

240 days left :-)

Well. today I realized it's 240 days left to the "R-Day" (Running Day) :-)

I have been thinking of all results that's so very important these days and I can't really understand why any longer. I have done a lot of competitions thru my life so far and don't need to show to myself I can do this and I can do that. I think it's important to follow the spirit inside me. It's more important to set up goal and realize them with a lot of fun. It must be fun to run I use to say :-)

Every human has it's own way to find happiness. My happiness appears when running and that's perhaps why I want to run around the lake Storsjön (Biglake) at Östersund (Ostersund).

I like to run alone or together with my dogs and perhaps mostly with Elton. Just bring my running shoes up he get crazy and shine happiness wich gives me positive vibes.

For now I'm planning a lot of practical things that must work when running (water, energy bars, food etc) so I haven't been thinking very much of what I'm really are going to do...

Easy, light and smooth!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

XC-skiing sprint and running...

WOW! How fun it was to watch the sprint in Bruksvallarna, Sweden.
Teodore Peterson, the Sprint WC-vinner 2012, did beat Emil Jönsson (Sprint WC-winner twice)!! Nice show on TV before my run today.

Elton followed me on todays run. We went 15 km and then Adam, the other dog, ran with me 2 km after the run with Elton.
It was a nice run and also my third 50 km week in a row. I feel very good in my body and legs.

I've been questioned a little about my 222,5 km (nearly 138 miles) run 17th of July 2013. Why are You doing it? For what cause? etc etc.
Well, what do one answer to that? I don't really know... One thing could be after all different sports and adventures I've done so far in my life.

This summer I was drinking coffee with a friend of mine who is an adventurer. He made one try to reach Mt Everest!! And is about to do his second try in May 2013. Hope he will succeed this time :-)
Well, he asked me if I didn't have any adventure in my mind? I said I have one but haven't not really done anything about it. -"Why?" he asked. I was thinking for a while and at last said to him: -"If I will do another adventure it must have something to do about running." I said to my friend.

After the next cup of coffee at last I said to him: -"I will run around the lake!" and he put down the cup and told me I was totally crazy. Then I knew it was the right thing to do.

I will write all of my thoughts in this blog. Every day until it's time to do the run of my life. I also will inspire others and myself.

Easy, light and smooth!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

XC-skiiers on TV...

... is the first thing I will see before running today. They are going for 15 km. Exciting to see them compete. After skii it's gonna be a dog walk and then some running again.
The weather is about +3 degrees and no sun... Well, it doesn't matter so much. Still fun to run!
Take great care and allways catch a new inspiring day!

PS Just started this blog and I will update my profile and perhaps put some pics in too

Friday, 16 November 2012

Ahead 222.5 km

1969 I started to run and have never stopped. In the pict above I'm 12 years old and running a 15 km XC-race. For now I'm training for a 220 km race next summer around a lake called Storsjon (Biglake). Very exciting and inspiring. On this blog I will regularly update info about my progress.