Sunday, 31 March 2013

110 days left...

... and today we moved all our watches one hour forward because of: Daylight Saving Time or DST. Well, perhaps when living up north DST probably is  a good thing. We have 5 month of darkness here so one really need that one more hour of D-vitamin (sun).

But today I was thinking of a run in the morning and went up with my dogs as usual just to realize there is one hour "missing". Thought of a run 07:00 but then it was 08:00! so I missed one hour of my run... ;-)

Well one more day there was a great day here in Sweden with sun and a blue sky. I did an #ELS (Easy, Light and Smooth) run in the morning. First with Elton and then with Adam. Elton is 8.5 years old likes to run a lot so we did a 3 miler. Then home and changed to Adam (10.5 years) which is not so fond of running so we de 2.14 miles but together the runs was 5.14 miles.

Then there was some social family time with lunch and dinner which means no run until evening. I felt a little strange in my stomach but ran anyway 6.13 miles but had to do a stop... Well, days total at least was 11.27 miles. See if I can do more tomorrow instead. Will run with my oldest daughter then :-)

This is how to do when run ultras... I guess! :-)
Met som people, one runner, that I could say Hello and Smile to! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

111 days left...

... and today I'll write from morning and the whole day.

Morning 06:15

Well, dogs woke me up at 06:00 as usual. They got their breakfast and the a walk in another beautiful day. We have had about 3 weeks with nice weather now which is absolutely not that usual for the time. Strange is it's a bit more chilly in the air than usual. All over Sweden. Well, it will probably balance and get to normal when nature is ready.
Me and Elton 06:15 this morning
Noon 12:00

At noon me and my son, Magnus, followed a part of the family to the city just to XC-ski home. The weather was marvelous and no wind either. Just perfect for som XC-skiing I'll say. We did 9.09 miles in 1:40. Not very fast but we did stop some to drink blueberry soup and eat som sweets.

Mr Flexirun and his son :-)
It was perfect trails too!
Afternoon 16:47

Well, sometimes it doesn't go as you first thought. I was thinking of a run today too but the Easter-dinner took some longer time than expected and the whole family was home from different activities during the day. My decision then was: We will have a family gathering instead! :-)

Time for the family dinner of this years Easter. Have a nice weekend!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 29 March 2013

112 days left...

... and todays run was very #ELS (Easy, Light and Smooth) together with Elton, one of my dogs. I ran 13.38 miles yesterday so I decided, when such a great weather, just to take it easy with Elton. We ran 6.85 miles and I will run longer again tomorrow :-)

The day really was a unlucky day! Well, first of all I ran into a edge/corner of our piano (!'@%) it hurt! Then I decided to take a nice smoothie, which I love, and dropped it in the sink (!'@%) Crash, Bang, Boom! Next thing was a decision to eat an avocado. I split it into half, put some salt and black-pepper (yummy) on it..... and dropped one half on the floor. Yes, Elton loved it!

Only thing I can think of is that I just did my 13th Marathon!!

Then I went for my run... Nothing bad happend! :-D

Elton is checking todays view out!
Hey, what's that?
Part of the track today. Used my Icebug Enima (ultralight shoes).
Very nice run even if very slow today...

Met a few people out there. We said hello and smiled. Some also cheer me and Elton up about The Run! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

113 days left...

... and today my more than one week long vacation for the Easter begins. It's going to be really nice and needed I think. One of the positive things of being a teacher, the holidays ;-) No, just kidding! I truly love my job. It's really inspiring and cool to see people growing with their knowledge. Well, I finished a couple of things before going home so it was only me and two more colleagues left. Peace and quiet...

I was a little empty in my head so therefor I look forward to my run. Family was in town shopping so when coming home only son with friend and dogs home. I ate a little late lunch and walk the dogs, Adam & Elton. Adam is about 10,5 years and Elton 8,5. Getting older but they hav great heart and lungs from their runnings with me thru the years. Hope/guess their happy :-) Better friends than dogs is hard to find for running.

Soon... :-)

I changed clothes for my run and felt good so I started ahead the city I just left by bus. I ran totally 13,38 miles with a return in quite a slow pace but  ran faster up the hills, and down the hills. 1:50:35h was the total tim today and I felt not much in my legs. Could ran a lot faster! With som rest, eat, drink etc I think I might go down to times, not important, 1:25-30h ;-)

Well, new day tomorrow, new run, and new feelings!

I did meet some guys out there to Hello and Smile to! How about You?

Easy, Light and Smooth makes You... Fast!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

114 days left...

... and no run, which I first thought. Well, from tomorrow I will have one week vacation for the Easter so there will be plenty of time for running, social life with family and resting.

Incredible how fast the time feels to move! Only 114 days left. Seems a lot of days but it's less then 4 months!! Crazy but inspiring! I wrote a time ago about my longing to The Run and I really think it's good to have a goal like this to aspire to. Guess the very first step and the very last step will be the most memorable for me from the 140 mile run... I also guess I'm going to feel some emptiness when it's over. Like just pick up my things after a compete, put them into my back sack, unlock my bike and... just head for home...

But don't worry friends! I already have great plans and I will develop them while struggle with pain for miles and miles... That's really a crazy thing though! Thinking of next run while... run 140 miles!

Ok, I will not write to much today. Instead I will go to bed read a book and just prepare for all the runs I will do this coming week. It will be nice!

Take care and don't forget to smile how hard it is out there... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

115 days left...

... and today I ran with Elton again. Feels  really good in my body today so I think recovery works good for me.

Well, it always goes a little slower when running with my dogs. They do stops all the time but as I said before. It doesn't matter that much anyway. It's nice to be out and sometimes we see nice deers coming down from the woods to eat. There are some people feeding them... Today we first met 7 deers and then 2 more :-)

It's getting lighter every day when running now which is very nice I think. A little warmer too! Todays run offered some nice views too!

When coming out from the woods there was a nice full moon!

Looking west, to the city of Ostersund, there was a sun set...

Well, we met deers, dogs and som humans to hello and smile to!

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Monday, 25 March 2013

116 days left...

... and rest from running today. Well, after last weeks increase my weeks total was 47,82 miles and I feel just great :-)
I'm now going to do at least 45 miles for the rest of March to the end of May. Every week... Probably I will do a couple of real longruns some weekends too.

At those longer runs I will not only do exercises that improve my running but also my intake of energy. There will be no option for me that I can't eat and drink... Then I must quit running! Well, I'm not worried at all but must keep things like this in mind. I have to do choices all the time and they must be the right ones...

After May I will have summer vacation and then I can run almost as much as I want! :-D Then I will do some runnings that will be perhaps 8h, 10h and 12h long. If I can make those runs I think:

Perhaps then I really can do this 140 mile run - The Run!

I also must say that a lot of my inspiration is coming from all around me. My family, Adam & Elton, the nature, all my followers on Twitter and those who read my little blog or diary. Well, there are a lot of things make me go change clothes for my runnings at evenings, in snow, coldness etc. It's getting more and more light now which also gives me a lot of inspiration. Thank You!

Soon it's Happy Easter!

Today I said hello and smiled to some people... even when not running! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

117 days left...

... and today as the day after my 26,2 mile run with some very nice friends about 60 miles up north from where I live. It really was worth it! I was pushed a little by friends at Twitter to go. Thank's!

I was ashamed for writing at Twitter about my run as a Fun Run. But it really was a run without any stress. Ok, we did set the clocks but only because the run then sanctioned so we could count it as a marathon. We decided to do the run as social we could without any thoughts of competing. It was my 13th marathon and probably one of the most fun and relaxed one :-) We, did one nice thing though. A progressive running. We also did the second half faster than the first! Not often one do that...

Weeks total was 47,81 miles and I really feel good about that nice increase, which felt absolutely great! My body and legs really welcomed the increase. I almost was longing for it! Think I'm in a pretty good shape anyway, after som ups and downs in my thought about The Run. Todays run was 6+2 miles and the run felt... like normal :-)

Well, all the friends out there helps a lot. Thanks!

At my backyard with Adam, Elton and a cup of coffee..
and som birds coming with the spring!

As always I said hello and smiled to a couple of people when Elton and I was out running!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

118 days left...

... and today was a great day for running. Snow on the ground but not so cold and sunny :-) I went by car to a village named Strömsund to met runners from my club VLDK (Vattudalens Long Distance Club). It really was a Fun-Run I must say. Both to meet my friends and also to do the run.

When started we all run together for about 3 of the 6 laps each of 4,35 miles long. Me and a friend, Fredrik, did run just a little faster than the others so we ran the last 3 laps by our own. We also did a progressive run which means we run faster  the last half of the "race".

The feeling was very good and I didn't feel so much in my legs which is good. We ate and drank just perfect I must say. Not to much and not to little! Good training then som I'm very satisfied.

I also noticed the vibes from Twitter on my arm (iPhone) and was very glad to see it was from my new friends on Twitter. Thank's! You inspired me from a very long distance. Nice!

Here we are just before the start. Me 4th from right :-)

Medal no.13 :-)

Lot of hellos and smiles today! What a run, what a day!

Easy, Light and Smooth1!

Friday, 22 March 2013

119 days left...

...and I have been thinking about a trip to a small town about 63 miles up north where I have som very nice friends, runners, who are going to do a kind of a parkrun. Doesn't cost anything to run. But one is going to have fun, run and just be social. Thank's to @Raina_runs, a twitter-friend who pushed and talked me in to run with my friends tomorrow. First I was thinking of just a 4,35 mile run but now I decided to run all 6 laps instead. Yes, it will be.... a Marathon. :-)

Well, hope for some pics tomorrow to show you all. The weather and temperature is going to be nice they say so I'll hope for the best. I'm going to run 26,2 miles tomorrow and didn't do any big fueling or so. Just a normal dinner and som water. Well, I'll bring 1 litre of blueberry soup to bring with me when running. That's it so I guess I'm ok and ready... Feels ok though, and that's allright for me :-)

PS We are a couple of runners and we will stick together so I'll guess about 10 min/mile as a pace...

Black if not snow and yellow (Icebugs) if snow.
Both pairs are just wonderful (200-230g)

No one one but me and  Elton out this evening. Well, if we would meet some we say Hello and Smiled!

Easy, Light and Smooth

Thursday, 21 March 2013

120 days left...

... and all is fine! Just a lot of ice and snow so it's hard to run really Easy, Light and Smooth (#ELS). Well, when hard to run I tell myself it's going to be easier when spring and summer. The harder the better one could say :-)

Normally I run at least 31-37 mi/week and I feel comfortable with that. It's not a very big deal and when feeling like this it's time for a  little increase. Mon-Fri, working days, I do about 3-8 miles every run (3-4 runnings). Then at saturdays I've started to run two times with just a little break between for about 1-2h when eating and hydrating. Sundays can sometimes feel a little stiff but it disappears after a couple of miles when running. Well, running is a part of my life, as always... I almost doesn't know how it would be not to run. Probably horrible! Not just for me but for all the others I'll guess.

Blueberry soup is perfect for the run!

Well, don't forget to say Hello and give a little Smile to the ones you meet out there. It's not a cliche it's something all the religions try to spread over the world for a lot of years. How hard can it be?! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

121 days left...

... and today I went up in the mountains with my school, Östersunds Gymnasieskola, just to have a really nice day with socializing and downhill skiing. The weather was fine and everyone was excited about the day.

No run today but the downhill was giving my legs som exercise anyway :-)

 My shadow in the ski lift up to the top...

 ... and a nice view when looking back!

 Another great view from the top. About 14F and sun!

 Even a skiing runner must eat and drink. Here we are for lunch.

It's so beautiful in the nature!

Well, me preparing to throw myself out in a FREE RIDE!

There was a lot of people today to say hello and smile to! :-)

Easy, Light and  Smooth!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

122 days left...

... and this evenings run was a little faster than usual. Especially the first mile when feeling great in my legs (1st mile in 6:39 min!) Well, I can run faster but why!? Just run fast when I've got the right feeling and feel for it. I'm already satisfied with the times I once have done. Got other goals now! Long runs! Well, the evenings run was 6,37 miles in 53:05 min. When hills I choose to run fast and go for it a little just to take it easy wen resting. Fun run!

Well, tomorrow there will be no running. Instead I will go with my school up into the mountains to go downhill! :-) Fun!! Got to be careful so I won't get hurt... Well, one must live here and now I think! I'm going to take some pics for you to look at tomorrow. Promise!

Today I met three humans to hello and smile to. One runner! :-)

After a Christmas run with one of my daughters.

Easy, Light and Smooth my friends and you'll be Fast!

Monday, 18 March 2013

123 days left...

... and after a hard day's work me and Elton prepared for a little run. We should run a trail which is not so full of hills and quite easy, light and smooth (#ELS). Well, after the warming instead we start to run fast for 30-60 sec and then slow for 30-60 sec. We ran 3.57 miles in 35:33 min and it's not so fast perhaps but I feel in my body there's a lot of power in there that want out. I will let the power wait until spring or perhaps summer.

I have just increased my running a little. Saturdays I will do two runs instead of one. The first run will be at least 3h long. Then lunch, drink and perhaps a little walk with my dogs before I'll go out there again to do my second run for about 1-2h. Very inspiring and no negative vibes at all :-)

Once again I must say it's very inspiring and fun to write this blog/diary including my training, runnings and feelings about The Run. Thank you all who inspires me and I really hope to inspire you back.

Today I will show some pics from our lodge about 90 miles from where I live. Summertime that's the place  me, my wife and dogs usually stay when schools out. There are perfect trails to run and very hilly if you want. The views are great and below you can se a mountain named Sonfjället (4193 feet above sea level).

 A view from a trail up in the mountains where our lodge is.

After a run, or XC-ski, it's nice with a hot sauna!
Yes, I've build it myself :-)

Today there was none out to say hello and smile to. Instead we smiled to a beautiful starry evening!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

124 days left...

... and I was about to run but decided to go XC-Ski with my son instead. The weather was perfect, both in the tracks and in the air. It also was very sunny. Think the spring is coming anyway... :-)

Well, I did 22,74 miles in two runs yesterday. It felt ok and was a nice run. Also did write a little about how I'm thinking about my increase of the training.

I met a lot of people today when walking with my dogs. Nice to say Hello and Smile to people without running :-)

This picture is how the weather has been for a couple of days now!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

125 days left..

... and today I woke up 06:00, well the dogs wake me up as usual, and I was full of inspire and exaltation cause this day I was increasing my running a little. After dogs received food and I "morning-walked" them I made som blueberry-soup for my run later. About 07:30 I was ready to run and did a warmup running for about 7 miles. Passed by my home and went in for my soup to bring with me and went out for more running. After 13.57 miles I was back home to my wife and dogs again. Felt really good in both legs and head! Nice feeling!!

I ate and drank some, changed clothing just to walk the dogs with my wife for 3 miles in a fantastic weather. Sunny, blue sky and not so cold either :-) When coming home we ate a smoothie made of vanilla yoghurt, blueberry and raspberries. Very good! Some solid food and then me and Elton went out for run number two! This second run was 9.17 miles. Well, this is a good training to start with and totally I did a run for 22.74 miles. I felt nothing at all in my legs after my runs so I think it's ok then... Two or three runnings per day and rest between. What one then will do is to minimize the rest slowly. Everything to learn my body how I want it to work and also how to be able to run 140 miles...

The training, as you might understand now, is not only to run to fix The Run. I also must let the body follow me on the trip. Not only my brain and will! The body is slower than the brain so I have to do smart exercises.

Not my house but it was a great sunset 17:50

Well, I guess there is as many running program as there is runners. Try to find how your personal training should be. Use all the experience you got from friends, runners and Internet for example. Try things out and see what happens. One thing is for sure though (I think)! The body and your brain must synchronize each other to optimize the running. I use to say to friends when the ask me how they should do when running.

My most important advice is: Run regularly, run easy, run light and run smooth!

You will get the feeling when to increase, or decrease, your training. You will learn how to listen to your body... You can't fool it. If sick just lay down and relax. Maybe one of the most important advice if not wanna be injured.

There was a lot of people out to say Hello and Smile to today. Even dogs and a couple of deers too!
Yes, they all smiled back. Dogs with their tails but the deers... I don't know :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth have a side-effect... SPEED!

Friday, 15 March 2013

126 days left...

... and today there was a wonderful day. Sunny and not so cold, but work ;-) Well, after work I went shopping some food home and then I had an ambition to run with Elton but a lot of family-stuff appeared. Wife went to an AW with colleges and so did my son.

Then me and dogs was left home. I did some dinner and just lay down in a sofa to enjoy a french comedian named Jacques Tati. A very nice and funny comedian! The films are in black and white which is quite cool I must say.

The french comedian Jaques Tati

Met a runner-friend today and we talked about "old-time-runnings" a little and then he asked me if I still was running. I told him I did and also that I've found a new inspiration in my life of running. When told him about my 140 mile run, The Run, in about two days he just said nothing. He looked at me and told me I was absolutely a lunatic but also that he thought my style when running, on the front part of my feet, perhaps is a good thing for me when run a distance like this. He's one friend that know about my running and use to say: You're not running, You're floating!

Well, he really did inspire me with that talk about floating. That's what it's all about friends! Run like you're floating... Or as I've been writing now for 117 days now: Easy, Light and Smooth!
And I guess it's not a very bad side effect that you also got Speed when follow the #ELS-running :-)

I've been loading with some food today for my Run tomorrow! Feed my dogs at 06:00, then breakfast for me. Perhaps I might start my run before 07:00 and be back by lunch at 11:00. Change a little clothing, eat and drink just to run again for an our or so. When run in an easy, light and smooth mode the body and brain doesn't seems to get as tired as when run just a little faster. The trick for me is to find exactly that pace and be very patience and not stressed about the lower speed. Just one step in a moment.... forward...

It's these friends who are going to do The Run...

Well, I said hello to a person even if I wasn't running myself today. We smiled! How about You :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

127 days left...

... and today it's 2013-03-14. As a math teacher I honors this day very much because of Pi (3.14). Pi is the relationship, or ratio, between a circle's circumference and diameter.

Pi pie!

Well, after a long days work I chosen  to bring Elton out for a run. While running I start to think about the very day and the fact it was the Pi-day. Therefore I ran 3.14 miles today! It was fun to run and I guess I got more inspired. It also was a little chilly this evening -6,8F so I didn't want to run to long with Elton. 3,14 miles was enough :-)

Tomorrow it's friday again and I will do perhaps about a 7-10 miles depending on how cold it is. Really longing for some spring now...

Take care out there and don't forget to hello the ones you meet and give them a smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth.... gives the Speed when needed!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

128 days left..

... and after two days of rest Elton and I ran again. I have had a lot of work for a few days but now it's alright. Going to run and do some mor qualified blogs again :-)
Today me and Elton ran 4,43 miles in 50 min 23 sec. Not fast but it started to snow a lot so I was okey with a short run today after dinner. Yes, I can run after just finished a dinner. Training to when going to do ultra-runs. Run, drink, eat, run, drink, eat...

Well, se you all tomorrow! Bedtime again!

Today I only had Elton to say hello and smile to out there... ;-)

Nice today but it started to snow after work...

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

129 days left...

... and no time for running today. Little cold and a little physics test to correct :-) Well, feel alright in my body but just a little cold. Not a big deal but better to rest and run tomorrow instead.

Work for about 2,5 weeks and then it's holiday again. Will be at home and then it's time to increase the running a little. Will probably run for about 4-5 hours and then take lunch, change some clothing and go out there again to run for another 1-2 hours. Interesting and I'm very excited to se how I feel after such a run :-)

Well, time for bed!

Longing for summer... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 11 March 2013

130 days left...

... and there was a rest from running today. To much work that must be finished until tomorrow. As said before I will write a little less when have work to do. But don't worry! As Terminator once said: I'll be back!
Resting today!

Hope you said hello and smiled to someone today! It's worth it!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

131 days left...

... and todays run was just adorable! When going up this the morning with my dogs, Adam and Elton, it was about -11,2°F and I decided to wait with my run until after lunch. When helped my mother to her train back home, down south of Sweden, I went home to watch a little XC-ski at TV (from Lahti, Finland). Petter Northug (Norway) won this this race and he probably is worlds greatest XC-skier today. Well, great done and congrats to him!

Adam and Elton

The temperature went up from -11,2°F to 15,8F which isn't unusual at all. At night the temperature goes down if the sky is clear and then, when sun comes up, the temperature increases a lot. Well, I went out for a 8,27 mile run and I chose a little more hilly track this time. I brought some warm blueberry soup and tried to run as easy, light and smooth (#ELS) as possible. I had a little stiffness in my left calf but it disappeared after a couple of miles. It was a very nice run today and I felt so inspired before, under and after :-)

A view from my house. The tower (the Castella) is from about 1170 AD.

Weeks total, even when having my mother visiting us, was 32,5 miles running and 6,65 miles XC-ski.

Take care and say hello and smile like I do when meeting people out on my runs!

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

132 days left...

... and today it's a little cold again. -18,4°F but no problem at all to run as long as you put on several layers of clothing. It's also good to wear something to keep the cold air out from your bronchus and lung. I normally use two banderas.

No problem if cold. Just put more layers on!
Did a nice walk with my wife, mom and the dogs for about 3 miles. Then I detected there was XC-ski sprint on TV. Must se Emil Jönsson, the worlds greatest XC-skier in sprint. If he wins in Lahti (Finland) today he wins the World Cup toatal :-) YES! HE DID IT! HE WON!! Please RT him! :-)

Today it was an absolutely gorgeous day to run in! About 14°F and a great sun! I did a little longer run today and felt alright. I met som people out there and said hello and smiled as usual. Nice when one can se a re-smile... Todays run!

Social life with family, mom and dogs! Important when running, as I said before, it's that one feels good inside that do the gain when out there running...

Take care everyone and be sure to balancing the physical with the mental for optimal results!

Don't forget to say hello and smile! Perhaps it's your future life partner you'll meet ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! (#ELS)

Friday, 8 March 2013

133 days left...

... and today was a nice day. Running in the morning, walk the dogs and just sit in the sun drinking coffee. Now it's evening and we're just take it Easy, Light and Smooth.

Today I went up wit my dogs, as I always do 06:00, and gave then breakfast. Walked them a mile or so and then changed to running clothes. I ate oat meal and a couple of sandwiches and finished it up with a small cup of coffee. When my mom was awake I went for a run all alone this time. Elton stayed at home this time cause I was going to run a little faster than usual. Well, fast, it wasn't that fast but faster than the about 9:40 min/mile I'm trying to perform in The Run. Sometimes it's good to run just a little faster so it's going to be easier later, to hold the pace that's your goal.

Soon I will increase my runnings with a little longer runs. Perhaps 4-4:30 hours and then reload with food and energy just to start run again for about 1-2 hours. Everything to imitate how to run The Run of  140 miles. Load with energy as food and drinks, run, load, run and load again... My body must not only be used to the running but also the food and drinks. It's not just to run. Guess that's the easy part ;-)

On todays run the sun was shining and I have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. When snow the sunrays will reflect in the snow. Like in water! If being without the glasses you might get snowblind... Not fun! I ran in a average speed of 8:26 min/mile. A little to fast but it felt good! If anyone wonder what I did at 4.30 mile I met som people who wanted to chat a little :-) And at 6.45 miles I did take a picture of the perfect day! I also tested my new shoes today and they was great!!

It was the black ones I ran in today. Very nice shoes and ultra light.

The run today was on roads like this :-)

Today there was some Hellos and Smiles to a couple of humans... and one dog!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

134 days left...

... and it was a perfect weather for som XC-skiing with my mom and son. As said before I'm not running to much this week depending on my moms visit, which is most important.

To feel good when running the mental part is quite important. If not the mental and physics is in balance you might feel a little stressed while running. I'm a runner who want my runnings to be a nice and a total experience (yes, I'm a little crazy..). Otherwise the exercise might break down instead of build up. At least this is one thing about my running I believe in! It must feel right and also be fun!

If the feeling is there then one can set up goals. Small or great ones! Small and great is very personal when it comes to the meaning. A small goal for one person can be a huge one for another!

I haven't been writing so much about The Run, my 140 mile run around the lake Storsjön, 18-20th of July. Well, there is course a lot of things going around in my mind.
Some days there are thoughts coming up like: Claes! What have you done? Are you really sure about this? And sometimes: How cool! What a great journey it will be!
When those thoughts are coming I always say to my self: It's going to be GREAT! Don't care about what others say or think of you! It's your run, not their's!

About my running, or how I implements each exercise, is interesting in many ways. First of all it's not about a very fast race. It's more of endurance and to have a body that's able to absorb energy not only in liquid but also solid food. My body will need about 2800 kcal ever 4th hour. Perhaps more! It's also important to have in mind The Run will take about 24-36 hours...

One more thing I've got in mind that's positive for me: I've got no big sponsors which means I've got no "Quid Pro Quo! (no service in return). This is one of my first thoughts when decided to do my run. I just don't want to let some returns to companies spoil the fun of the run!

Today we met a lot of people when XC-skiing to say hello and smile to. Some nice chats to! :-)

My son "skating" in i perfect XC-ski day.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

136 and 135 days left...

136 days left...
... and Elton and I ran 6,12 miles in 1:01:01and felt good. Following my daughter to Uppsala to install her in an apartment (room). Well, she's studying at Uppsala University (since 1477!) which means America wasn't even found by Christopher Columbus ;-)

It was a nice trip down to Uppsala to help my daughter Julia out even if one got stiff sitting 5-6 hours in a car... Everything was going ok though. We rented a trailer for moving her bed she bought from a guy in Uppsala. Went home to her new place and unloaded the car. 00:10 we went to bed. Satisfied but tired! What a day!

135 days left...
... I slept on the floor, on a sleeping mat/pad. Ok for me who's quite use to it so I slept very deep and good. Wake up at 08:00 today and felt great! Went for a gas station to put some gas into my car and also into myself... breakfast I mean ;-)

It was a perfect weather in Uppsala with nice weather and not so much traffic. As far as I got the worse became the weather... The sun remained but the the wind was increasing!. Had to go a little slower but no problems. The views was nice though. Soon home again... Well, tomorrow I will fix with Elton's claws which is a little to long (pedicure and manicure..) :-D

Nice weather and nature when coming a bit north... from the city of Uppsala :-)

 When coming about 2/3 of the trip it was a little windy.
No big problems though!

When home, in safe, the sauna was waiting for me after dinner... Nice!

Like when running the same goes when in the traffic. Take it easy and be helpful!

Easy, Light and Smooth! (Also works in traffic)

Monday, 4 March 2013

137 days left..

... and I did about 3 miles with my dogs. Have been resting for 3 days because of my mothers visit this week and todays birthday party of my wife :-). Yes, I ate a lot of cake and a glass of wine too. Tomorrow I will go by car to Uppsala (305 mi) with one of my daughters and my son. Perhaps I should run from Uppsala and home just because of all cake ;-) It's going to be a long days trip down south, sleep one night and then go all the way back home again. Well, have to drive careful! It's snowy and a little slippery :-(

Going for a run tomorrow morning with Elton I think. Not long but perhaps 3-4 miles. Better run little than nothing! And if you think it's bad not running for some days. Don't worry about it! If I'm not running for 2-5 days the body just recover so it will be quite easy to run when start again.
It came more snow (about 4-5") so instead of "plank-a-day" I "shoveled-an-hour" :-D

Long day with running and car driving tomorrow so... Guess I'll say Good Night from Sweden folks!

If you are going through hell, keep going! /Sir Winston Churchill

Today I said hello and smiled to a lady who patted a little on Elton. She smiled back :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

138 days left...

... and one more rest. Well, at least I watched TV almost 3/4th of the day. First Sunday in March is the longest long-distance race, 90 km, on skis held called Vasaloppet (history etc). Normally a swede wins but today it was a norwegian skier named Jørgen Aukland on the time 3:50:49 !!

12054 reached the finish line at Mora!

Well, after the race Vasaloppet started the WC XC-Ski 50K. 50 km cross country skiing is perhaps the most prestigious you can win! And the swede Johan Olsson won! So happy for him because he probably will finish his career soon.

Congratulations to Johan Olsson!!

Johan Olsson WC XC-Ski 50K, Val de Fiemme 2013

Today we surprised my wife with a birthday dinner in a nice restaurant. Nice food and a beer. Nice!
Tomorrow it will be running and some XC-Skiing with my mom and son! ;-)

Today I didn't say hello to an old woman when walking my dogs and we smiled to each other :-)

Easy, Light & Smooth! (ELS)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

139 days left...

... and today when going up with my dogs the weather was quite ok but on TV and radio they said one shouldn't go out with cars on the roads. Well, my mom was here on a visit and we already have planned for a trip to Åre, the No.1 ski-resort in Sweden (alpine). At about 10 in the morning we drove to Åre for some shopping. Weather was ok but one could feel there was something going on though.

Bad weather on our way to Åre, the ski-resort No.1 in Sweden
and the lower part of the mountain.

When coming half way to Åre we stopped in a village named Järpen to do some shopping in a outlet shop. I found 2 pair of running shoes for half the prize :-) and the others some nice clothing.

The left shoes are for my road runs and the right one's ore for track running :-)

We continued to Åre for some more shoppings and now the weather have become a little worse with a lot of snowing and a bit windy. It was fun walking around watch things and people. Well, we finished the shopping to eat some lunch and then take the car home again. Wether now was quite bad and more than about 40 mph was risky to drive in. The traffic was calm though. People did take it easy, light and smooth in the traffic which was good.

After the shopping we had some vegetarian-healthy-kind-of-lunch! :-)

After dinner I had to shovel a lot of snow at the front side of our house for an hour. One have to be carful about the back!
When gong to bed it had been snowing about 15"!
Guess there will be some work out there tomorrow... :-)

Well, I met a lot of people today but no one to say hello and smile to. More than my family :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!