Monday, 31 December 2012

199 days left...

We did about 41,58 miles last week and perhaps needed some rest... Well, everything was fixed by 13:00 today for the New Year celebration (at home in peace and quiet). I played around with Elton and all he did was go fetching the harness... Looking at me with his bright eyes like telling me: -Come on Master! Know You wanna run! Come on... I couldn't resist him, as usual, so we went out for a 3,86 mile run. When coming home I ran a shorter run with Adam, the older dog. About 1,2 mile.

Today it's New Year and we celebrate it at home. Nothing big at all. Nice food some wine... Just taking it Easy,  Light and Smooth one could say :-)

All runners, friends, animals out there in the world:


Happy New Year!

Elton and me hope You all will have a great New Year!

If You havn't smiled during 2012 please smile this last evening and then the rest of 2013! :-)

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

200 days left now!

WOW! Celebration-time! Human is strange because we like to celebrate things like 10, 20, 30... 100 years old etc. So then, together with you dear runners (and others), I will celebrate this very day: 200 days left! Ok, that's it! Back to normal and todays bonus run. Really I wasn't supposed to run today. It was a rest day. One of those very important days in a runners life... Remember that!

Well, there was XC-ski again on TV today but I was up early with my dogs as usual. Eating breakfast and thinking of my day of from running... in about 1 hour. Then I told my wife: -Love! I feel great in my legs today so I think it's a bonus run around the corner! And I was off!

Recently I use my iPhone instead of my iPod when running. I use an app called Endomondo and I normally listen to the Gregorians when running. The music is quite suggestive with very nice songs (prays in latin). One favorite is this one (YouTube): Look at pictures below and listen to the music. Feel the thrill!

Today, after about 5 miles I stopped to speak with some friends. We talked a bit of my running and it was very nice. Inspiring! I really don't feel bad about stop and speak when I'm out running. Think that's one of those inspiring moments of mu runnings. Sometimes it's humans from different parts of my country (Sweden) and sometimes it's humans from other countries like the syrians I use to meet now and then. It also happens me an Elton see other animals like moose, deer, hare or foxes etc

 Sun is shining again and the temperature around 32-33F.
Icy roads today... therefore these shoes where chosen!
They have spikes which can be replaced by new ones if needed.

 Two miles left and stormy weather is coming in with first rain then snow!

Today it was a great day! Absolutely no problem to smile... :-)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

201 days left now...

... and today I really had time to think of what I'm supposed to do (The Run - 140 miles). While running today I had some funny thoughts about my running and why I do run. As usual I went up at 06:00 when the dogs wake me up. Ate my breakfast and checked out that todays Tour de Ski on TV begins 13:05. Well, I thought, lots of time left so perhaps Elton and I might run before TV.

My daughter Julia woke up to go to work and I saw the opportunity to follow her in the car to the city (about 8 miles). I changed and we took of to town. When getting off the car it was a very strong wind against me, started to snow and there was also 3-4 inches of snow that I have to run in. The conditions were really no good for running I thought.

After a mile or so I was warm but I really ave to struggle both physically and mentally. While running I did a great remark! Running in snow like this is quite similar to barefoot running summertime :-) The similarity lays in the way you run. Running in lot of snow in a ordinary stride and you will almost not come forward depending on the snowy/icy friction. You slipper! Instead you must take shorter steps and more of up and down with your legs. Like when running barefoot you have to run in a special way if you will not get hurt. It was an interesting thought and  "swish" I've ran a couple of miles :-)

When running today I also where thinking of why I'm running at all and especially as far as 140 miles! Well, to answer a question of why I'm running is something I have been trying to answer all my life. Ever since 1969 I think! Well, sometimes I think like this: -It is impossible to explain to someone who does not understand! Well, I could say it's nice, fun, I might live longer... etc and perhaps that's ok but still that's exactly what people suspect me to answer. When I instead say: -It's impossible to... people instead get interested and the questions are more thoughtful :-)

Well, after the horrible, but good, run I came home to see Tour de Ski. A very extreme XC-ski competition (Check out here:,19.html). A swede came in 2nd place today :-)

A picture directly from my TV of Tour de Ski 2013

Me a week ago when out on my 19,88 mile run :-)

Don't forget to smile even if it's hard out there! Goes less muscles to smile than to cry... That also means less energy!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 28 December 2012

202 days left and...

...I still feel confident with myself and my running. Sometimes I do feel a little: -What have I done! Why? Why I'm I writing this blog? Well, I've just waited for those thoughts. If such thoughts doesn't show up it means you're a psychopathic! I'm not a lunatic like that. I'm just a human that likes to run. Ok, I can agree it's a bit crazy to run 140 miles in about 36-48 hours, or something, but what drives a man/female to do crazy things no one believes in but you? Well, all of human inventions I would say... There's always gonna be people doing things no one would believe in and perhaps I'm one of those. I don't know nor don't care!

Today I really felt awful and didn't want to run but Elton got me out there. Thank's Elton! We did our miles between 7-12 min depending a little on Elton... ;-) and believe me. It just went better and better. We didn't run that far but 4,79 miles will do. Give you some pics from todays walk (then run) with my dogs.

 Just a nice view...
 The Homestead of my village. An old Captain housing.
 Old lodge made of log. Think of living like...
After my and Elton's run. Cozy fire and a cup of coffee...

Well, I did smile a lot to day. Did you?

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

203 days left to The Run...

I feel a little stiffness in my legs today. Nothing that bothers me much because that's how the body works. Sometimes when you feel tired and heavy just rest or do something else. Perhaps just a recovery run in a very slow and motivated speed. Often when running a bit, a mile or so, it always feel much better. Both in your body and in your brain. Now it'a a very cozy feeling :-)

Below you can see pics of how fast the weather might chance here. We went for a long walk with our dogs Adam (10 yrs) and Elton (8yrs). The weather was perfect and it was very nice. When we came home we did some coffee and sandwiches. I was looking out the window and the weather has changed. If you're up in the mountains it really could be dangerous so it is very important to listen to the radio and  also rely on your experience. The more you're out there the more experience you got... Always be humble towards nature and it's a paradise.

When out with the dogs the weather was like this...

...about 30 min later it was cloudy and snowing!

Well, today I went to the city to cut Elton´s claws (to long) and then we went to buy lobster for New Year. When coming home me and Elton changed and went out for a 5,87 miles. Felt awful before run and awesome afterward :-) Today my thoughts goes to all those people who can't run like me and don't feel as good as me... Hope I might inspire them!

Today I was a little tired but there are 3 more hours to smile in!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

204 days left...

...and I struggle on almost every day. Today I was running with my daughter Ingrid again. It was a little tougher than it used to be. Yesterday I ran two times. One 4,89 mi plus one 6,21 i. For me it was ok to run "only" 4,24 mi today. Guess there will be a longer run tomorrow.

Just because of the little harder run today and that we where tired I throw myself in the snow, like our dogs do, when coming home. As I use to say: "Smile! Don't ever forget to smile!" I got Ingrid to laugh a bit.
 Me after todays run

                                     2012-09-30                          2012-12-26 (same spot 3 month later)

Well, a short blog this time but hope I make some smiles out there!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

205 days left...

... and today I did two runs. First me and Elton ran 5,5 miles and it was absolutely awesome out there. We came home and I was a little social with my family eating some lunch consisting of sandwiches and blueberry soup (!). This soup is very good and the berries are powerful antioxidants which helps cells to regenerate! Nice :-)

After the lunch I ran again and this time I did 6,5 miles more. I have no problem to eat and then run. No pain in my stomach or anything :-) Guess it has a little to do with the slower speed I nowadays run in. Well, the total run today was 12 miles and that's ok.

Oh, forgot to tell you about my new app I was using when running today. Endomondo is the name of it. I was listening to The Gregorians and it was good music for running I think. One mile of the run was in a track from a snowmobile. It was like running i 10 inches of sugar... Imagine that! Yeah, it was hard and went very slow... I refused to walk and the inspiration was The Run. It will be good for my summer running :-)

Tomorrow will run with my oldest daughter, Ingrid, again and I already look forward to it. Fun and inspiring! Ok, folks! Be carful out there and don't forget: Inspire others to inspire yourself!

I yearn to run without snow...

Have You smiled to anyone today... 


Monday, 24 December 2012

206 days left...

..and we have Christmas Eve here in Sweden. Well, we celebrate the 24th Dec, not the 25th. Funny and interesting with different cultures I think! There's always something new to learn and use when moving on in Life. In Sweden we normally eat a little more food than usual, bring in a X-mas tree, give a way presents, eat sweets, play traditional games etc. Probably almost the same as any country I guess.

Today I will not run without celebrating Christmas with my family and my dogs. Todays walk with Adam and Elton this morning resulted in these pics. Don't forget to make someone happy today! Here You go!

 Here's our X-mas tree

 Nice view half a mile from home

 Icy Castela. The tover from 1172 A.C.

Please promise to smile this very day!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

207 days left...

... and this week was a "low week" for an long distance runner. Perhaps I can blame it's the X-mas week. No, I don't blame anyone or anything at all. No one but me myself! I have been a little busy and there was some traditional things to manage for me and my family. Weeks total was24,25 miles and todays run with my daughter Ingrid was 10 miles (!). Feels really good so it's no really problem to take an easy week sometimes.

I'm watching maps for my run and will publice it here as soon I'm finished. It's a bigger work than one can believe. It's not only the track I'm going to run, which is the easy part. No, I have been told by my coach I must figure out where all the stops when to eat, rest etc should be.

I'm going to have a car who follows with everything I need like clothes, food, water etc. My coach will bicycling all the way with me. Nice man! It's more planning about things not addicted to the actual running process. But without the planning there probably will be no running... Like a marriage you could say.

Sunrise and sunset almost at same time.
If you run slow you might see them both in same excercise!

With the risk of being repetitive: Do not forget to (s)mile! Then other also will smile...

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

208 days left...

... and a lot of things happens during a couple of days now. Well, I will still run but perhaps not 25 milers or 3-4 hours exercises. It doesn't matter so much either though. More important is to run. I will do my 5 runnings anyway. Regularity of my races is very important even if they right now isn't so very long.

Todays run was first 5,53 miles with my dog Elton. It was 6,8°F so quite normal I'll say. Elton was a good dog and the time was about 45 min. Kind of fast distance running which is alright because it's not wrong to run faster sometimes if it feels ok. Yes, I will run 140 miles and probably I will run in half of my regular speed but running for me is very emotionally. If it feels right and don't hurt it's ok to run faster. Listen to your body I use to say to friends that run. It never lies!

The marina in the town Östersund. Part of The Biglake, my antagonist...

Yes, someone would say: -Why don't you run no Flexirun? God you can take a short cut over the ice! Well, that's true but then those people aren't runners... :-)

I still smile and feel good. Both in body and brain! I'm a lucky guy who is healthy and not sick. I got a body and I use it. Doing something with it...

Have You smiled to someone today! I have...

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 21 December 2012

209 days left...

... and perhaps I will run as much as I can in three hours because then it's to late! Well, the Mayan calendar says it's "over" people say. I think it's just a beginning of something new...

Yesterday my oldest daughter came from studies in Uppsala to celebrate X-mas here at home. Nice to see her and we ran 5,53 miles in 14F. Almost clear sky full of stars on this day, the end of the Mayan calendar, and the longest dark day of the whole year (Sunrise: 0940, Sunset: 1418). Nice place I live in ;-) Well, yeah I love it here!

Take care out there and today (21st Dec, 2012) SMILE more then ever! Promise me... :-)

Me and my daughter after our run

Please smile to someone today!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

210 days left...

...and there was no time for a run today. Last day at job. The term is over and pupils are gone. Today the whole family is home together :-) Nice! Well, tomorrow I will run again and perhaps my oldest daughter will follow. Will be fun!

In almost all sports the equipment is important. Take skiing (XC or alpine) for example. Skis, boots, clothes made for winter etc. All quite expensive things really. Well, I have done a lot of sports, skiing, diving, parachuting, orienteering, shooting, running etc and all those are quite expensive I think. But the most natural thing to do among all I think is running. Running doesn't need to much things. You even can run barefoot if You want. Even if its -5F You don't need that much clothes (2-3 layer perhaps..).

I think running is so popular because it's so easy. Anyone can do it! Young and old doesn't matter. You can run fast and you can run slow, alone or together. Even with a dog :-)

Below you can see some of my gear:

Asics Gel Arctic, winter (spikes)

Saucony Triumph 8, all around

Nike FreeRun 2 iD, minimalist

Nike FreRun 5.0, minimalist


Well, if You haven't smile yet... Try now!

Easy, Light & Smooth!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

211 days left...

Life is not always full of running. Well, that depends on who you ask but for me who do about 33-40 miles every week. Almost all year around. Then it doesn't mean much if I rest a few days. The body needs to rest to build up. After a few days of rest it normally goes very easy to run!

Sometimes family, X-mas cleaning etc could be more important... or ;-) Course it is! Running is not only about the run. There are so much more that must fit into it if you want to feel 100% alright. Everything has to be right and it's important to understand that the things I'm trying to explain here differs from person to person. For me it's about my family, having a job I like, friends that are ok for example. I also like to inspire others. It's a thrill when I've helped or inspired someone and they come and tell me.

Today I have been busy all day at work. Taking care of pupils who eventually are beginners next season (Aug 2013). Nice to inspire them to start at our school. We let them to try out some lessons in math, physics and chemistry. They really liked to do the labs :-)

Well, tomorrow it's the last day of work this term and 14:00 we will have a nice X-mas dinner! I like that food a lot. I'm not a vegetarian but I eat everything. Try to eat ecological though!

Elton at our cottage in the mountain
starring at the sunset

Don't forget... Smile!

Light, Easy & Smooth

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

212 days to The Run...

Today was a busy day at work and I was craving for a run... Well, 1900 me and Elton went out and I/we felt free... for 1 mile because I was a little stiff in my legs. I didn't care about it, but continued to run. I got warm and it felt much better. We ran 3 miles, went home and I changed dog from Elton to Adam. Adam is the older dog. He really doesn't like running so much so we ran 1,35 miles slow. Together with my dogs I ran 4,35 miles and think thats ok. Not far, but ok. Better to run than not run at all!

Adam the black beauty. Elton in the back.

Soon it's X-mas and tomorrow I will buy the X-mas tree :-) Perhaps I'm looking for a Flexitree ;-)

Have a good smile to someone and they will smile back!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 17 December 2012

213 days left...

... and today I had a little recover. No run at all. Instead I went to town looking for an X-mas tree. Closed! Well, I'll fix it to morrow...

I am thinking of my lesson from my coach about my worst run ever and how I felt then. Well, not very easy for an positivist like me. Normally I forgot those quite fast. Have to think of that one a little bit more... Seems to be easier to remember the best run ever I guess. Let's see... Well, not a easy one ether! Is the best ever run been done yet? Or the worst...

I know how my coach meant. So far! My worst race ever was not a race I quit cause I've never quit a race. But I remember once a XC-trail called Lidingöloppet in Stockholm once... On the way to the race I sprained my right foot really bad. No ice so I have to wrap the foot very hard.
Two days later I was going to do my run. Got help from nurses to tape the foot so I only could move it up and down (like when running). They told me I was crazy but I told them the responsibility was min and I will quit if it hurts. It didn't hurt...
I was stupid cause after this race I couldn't run normally for 2,5 years (tendinitis). Here it comes, my worst run ever. I was going out to run about one month after the XC-race and only could run 50 m then it hurt like "f-word". As I said 2,5 years later I was ok again. Last two weeks I used a Aloe Vera cream. Amazing!
My feelings during those 2,5 years with bad runs almost killed me emotionally. Would I ever run again? Inside my head a voice said to me, over and over again: Never quit, find a way! Well, I did!

The best ever run I have done was my first Stockholm Marathon 1997. This marathon's finish line was on the same spot as the Olympic Games 1912. The stadium is still in use! During the race my feelings went more and more positive each mile (or km) and when I had about 400 m left and was about to enter the stadium I was so thrilled I can't tell. I was shaking and I even think I felt a tear. This was perhaps not a fear but something new for me. That I could be so emotionally of just... running! I think that feeling still hold me going for my runs even today.

This road may symbolize my runnings

Always smile when sad!

Easy, Light & Smooth

Sunday, 16 December 2012

214 days left...

...and I feel perfect! Well, a little stiff i my legs from yesterday (21 miles) so today me and Elton did a so called recover run. We went 8,33 miles (!) so perhaps some won't say it was much of a recovery but we really took it easy. Warmer now, only 32F, so I took my FreeRun shoes today :-) As you can see the temperature where I live shifts quite fast. Still snowy and beautiful though!

Well, I did have a problem with my Twitter account yesterday. Some kind of spam thing... It's crazy people (qualified guess) don't have better things to do. I changed PW and also my cache memory. Hope, for my follower on Twitter, sake it's ok now.

Giv you this winter picture today

Even if it's hard try to smile!

Light, Easy & Smooth!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

215 days left...

Well, as You all might see it's 215 days left again! It's all right because after the chat with my coach we decided to start The Run the 18th July instead of 17th. Today I followed my coach to town. He was bicycling and I was running. It's about 10 miles to the city and, well, I had to go home again :-) So today I ran totally 21 miles. Easy out but hard home because I had the wind and a "little snowstorm" against me... :-)

It's really gonna be positive to think back on this run next coming summer. There are no really bad runs! You always can turn them to something positive in the future.

Todays run. The first 9,3 miles

Smile even if the wind is against you!

Light, Easy & Smooth!

Friday, 14 December 2012

215 days left...

Today I was supposed to visit a After Work with my friends but unfortunately I couldn't go. My friend, coach and adventurer Anders Stävhag come for a visit. He is a man full of inspire and "madness" like me. Well, we don't think we are crazy, only other people think that, so it doesn't count really :-)

Well, probably I will recount the day I will do my run. Probably it will be the 18th July not the 17th depending on following argument. Coach told me not to focus on the start time of the half marathon last day of my run. Instead I should focus on which time I want to hit the finish line instead. Good I think! I also got some homework to do until next time we meet. I know perfectly well there will be ups and downs along my run and then I've got some things to think of:
  1. My absolutely worst memory about me running in my whole life and how did I deal with that?
  2. My absolutely best memory about my running in my whole life and how did I deal with that?
  3. 15:00 20th July I will reach the finish line. Forget about the start, think instead of the finish!
Well, that's my 3 things I have to focus on. It's mental, not physical! Interesting... Now I can feel something really has started. I'm on and I feel so inspired!

Road her I come!

Don't dare not to smile!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

216 days left...

Helo runners out there! Normally I go up with my dogs 06:00 and it's DARK. I work whole day when it's LIGHT. I go home to my family after work and it's DARK again. Am I displeased? No! Where I live in Sweden wintertime we have quite short daylight and quite long time of darkness. A good thing in this part of earth is that it is opposite summertime. Then the sun stay up almost 20 hours which is nice.

Today it really was a nice day out there. Yes, cold but beautiful! Took a nice picture at lunchtime.

The street just outside my work. -4F...

It was almost -5F when I ran today. Elton stayed at home by the fire. Lucky him! Well, it felt ok so ran 5,7 miles and didn't freeze at all :-) Tomorrow I will have After Work with some friends but Saturday and Sunday it won't be so cold anymore which means I probably will run a little longer those days. Guess I will reach my 33 miles/week.

Today we celebrate the Sancta Lucia here in Sweden. Very nice with music, songs and some lights.
I took the picture below without a flash because I didn't want to disturb the choir...

Celebrating Sancta Lucia

Remember! Always smile when running...

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

217 days left...

-5,8F but Elton wanted to run anyway. I just had to change to running clothes and get away! Well it was cold and it took almost a mile to get warm. Me and Elton ran very fast (4:17min/km) but we only ran3,11miles... To cold for longer running because one doesn't feel the coldness when getting warm. Could be problems if parts in your face gets almost frozen. Your nose for example. Be careful out there when cold and try to run with a friend so you can watch each other careful from to cold skin parts.

Well, it really felt good in my legs and I didn't feel bad at all. To rest is sometimes good. Thank You coldness! :-)

As you might see I got ice around my eyes... Got to be careful!

Cold but what can stop a runner!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

218 days left...

Today it was -11,4F so I decided not to run. It doesn't matter so much because I've been running 9 weeks in a row between 31-35 miles now so m body perhaps don't feel bad about some rest I guess. Well, it seems to be much warmer this weekend which mean I can run saturday and sunday a little longer instead. Rest now and run longer for two days instead!

When things happens you can't  rule over then just relax and take it easy. Let the inspiration come over you and you'll see you gonna run much easier, lighter and smoother when start running again. Nice feeling that!
-11,4F outside! Nice and cozy by the fire...

Well, instead of running I did some spinning on my bike inside instead. Quite fun... :-)

Soon it's Christmas holiday and if you're a teacher it means free from work. I can run instead and take it a little easy. No time to fit, no plans to do etc. Well, I got The Run to plan of course :-)
I still feel good and inspired about my adventure. Think I'm going to print out a map on the run around the  lake so you might see what I'm supposed to do. At spring I also can take some pics around the lake and you can see what views I'm going to have.

One view on The Run. Going to run both on this and the other side.

Oh, how I want to run in my Nike FreeRun 3.0 again...

Always smile!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Monday, 10 December 2012

219 days left...

Today it is -4F (-20°C) and a bit chilly out there. I'm lucky to have my day of rest (mondays) when it's so cold. And I'm really try to rest when I have my day, or evening, off running. That's quite important!

As I said before my impulsion is to inspire and be inspired by others. Last summer, when running our half marathon between my little village and to the town Östersund, I had about 5-6 persons following me. Their personal goals was to go under 1:35 h and they all got nice heart rate monitors and watches. I don't use such kind of things myself. The asked me what time I was trying to do this year and I told them: -I don't know. Depend on what time You guys wanna do! I told them and smiled. Well, the told me their personal goals and I told them they could hang on my back and we would fix their goals.

We started and I set the pace 4:30 min/km and the guys asked me if I didn't have any watch. I said: No, it's in my body after 43 years of running. They got a little confused but continued to hang on. After about 2 km we had 9:02 min/km, 3 km in 13:30 etc. Then they started to talk to each other about the exactly pace I was holding. I just smiled and told them it's about experience guys.

All the way to the finish line we held the pace and crossed it in 1:34:25 h! Some of the guys ran very fast the last 100 m and cross the line before me. They were overwhelmed cause of the time but sad about beating me in the finish. I just smiled and said that I've already done my times and just run because of the joy. All of them did PB:s! :-)

You guys just made my day to the best!
You inspired me to use my experience to inspire You making PB:s
(Flexirun in shorts)

Don't ever give up and always smile!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

220 days left...

Seems I've got a bad habit. No, not running! Going to town, again, shopping some more X-mas presents... I have been writing about the sustainable development. Well, at least the climate exchange and I got a little bad conscience about taking my car to the town. Ok, it was easy fixed though. I ran home instead so my wife took the car home. It was 6,8F and a little cold the firs mile but then it was ok.

Sum of the week was 45 km and was jus a little below (zero :-)) my goal on 50 km per week. But it's ok because I did all five runs. When cold like this it's better to run a lot of runs instead of a few very long runs. When a great effort in coldness it sometimes can lead to asthma... So therefore it's better to do more runs but lighter ones. Most important is to let the body work, not rest!

This is what I got from my daughter when she went to New York...
She got a sense of humor :-)

Today a follower/friend on Twitter did a great 10 K pers. with 6 min! He wrote he used a mantra:

Light, Easy and Smooth

Well, this is what I mean with Inspire! I, hopefully inspired him and he inspired me back. I really felt happy when logging in on Twitter and saw his tweet directed to me. Internet and social media really could be a good thing.

I really feel good in both brain and body! A very nice weekend I must say.

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

221 days to The Run...

Today it was quite humidity. Temperature was as high as 6,8F and not as cold as it COULD be here. But when running today it felt much colder though. It was noticeable around my eyes which had ice around them :-) Still feels very good in my body and I also feel inspire from friends all over the world. Thank You so much!

On the run today, which felt good and was about 5,7 miles in 6 inch of snow, I was wondering a bit about the global world. In Qatar the just completed the climate negotiations which was a marathon discuss. Nothing seems to happened, as always, and the couldn't get along. I think it would be better if they RUN a marathon instead and THEN try to negotiate :-) Scary!

When running you often think a lot and today I was thinking: -What if people run a little more. Especially the ones who rules the world! I really think running makes people more humble...

Todays halo effect on the sun

Today I have to go to town again. Not fun before X-mas I can say... Well, I got a nice sunset though :-)
Found some X-mas presents but didn't buy them... yet! It's a little annoying because Ii have to go int to town again... ;-)

Sunset at the car-park :-)

Never forget to smile every day!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Friday, 7 December 2012

222 days left...

Life is absolutely amazing. And so is the human body. When injured it just took 2 days and my leg was 100 % ok again. One day of rest and me and Elton was out on the roads again :-) It has now been snowing for 72 h. Not as much as it sometimes can do here but now we have about 5-8 inches of snow and it's nice but a little harder to run. Today I passed by the old tower from 1172 at our church. Took a picture of it and then keep on running with Elton. We ran 5.43 miles (8.73 km) in about 47 min. I was listening on my iPod at Carlos Santana's Smooth and Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell... ;-)

The Castella, 1172

Most of the times I run at evenings after my work and after the family dinner. Fits me and my family, for now, best. About 10-15 years ago I did my first run between 05:30-07:00 in the morning and then next run between 1500-1600 in the afternoon. Those times was good because the family wasn't affected of my running. Before my first full marathon in Stockholm I was running quite a lot and our friends asked my wife: -Well, how is Claes doing? Now when he's going to run his first marathon? My wife replied: -What! Is it therefore hi's running so much? :-)
Don't think I was mad at her. No, I was laughing about it. Running is my life even if she's not a runner. Instead we walk everyday with our dogs together, which I also love.

Just feeling better and better. Have no negative feelings at all about my run. More thrilled and want it to be summer and 17th of July...

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

223 days to The Run...

... and I feel ok.
Well, I have for the first time in my blog history done two blogs in a day :-) Feels great!

Today I won't write my body is 100% great because I have a little pain in my right leg. A muscle rupture. This is not a worse thing for a runner. Normally one is alright after some rest. I also use a liniment called Hot & Cold (Aloe Vera). First you feel cold and after a while you feel a heat. What really happens is the blood vessels retracting and then opens so the blood almost rush thru the veins. The wound will heal :-) Back in times people, for example,  used to put an injured foot into a bucket of ice-water for a while and then shift to a bucket of hot water. Still works of course! And much cheaper than the jar in the below picture ;-)

Aloe Vera also goes on inflamed Achilles tendon

Now something else I have been thinking of a little while surfing around in different blogs. Lot of people really are amazing and I can read about all their races, race times, etc etc. Could be quite fun though but I have decided not to write about that. Except no one ask me. Well, that much I can tell. I've done full marathons (12), half marathons, 30K and all way down to 1K. Since I've been running since 1969 it's impossible to write everything down here.Misunderstand me right! I really think that everyone that have set up a goal and tried to implement it is a hero!

My only reason to do The Run (140 miles) is to inspire and be inspired by all of you out there! I've been running so much in my life and done all of the "normal" goal. Low times at 10K, marathon etc so for me it's about something else. Like finding the heart of running, like a Nirvana, and off course: Is it possible!

Once again I found a remarkable cause in my running life! Always try to see things positive and smile...

2 am and out with one of the dogs

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Get up, get active, get out there! - Ann Brennan

Good morning out there!
Now I,m going to do something for a friend who's a runner. Watch this very simple tip:

Get up, get active, get out there!

Well, catch a good day out there!

Light, Easy and Smooth!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

224 days left...

... and today I did a very nice evening run. All day was quite cold -18°C (-0.4F) which means that my run was below zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Fun!

Well, the run this evening was very special in another way. It was absolutely a Galactic Run! It was a starry night full of shooting stars and some planets like Jupiter and Uranus for example. The reason I call this run a Galactic Run is because: With my very eyes I could see a small tiny cloud like object in the constellation of Pegasus - The Andromeda Galaxy... A galaxy 5-10 times bigger than our Milky Way! One "scary" thing about the Andromeda galaxy is it's velocity at 120 km/s, like a bullet, and the direction of it is the Milky Way... But don't panic! Only in about 3 000 000 000 years :-)

Well, me and Elton ran about 2 miles and then I dropped him of while passing my home. Then I ran another 3 miles. Last 50 m I felt a little pain in my calf on the right leg. It's to cold running long runs anyway so perhaps a little rest will do...

Now it's good having friends inspire me... Hey! Why not register on my blog as members just to inspire me more! I have been talking to some interesting companies who wonder a little about my run. Perhaps you guys out there can help me with a cause :-) Well, I will be back with this thoughts later on...

View from my work. 0.4F...
Behind those houses is the lake I will defeat!

Me after the Galactic Run!

Light, Easy and Smooth!