Tuesday, 30 April 2013

80 days left...

... and today I just went out for a short run with Elton. A slow Fun-run after the little harder run yesterday. Elton really is a good friend on some of my runs. He loves to run and so do I :-)
One thing to remember when running with animals is to have them in leash. Others might be afraid even if the dog is kind... One also must remember a animal can't run as long as human can. We are build for long distance movement but they are not. Once this was a kind of hunting technique to run and run and run until the animal got so stressed and exhausted that it almost died.

Well, time for bed now. Tomorrow there's some things to take care of like bring a new sofa home and some running :-)

Spring has come and everyone I meet when out running is happy and say Hello and Smile. Nice!

Remember this 12 years old guy... :-)
He's still running!

Easy, Light and Smooth friends! (and... fast!)

Monday, 29 April 2013

81 days left...

i ran ... and once again I will tell you the body needs to rest sometimes. Resting is the kind of training when your body are recovering and rebuilding. I have rested 54 hours since my 28.8 miles running on Saturday and this evening I took Elton with me and ran sometimes fast sometimes slow. I felt great not only physically but also mentally. Love life just now!

Feel good after Anders mentally coaching!
He's just so GREAT!
Sometimes it's good not only to run. It's important to stop running and think about it too! How do you feel and why! Well, perhaps it's not that complicated to live for the running. Guess it's harder to run for living :-)

Today I was thinking about the fact... It's only 81 days left to The Run! Will be so fun but also a little scary which means I have feelings ;-)

Today we met som runners and people walking their dogs. All of them said Hello and Smiled to us! We did to...

Easy, Light and Smooth! (... Fast!)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

82 days left...


... and I'm just taking it #ELS this morning, or at least Easy... Yesterdays run was great with both a new runner friend and some lovely views :-)
It feels really good in the body after the 28.8 miles yesterday. A little stiff perhaps, but like I said, ok! Plan is to run or perhaps walk my dogs a bit today to remove some of the waste products that accumulate in the muscles. Light jogging/walking is a great way to do this.


Well, there was no run today but instead I changed tires on my car from winter- to summer tires. I also washed up the car so it's quite shiny again :-) I really took it easy today and it was just great I think. Yes, I wanted to run but think it was better to let my body and legs rest and recover instead. There will be more of those little longer runs soon :-) Think I will try to do around 28-31 miles every Saturday which then means I'll do just over a marathon every weekend ;-) Good for my endurance I think and it's ok if I run Easy, Light and Smooth!


Even if I didn't run today perhaps some runners around the world said Hello and Smiled to someone...

Easy, Light and Smooth! :-)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

83 days left...

... and two things were really exciting today. One was whether the calf would hold, and the second that I decided hit with a new chaser friend after 13 miles of running :-)
Both things were positive! In Sweden it's perhaps not that often you run with people you never have met but it's fun! You should try it. Think a lot of you out there have lot of friends on FB or Twitter etc so contact them and give them time and place to met. It's a little #ELS over it!

Me at 26,4 miles. Soon back home!

Well, after breakfast and walking the dogs I set of 7 am. It was a nice and sunny weather but a little windy against me which only meant to be positive cause my running home would be with the wind in my back :-)

I brought 1 litre of blueberry soup with som salt in and a bunch of FlapJack's (energy bars). I used my belt and it worked just fine. All tin all I ran 28,82 miles in 4:31:00 h. I felt good all the way but a little stiffness at the end. Between 20-23 miles I felt a little low but I just increased the pace and then it was ok again!

My excellent belt! 1 litre and som socks etc :-)
Today I said Hello and Smiled so much I almost "got cramp in the face"! :-D

Easy, Light and Smooth! (.. Fast)

Friday, 26 April 2013

84 days left...

... and I just noticed that my counting was just right! Well, I have changed the schedule, mentally, one day forward! Today I was counting the days in a regular calendar backwards! Now it's right again! :-)

Yesterday I was a little injured in my right calf. Less than 24 hours later and a lot of Aloe Vera cream I did a test run with Elton today. We ran 3,54 miles in 41:04 min and... YES! No pain at all which means I will do my long-run tomorrow...

Miracles can with Aloe Vera! :-)
Today there was some people out running and we said Hello and Smiled as usual! Nice :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth! (... Fast!)

85 days left...

... depending on a little change in schedule after my mental meeting with coach Anders Stävhag. We decided my run just have one goal.

To be at the finish line between 14:30-15:00 Saturday 20th July!
Means I must start at Friday 19th...

That's why I must  do some changing in my plannings. Well, that's called The Process and it's just positive. Changing the time forward means I feel great and believe in myself a lot!

Well, todays run I did with Elton late this evening and after about 1 mile I felt a little stich in my right calf. Yes, it was a muscle strain! I walked a bit and started to jog very slowly and when reaching the 2nd mile I didn't feel any pain no more :-) Jogged home and all together we ran 5 miles and reached home just before dark. Thank's for the run Elton! Good boy!

We, met som runners and we said Hello and Smiled to each other! Don't forget... :-)

I 'm really longing for summer now...

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

86 days left...

... and today me and Elton went for a very Easy, Light and Smooth run! It was a very nice run and sometimes we ran faster and sometimes slower. In swedish its called "fartlek". A kind of game or play with different speeds on the run. For example you can run fast in every hill or any downhill. Sometimes fast sometimes slow. Quite a Fun-Run :-)

I will continue my 4-6 milers Mon-Fri and longer runs Sat-Sun. I now have plans for a little longer run on Saturday. Looks it going to be a 31,1 miler. Goal is 5 hours and no pain in my legs! I will bring 1L of blueberry soup and some Flapjacks to eat (energy bars full of oat, honey and nuts. Going to be very interesting, and most fun!

Take care out there and say Hello and try to Smile a bit to people you meet. Make their day at the same time you make yours! :-)

Normally I run longer distances with my black Icebug Anima shoes
but today I ran in my X-Trail shoes Icebug Acceleritas2.
A nice shoe which works fine on roads to (not asphalt though...).
Easy, Light and Smooth (... Fast)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

87 days left...

... and today I had to read some exam reports from students. Well, it's fun and interesting though!
No run today but instead I packed some Flapjacks :-) It's energy bars one of my daughters did for me when visiting. Thank's!

Tomorrow there will be running again. 6-7 miles which is normal for me Monday to Friday. I do longer runs at weekends. In late May or early June, when teacher's summer vacation start, I will do som real runnings. In which I mean 8-10 hours of running with perhaps 1-2 stops for energy replenishment.

This weekend I will start writing a detailed plan for The Run. It's not only me out there. I have a little crew that really will do the job. Me, I just... run!

Flapjacks waiting to be unpacked! Yummie!
Hope you might feel good when say Hello and Smile to the people you met. Perhaps that's the moment of their day!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 22 April 2013

88 days left...

... and today I felt much better in my thigh muscles who where a little stiff on yesterdays run. Well, today I felt just fine and took Elton for a joy-run :-) We did 6,4 miles in1:03h so it was a nice and cool pace. Met som people and they all said Hello and Smiled to us. We too did say hello and smiled. We also met two dogs this evening. One walking and one running :-)

Has promised to post a recipe for a good energy bar, and cheap too! Well, here it comes but today (it's late) I will use Swedish volume measures (can do it in En and US later):

Flap Jack

Energy bar named Flap Jack :-)

300 g butter
2,3-3,5 dl unrefined sugar
4 msk light syrup               (Or 1 jar peanut butter and 2-3 dl cocnut)
About 2 l oatmeal
1 pinch of salt

Seasoning as desired:
Pieces of dried fruit
Crushed nuts
Dark Chocolat

How to do:
Preheat oven to 150 °
Heat the sugar, syrup and butter in a saucepan until the butter is melted and the mixture has got a nice golden color.
Add any seasonings now.
Mix in the oatmeal and make a paste.
Pour the batter in a greased (or parchment paper) sheet and distribute "dough" evenly and nicely.
Put the baking sheet in middle of oven and bake until the cake with an even color (about 25 min).
Let cool for about 5 minutes. Spread out or remove the melted chocolate on the cake. Let stele and then cut the cake into bite sized pieces.

Eat and enjoy! :-)

Well, continue to Hello and Smile to people on your runs. It will go so much easier then... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

89 days left...

... and today me, my family and the dogs went to Åre on a little outing. Well, there was no run before lunch but instead I ran with Elton after dinner. We ran 4 miles and then I took Adam, the older dog, on a 1,63 miler. Not much but weeks total was 41,08 miles. I was a little tired at the last run this Sunday and that's why I choose to take it a little easy instead.

Well, not much to say but I've goat a very nice recipes for energy bars from my daughter Ingrid. The one I will run the Stockholm Marathon with 1st June :-) I'll write it down for tomorrows blog!

"The Ultimate Running Guide - Faster, Stronger, Better"
Well, not #ELS but a VERY nice present from my wife. Thank's dear! :-)

Today me and the dogs met some people to say hello and smile to. Nice!

Easy, Light and Smooth! (...Fast) :-)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

90 days left...

... and today at 10 am I went into city with my family. They to shop and me to a meeting with my very good friend and mental coach Anders Stävhag. He's my sounding board and will follow me on his bicycle together with my son who will drive the escort with all the food, water and equipment. We where talking about different phases I've gone thru, I'm in and that I will come to. Things that are good for Anders to know about me when/if I get tired and bad... Such things are good to discuss, both for Anders and for me myself :-)

Mental coaching! Normally I'm the teacher but now... I'm the pupil! :-)
After my visit at Camp Anders Stävhag I start todays run. I ran around a "little" mountain on the island Frösön and then from the city Östersund and home. I nice little run of 15,57 mi in 2h and I felt just allright all the way :-) Tomorrow me and family will go to Åre again to do some shopping :-)

Today the Sun is shining//B.Marley and I met a lot of people on my run. As usual I said Hello and Smiled. Think som recognized me a bit now... ;-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 19 April 2013

91 days left...

... and no run today. Friday with family instead. Nice! Well, 7 days of running in 8 exercises so I guess a day of are not a problem. Instead I was out shopping food with Ingrid, dinner, TV and just relaxing. Walked the dogs today instead of running with them.

Tomorrow me and Ingrid will make some energy bars and I will try them out to see how my body works with them. Recipe will come tomorrow :-) No secrets at all. I promise!

Visiting a running store (shoes and socks mostly) today at lunch. Lot of people there to try out shoes, socks, running on a treadmill to check out their steps and so. I said: You seem to have a lot to do now, when springtime! and smiled. They said: Yes! How's running going? Then some people I know saw me and start to ask questions about The Run. Other people also asked about my run (never seen before). Nice to inspire people like this! Just can't understand what's so special with my run! Others have done it and perhaps both longer and faster.

Well, must be that #ELS-thing perhaps. And also the"Hello" and "Smile" thing perhaps... :-)

Think it's better to give than to get!

Well, this is The Run. 140 miles of joy!
Take care out there and remember... Hello friend! (and a big smile..) and there will be a miracle born!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

92 days left...

... and todays run I did with my oldest daughter, Ingrid. We ran 5.10 miles in 49:49 min which is about 4h and 18 min in marathon distance :-) Well, done Ingrid! Think we should go for about 4:30h... Well, we don't chasing a time. It's the joy of the run that's most important. Having fun and reach the finish line together! Probably this is going to be one of the best marathon ever I've been running! :-)

Well, we met som people out on the run and the hello and smile from them was even more positive than ever! Perhaps because I ran with my daughter today, and because of the spring :-) Nice!

Tomorrow we will do another run together and then perhaps about 6 miles instead of todays 5. A little increase ;-)

I've been running since last Friday now and just reached 19.88 miles. Saturday and Sunday there will be about 37 more miles I guess. Well, we'll see about that after the weekend. Things can happen!

Me and my oldest daughter Ingrid.
It's us going to beat Stockholm Marathon together 1st June 2013.
 Well, as many times before. Never forget to say Hello and Smile a little! It's a miracle what happens!

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

93 days left...

... and todays run was nice but I felt a little tired though. Well, I did my run and I came 5,55 miles in 51:33 min. Not very fast but it's allright cause my philosophy is to have fun and feel ok!

Tomorrow I will run with my daughter and that really will be fun! Not far from Stockholm Marathon now (1st of June) and it will be so fun! I will take some pics to show you all :-)

Ok, a short blog today. Time for bed! Take care out there and look after each other...

It was a beautiful evening!
Met a few to hello and smile to this evening :-)

Easy, Light and Smoot... all the way!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

94 days left...

... and I could never believe that I would write about something as sad as the attack on the Boston Marathon... I have no friends running there, what I know of, but perhaps Twitter friends. Hope no one was hurt! Well, I still can't understand why!?

Well, the only thing I can do is run for the relevant! I run just 3,27 miles in 24:41 min but when running my first mile in 8:30 min I decided to Go For It! for Boston Marathon and did the second mile in 7:30 min just to speed up even more the third mile wich I ran in 6:57 min. Well, I felt ok after this little discharge and can only send positive thoughts to the needed.

Todays run was a little sad but for me, personally, it was a good run. I will try to do one run every evening this week and then a little longer runs Saturday and Sunday.

I met some people (one runner) and we said hello to each other and smiled! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth my friends...
Keep on struggling and never give up!

Monday, 15 April 2013

95 days left...

... and today me and Elton took a great slow-run. No stress at all and it felt good after som little more harder runs lately. I got power in my legs if I need it :-) That's a kind of receipt for me. Now I can run more ELS than ever I think! Yesterday's run was between 8-10 am and I was running on a crust of snow and it was beautiful. Now, 24 hours later, the spring finally came with warm winds and the snow melted a lot :-) The run with Elton was about 6 miles in an hour and great on bare ground! Lovely!

Well, it felt just perfect in my brain and body. We met a lot of people walking, walking with dogs and runners. The runners seems to recognize me allright now... Nice when they say hello and smile to me and Elton. Some even asked how far we had run :-)

Spring and time to take away this equipment :-)
Well, don't forget the nice word Hello! and the nice smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

96 days left...

... and weeks total was 29,70 miles (47,79k) but instead I did five runs :-) Todays run was between 8-10 a.m. and there was light (sun) so it was a very nice run I must say. I run in a average speed of 8:53 min/mi and just let the legs do the job. For I mile I was running on top of the snow cause it was 21,2F and the snow was hard as ice. Like running on concrete! I met som people who was out with their dogs who said Hello and told me to struggle on :-) Inspiring! Even if I only run for myself The Run seems to involve other people too. Kind of a nice feeling that can't be explained I think...

Well, I stick to my #ELS-running and will not change anything but the distance and then the time I'm out running. Sometimes people (runners and not runners) if I'm going to run the 140 miles just for a training purpose? Well, no I'm not! That run I will do 18-19th of July. Guess it wouldn't be that smart to burn all the powder before the run. One also can get hurt or something which then would be fatal after a whole year of running. Remember I'm doing this for just one purpose: I love to run!

My philosophy is pure!

Run because You love it!
Run because You love the fresh air in Your lungs!
Run Easy!
Run because You can!
Run to be inspired!
Run to inspire others!
Run Light!
Run to say Hello!
Run for to Smile to someone!
Run Smooth!

If you have a positive feeling then...

...You Run ELS!

Hey, don't forget.... Hello and a little smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

97 days left...

... and the whole week has been down low with running! Well, up to todays run I've just done two runs. 3 miles on Wednesday and 3 miles on Friday. Both times with Elton :-) I have felt a little dizzy in my body, and head, this week  and was a little uncertain about my shape.

I changed for running and started my run with a mile, just warming up, (Endomondo was a bit crazy first mile) and it felt really good and I choose to just let the power go down to my legs and let them run free! I ran 5,10 miles in 36:29 min and felt... nothing! I felt very happy knowing there was a lot of power in me. Much more than I thought.

For me todays run was a kind of Proof-Run wich, I now think, ended up in a positive way! I have almost not done any fast quality runs for 9 months and I can do faster runnings anyway!? Crazy but nice to see that my #ELS-thinking (which is not really something new) works though!

Well, I think I wrote sometime this autumn I'm going to run a 10k just to see which time I can perform. I'm not that focused on times, and perhaps I feel a little disturbed about it, cause I like to spread a philosophy about my running that follows just three (four) words: Easy, Light, Smooth (and Fast). Time isn't one of the words but after a while, when Fast, comes to the running like a spin-of thing, then time will be a part of it. If you for an example run a race. Even if it's just to meet other runners and feel the atmosphere it's nice to do a good and fast run. You feel great and, yes the time also will be good...

I met som people today and, even if I my speed was a bit higher than usual, I said Hello and Smiled as usual. Today I also met some signs of spring! The cyclist has taking over the roads. Well, we smiled and said hello to each other though! :-)

Springs first flowers! In swedish they're called "Tussilago" :-)

Well friends, have a nice weekend all!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Friday, 12 April 2013

98 days left...

... and I did a short run this evening after dinner with Elton. Not fast, just moving forward after last weeks 63 mile! Well, so far, this week hasn't been full of runs exactly... It feels a little bit strange in my body. Like a small cold perhaps. Don't think it's that bad but hopefully my body just needs... rest!

Tomorrow I will run a little longer. Perhaps I'll try for about 15 mile or so. On the news today they said it will snow tomorrow. Not very strange this time up here but at the same time the iceroads (!) still can be used! About 2,65 ft thick so there's no problem to take the car to the other side of the lake :-)

One of the iceroads over the lake Storsjön (the Big Lake) I will run around. 140 miles... :-)
Soon time for bed but I will write more tomorrow after my runs. Well, it has been a fine Friday and I hope for a nice weekend. Take care and run #ELS!

Try a little "Hello" and some "Smile" to the ones you meet out there when running!

Easy, Light and Smooth friends!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

99 days left...

... and todays run was a walk with my dogs, Adam and Elton. Last weeks total was 63 miles and I don't feel bad to rest for a while. I also have had a lot of work-related things to take care of monday, tuesday and thursday. Well, tomorrow and this upcoming weekend there might be some run instead :-)

After a little rest one normally wants to run a lot! Therefore I don't feel that bad about some days of rest. Instead I think it's going to be quite fun to run again when more motivated.

One of my walks with Elton. In the background you'll see a tower, the Kastalen (Citadel), from 1172!
Now there's time for me to go to bed and prepare for FRIDAY and some more nice runs!

Well, me and my dogs met some people when walking today and I got som more nice chats from inspiring people. Thanks!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

100 days left..

... and even if I had no plan to run today because of some work I had to do me and Elton did run anyway. We just did 3,64 miles in 38:25 min but it was a nice run though! Elton also needed to go out anyway ;-)

Well, even if the time was about 21:30, and normal people goes to bed, we met one human. A runner!

Me this winter on a 20 miler...

I said hello and smiled as usual. Also did he!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

101 days left...

... and no run today! Have been assessed pupils projects all day. Fun! And the whole evening I've been informed some physics test... Well, now it's done and I'm satisfied with my work. A friend also came for a short visit and we had a cup of coffee :-) He's an excellent XC-skier!

Tomorrow I will run again and soon I also will go bicycling between my runs. Perhaps also the 10 miles to my job. Nice!

Take care out there friends! Don't forget the "hellos" and "smiles"... Good night from Elton and me.

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 8 April 2013

102 days left...

... and this day me and Elton did have a rest for the first time in 11 days! It really felt nice after l01,26 miles since 28th of March... :-) Thank's Elton for the support! You're totally GREAT!

Well, even if I didn't run today I still met a lot of people to say  Hello and Smile to at my work! Some asked me how my vacation has been and what I've been doing. Guess they was joking me because they know I was just running :-) My friends are GREAT! Just like Elton :-)

Elton two days ago on one of our runs. This run was in a cloudy weather but with a nice light!
When it's hard to run. Run anyway and try to find someone to say Hello to and give them you're very best Smile! After that the run will be Easy, Light and Smooth! Go #ELS!!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

103 days left...

... and today I went to the ski resort Åre to look at som nice lodges :-) The weather was great and we ate lunch in a restaurant with a good view over the mountain. The lodges around was very nice...

Part of the mountain Åreskutan in the ski resort Åre
When coming home I went for a walk with our dogs, Adam and Elton. Ate a great dinner and just relaxed for a while, on this last day of my Easter vacation. Must say I didn't have that right feeling to go out there and do the weeks last run. But when looking out I saw a beautiful evening, still with the sun up and the white snow that sparkle so nice from the sunbeams... Then I couldn't resist any longer so I change to the running fit and moved on.

First mile was not fun at all but I didn't matter so much. Just struggle on, step by step, mile after mile. When running perhaps 3 miles I was warm and quite motivated to my run so I started to run a little faster some miles and a little slower some. Kind of a run called fartlek in Swedish. It's when you run fast for a while and then run a bit slower just to run a little faster again. Like a game... I did 9,14 miles in 1:16:34 h and there was a lot of strong horses inside me wanted to come out but I hold them back quite hard :-)

Some trails now are free from snow and ice so it's REALLY nice to run on bare ground! Weeks total was 62,96 miles and the time was 9:44:17 h and a average pace of about 9:15 min/mi.

Met some people with nice dogs that was out walking. Said Hello and Smiled as usual... :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth my friends!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

104 days left...

... and this morning I was stiff in both body and mind. I rolled out of my bed and limped up to give Adam and Elton (dogs) their breakfast at 6 am. 10 yards of pain! What!! 10 yards and I will run 246400 yards... Ha, ha! Crazy thoughts but also a bit scary.

Well, we went to the city to fix some small things like dog-food, fuel up the car for tomorrow when we will go to Åre which is a very nice resort up in the mountains 70 miles from my home. Before dinner I felt ok again and Elton and me went for a very slow run. I call those runs for "recovery run". Yes, it's a run but Elton decides when to stop so there normally are a lot of stops :-)

By lack of oxygen slag products are formed in the muscles and one way to get rid of those is to run/walk slowly. I also refill my mind or soul...

Tracks from... a Flexirun ;-)
I met just a little people today. But those I met I smiled and said hello to. I think people seems to "know" me and Elton more and more every day now...

Easy, Light and Smooth (#ELS)

Friday, 5 April 2013

105 days left...

... and todays run was quite normal in length but not in pace. I ran 12,65 miles which is ok but in a to fast pace though. Well, 8:39 min/mi is perhaps ok when running 25-31 miles but not when run 140 miles! Well, I feel very good in my body and legs so why not keep the pace up for a while and then rest a couple of days. I will go for a pace, when running, about 10:30 min/miles. We'll have to see how I feel in body and legs when the D-day comes...

A 20 miler in 1,4F this winter... In this run I remember I was thinking: "Just struggle on Claes,
there will come a time when this run is something to think of when your out on The Run!"

I still have my doubts, but just in my mind,  about my run when people say to me: "Are you absolutely mad? Why? What for..?" In one way I nearly agree with them but in the next second I think: "You just wait! I'll show You...". But in a positive way! I don't get angry or so :-)

Lately I have been listening in music from Coldplay. Great music and great lyrics. In the song Fix You
there are this lyrics that's just great for a runner:

When you try your best but you don't succeedWhen you get what you want but not what you needWhen you feel so tired but you can't sleepStuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your faceWhen you lose something you can't replaceWhen you love someone but it goes to wasteCould it be worse?
Lights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix you
And high up above or down belowWhen you're too in love to let it goBut if you never try you'll never knowJust what you're worth

It's that line "But if you never try you'll never know" that's just stucked into my brain...

Well, I did meet som people, as usual, that I said Hello and Smiled to. If that's all that's needed for a better world then it's gonna be a piece of cake!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

106 days left...

... and a great day when have a vacation. Had some things to do during the day so there was no run for me and Elton until after dinner. We went of for our run about 19:00 and was gone for about an hour. The sun was just set when coming home just after 20:00. Cool cause I remember 3 month ago when the sun raise 09:30 and set 14:30... It was dark a lot! This is one reason why it's good to eat extra vitamin-D! Well, it's really a hormon but...

Well, todays run wasn't that fast or that long but I felt good all the way and the little stiffness in my legs disappeared just after about a mile. The blister from yesterday was fixed and I didn't feel it until the end :-)

I'm now working on a little biography over my running since 1969 until now. I'm also trying to write something about what running means to me and my philosophy about it. Interesting and a nice thing to do because if I can reach others to begin to run perhaps I get even more inspired myself.

It's Thursday and I've been running 35 miles so far this week which means I perhaps can go for about 45-50
until sunday. Nice to have vacation... ;-)

Soon, dear feet, soon there will be spring and then summer again!

Me and Elton met 4 humans and 4 deers. We got 4 Hello and Smiles... :-D

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

107 days left...

... and I followed my wife to town for some shopping. After shopping I just undressed cause I got my running clothes underneath! I think runners have a brilliant brain... ;-)

I was thinking of a longer run today. Perhaps even two runs. I'm a runner that think a lot of runnings are good. Better to run 2-3 times in a day than do just one very long run. It's important for the body to rest too. Well, I do run very long "one-runs" too... but not to often though.

The weather was fine and I had the wind in my back. Was fun running thru the city today! Some people said Hello and Smiled to me which was fun. Well, after about 10 miles I felt absolutely nothing in my legs and I was thinking I perhaps found the very first step to some kind of good shape and endurance.

As I said before I don't run very fast on my runnings because it's not about time! It's about endurance but todays run, in a 140 mile perspective, was to fast though. Well, I felt great and was happy to run again so I did run a little faster on todays run. I ran 17,31 mi in 2:25:05 which gives a pace of 8,23 min/mi. Well, normally I don't run that fast but as I said. Sometimes it just feel so good!

Well, tomorrow I will run again but not that long. Elton will follow I think :-)

Well, today I did a "amateur run". I got a blister from a very small gravel...
This happens maybe once every ten years!

Met some people that said Hello to me and Smiled?! Nice!! :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

108 days left...

... today no run! Well, kind of "active rest" instead. I've gor two daughters and one son. The daughters visited us over this years Easter and it was great fun! Today they went back for studies in Uppsala to the university there and therefore I wanted to be home with them instead. Mor important, I think, than to run for a couple of hours... I can do that tomorrow instead cause I've planned for a little longer run then.

Well, my son and I went out for 3,75 miles of XC-skiing instead. I just got a new pair of ski poles. 100% carbon and ultra-light :-) Sometimes it's good for the running to do other kinds of exercise like skiing, bicycling etc. It let your muscles rest and you get more motivated to run again :-)

Well, we met a lady with a dog on the ice where we went skiing. She used her big dog (Schnauzer) to get forward on her skis... We said hello and smiled, as usual! One other lady who did XC-skiing like us also waved hello and smiled. Great!

Good night runners and others! Tomorrow I will run a little longer run and it will be great as usual :-)

Me three days ago when XC-skiing with my son Magnus. It was a great day!

Remember to say Hello and Smile!

Easy, Light and Smooth!

Monday, 1 April 2013

109 days left...

... and first run with Elton was a bit strange. When start the run it felt alright but after a mile I felt pain in the hamstring down the calf. Felt this before and I know it's about a nerv or something that's trapped in a mysterious way. Normally it will get better while running and getting warm. I also use a cream called Hot and Cold (Swedish site) which is a liniment type of cream. Really good for infections like tendinitis. Well, it only get more worse as I run?! Didn't get so worried but more annoyed about it. Had to walk with Elton last half mile... We moved 6,4 miles though.

Home for lunch, sitting in the sun with family and drinking coffee. Just take it easy. Still a bit annoyed over the strain-type-of-thing in the muscle (hamstring). I smeared and massaged with the Hot and Cold cream and did some nice stretching (very slow and gentle). Believe it or not! It felt much better :-)

5:00 PM me and my daughter Ingrid went for a run, my second, and I was quite nervous about that pain in my hamstring on my first run. We ran 4,67 miles in 45:32 min and there is one great hill to climb up for :-) The absolutely greatest with the run was the Ingrid ran all the way without any stop! Great Ingrid! Second best was I hardly felt nothing in my hamstring :-D Back in business again!

Ingrid on here way up for the hill +285 feet in 1.27 mile :-)
Rather steep last 0,3 mile.
The weather was great and about 32-34F. We meet som people we said hello to and smiled :-)

Easy, Light and Smooth!